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AMD Ritmed - From: AF0328 To: AFK0315 - AMD-Ritmed IncFabric Adhesive Bandage

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AMD Ritmed:
AF0328 - AFK0315
FSA Eligible
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AFK0315Fabric Adhesive Bandage, Knuckle, 100/bx, 12 bx/cs1½" x 3"100 / Box
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Fabric Adhesive Bandage, ¾" x 3", 100/bx, 12 bx/cs,Fabric Adhesive Bandage, Knuckle, 1½" x 3", 100/bx, 12 bx/cs
More Information
Manufacturer AMD Ritmed
Categories First Aid Supplies, Adhesive Bandage, Bandage
Code AF0328 - AFK0315
Require Prescription? No
Score: 4.1 from 1 - 5
49 Review
Omarmj13 Review from
October 10, 2021
I go through many bandages on a regular basis. Lots of skin related issues resulting from diabetes and blood thinners. I get small wounds that I like to keep covered to help with the healing process. I tried these bandages recently and wish I could have returned them and get a refund. The center section on the bandage is fine but the shear adhesive part curls, stretches too far, and ends up peeling off. I like some of the other bandaids but Ive been trying another brand and I have to say, Im happy with the product. Ive used Bandaid brand for years, but was really disappointed. Im not able to c
Omarmj13 Review from
October 10, 2021
I go through many bandages on a regular basis. Lots of skin related issues resulting from diabetes and blood thinners. I get small wounds that I like to keep covered to help with the healing process. I tried these bandages recently and wish I could have returned them and get a refund. The center section on the bandage is fine but the shear adhesive part curls, stretches too far, and ends up peeling off. I like some of the other bandaids but Ive been trying another brand and I have to say, Im happy with the product. Ive used Bandaid brand for years, but was really disappointed. Im not able to c
fatima a.r Review from
April 14, 2022
Band-Aid Brand Tru-Stay Plastic Strips Adhesive Bandages offer comfortable, everyday protection of minor cuts and scrapes. These Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandages provide dependable protection. The Microvent backing of these plastic bandages, along with the air channels on the Quilt-Aid pad, provide superior breathability. These Band-Aid Brand Tru-Stay Plastic Strips Adhesive Bandages are also made with a unique Quilt-Aid Comfort Pad that is designed to cushion painful wounds while you heal. The Hurt-Free pad won't stick to the wound, allowing for gentle removal. This package includes 60 plasti
marlene.c Review from
January 17, 2022
Love band aid brand. I prefer to buy mine local vs online quick ship companies. I love the affordability of multipacks and that this has variety. Super great to have in 72 hour kits or first aid cabinets. I like the kid themed ones because when an owie happens my lo feels safe and I feel prepared. I always keep some in my wallet for emergencies. The stretchy fabric ones are intense- the glue on those is very heavy duty. If you need protection this is the pack for your injuries. My favorite are the clear second skin like ones because they stay on. Those are gMe changers. Would recommend to all
hetvi.p Review from
January 31, 2021
I found these after a bad fall in which I had a deep scrape on my knee. Normal bandaids wouldnt stay on and caused painful friction. After first application my pain was immediately relieved and a white bubble formed around the wound within an hour. I reinforced the edges with waterproof bandaids just in case but it stayed on for 5 days until I took it off. My wound looked much better and was now about halfway through the healing process without any scarring. I decided to apply a second one but this time around it did not bubble up and its been over 24 hours. I left it on for the sheer fact tha
Jenny55953 Review from
April 5, 2021
Sticks great.
Band-aid brand variety pack is the way to go.These band-aids are so great.I love that the package offers 3 different kinds of band-aids. The box includes a water block flex band-aid.This band-aid is a great choice if you need a band-aid that can get wet.This band-aid stays on perfectly when your in water. It sticks on great and definitely does its job.Then there is the tough strips band-aid. This band-aid is really well made. It's one that will last along time before you have to change it. And it stayed on my skin nicely. It's a great sticking bandaid. Then the last bandaid is the skin flex ba
Beccafly8 Review from
April 16, 2021
Stuck Like Chuck, in a good way....
Ok, so I am a klutz. I trip over nothing, choke on air, fall up stairs and if I'm at work, I usually have some kind of injury within the first hour. That said, I keep a well-stocked mini first-aid kit in my purse and one in my room bag at all times. My problem is most bandaids wont stay on more than a couple of minutes then they slip off or just come unstuck like there had been no adhesive, or sometimes even, they lack any flexibility and I end up yanking them off. Not these!!! Once applied, you are stuck like Chuck and they outlast any other brand/type I have ever tried before. They protected
JKtourgirl9 Review from
April 25, 2021
Pick and choose good band-aids
I tried band-aid variety pack. I like these bands aids and there are different types. There is water block, skin flex, and tough strips. My favorite is the water block because they are not ruined when you wash your hands, take a shower or put it under water. I like the tough strips because they stay on well. They are big and wide for large cuts and sore. Skin flex are ok, but the water block and tough strips are better. There are 30 bands aids in the box, so it lasts a long time. They are unisex. It is kind of easy to open the wrapper. They are very easy to put on. They are as easy to take off
Fantasia198 Review from
April 20, 2021
Highly Recommend This Variety Pack
Band Aid is a great product in general in my opinion, and these did not disappoint. There are 3 different types of band aid in this pack, one of which I had never tried before, the Water Block Flex. Im not sure what material this bandage is made of but it worked phenomenally for a scrape to my knuckle. Those can be hard to keep covered, but this one stuck even after a shower and washing my hands sooo many times. Plus, were all using sanitizer more these days(thanks,Covid!) and this bandage protected my cut from getting any sanitizer in it. That is always an unpleasant surprise, so thanks for t
donna.b Review from
February 21, 2021
Im kind of addicted to band-aids; Ill bind a sore finger with a dab of salve and one of these band-aids for the night, and for most of the next day, my fingers will be in good shape. Now, these Tru-Stay Band-Aid brand band-aids are simply the best. Dont fall for sheer, cloth, assorted sizes, or related gimmicks. Just buy these. They do what a band-aid supposed to do, and for a cheap price. A 60 count box of standard size band-aid, this variety measures 3/4 x 3 inches, and are the ones I use most often. This size seems to accommodate the majority of cuts around my house. They stick reasonably w
dori Review from
February 28, 2021
Terrible---tear off surrounding skin
I tried several for painful tiny cuts on my finger tips or thumbs. Soon after bandages were applied, the adhesive strip was so stuck on my flesh, it would not come off without tearing off the skin. Resulting painful raw sore took days to heal. I tried long soaking the bandaged finger under water, running water, and massaging the edges with petroleum jelly. The jelly loosened more of the edges after sleeping overnight with a thick layer of petroleum jelly around edges and the entire hand covered with an oversize cotton glove for protection. The following day more jelly and massaging until it co
brenda.n Review from
July 16, 2022
We swear by this Band Aid bandage. It works for all kinds of scrapes and cuts. It adheres nicely and for long enough between dressing change. It has a comfort strip of gauze padding which absorbs any healing ooze or ointment that may have been applied to the wound. It works for our family's scrapes and cuts. The box has a fair amount in them so you ll have enough for the first aid kit and everyday booboos. #influenster #voxbox #woundcare #family #protection #wellness
kat.j Review from
July 1, 2022
When you want to protect a wound, Bandaid brand bandages are the ones you want to use. Whether its a paper cut on your finger or some scuffed skin on your knee, these bandages will stay flexible and keep your skin clean as it heals. These are extremely durable and stay on pretty well. I do wish they were a little less expensive, but I figure Im paying for the higher quality. These dont peel off within a day like dollar store bandages. For that reason, I still give 4 stars!
Phoenix7823 Review from
April 3, 2021
Awesome in Everyday Wear and Tear
I loved the band-aid variety pack because it came in an assortment of band-aids for all different types of cuts and situations. The water block flex band-aid helped for smaller cuts and also when I needed to wash my hands over and over again. It stayed on and was not soaked with water. It moved with my hand with ease. The tough strips stayed in place when I needed it too. I used it on my son who cannot help but take things off as soon as I put it on him. These band-aids stayed on his leg no matter how hard he tried to get it off. The skin-flex band-aid worked as well as the water block flex; h
Nikita Review from
March 21, 2021
Used to be awesome - now not.
Looks like I'm not alone. I have terrible skin contact allergy and the old sheer bandaids were the only ones I could wear that didn't make the application area just swell up and be more painful than the injury. It began to be hard to find them and then they were totally gone. Finally found Tru Sheer, which the company tried to tell me were the same only improved. BUNK. Not only are they not (smaller cotton pad, less stickum) but these are absolutely a nightmare to try and find. Even on your search option here on the site there are none within 50 miles of where live, and I live in a major US ci
Stretch Review from
March 26, 2021
BandAid Tru Stay Sheer bandaids
I'm unable to find this band aid except in a multiple pack which means I have to buy other sizes which I do not need, want or find useful. BainAid seems to be cutting back on their products that have the most appeal. One by one, the only bandaids I use, are no longer available. Obviously, the manufacturer is not listening to, not hearing what their customers want. I've tried your other products and found them to be USELESS. The product that purports to be "water proof" are the worst. It's impossible to remove the wrapping without losing the band aid entirely. I liked the Tru Stay Sheer. PLEASE
iHerb Customer Review from
April 4, 2022
Finally a bandaid that sticks until I want to take it off and feels good. Got these on sale and they were cheaper than the regular bandaids I buy in Canada which never seem to stick. You get 60 for an excellent price. You cannot beat the value. They are also latex-free which is great as I have an allergy to latex. The are great quality. Not much else to say. Buy them - you will not be disappointed.
beverly.w Review from
October 10, 2021
Ive used Bandaids since I was little, and this brand is all th time been a positive! I wouldnt try to improve it in any way! Its great as it is! It has more pros than cons! Im overall well satisfied with this product! I would recommend to others for its safety and th healing of cuts and scrapes like it advertises! Great name brand product! Theres nothing to be changed about this product, its great!
RISNER20213 Review from
April 16, 2021
Works For Me!!!
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to try Johnson & Johnson Band Aid Brand band aids they are very good band aids. I needed one the first day I received them in the mail and they worked perfect for the slice on my thumb from slicing a tomato. However I found that the stickiness didn't last for very long on my husband's stomach. I placed 2 on a scratch on his stomach and 3 or 4 hours later the stickiness had pretty much worn off. He hadn't been sweating or anything. Idk if it was maybe his skin type or to much movement or what but they just wouldn't stay on. I do love these band aids and w
Mdillon91834 Review from
April 7, 2021
Love it.
I love Band-Aid brand! It is a staple in my home. This variety pack is perfect. The stay quality of the bandages is unmatched. That is what I love about this brand. The variety pack is great because you have the options for a small cut you do not have to use a huge bandage. The same for the larger cuts and not having to use more than one bandage. They are comfortable and dont pull or tug the skin like some others I have tried. They also stay on even when my kids are outside in the heat. They don't sweat them off like many other brands. Hands down great product.
Review from
February 18, 2021
Lets see - what is a Band-Aid? A popular brand for a type of product one uses to cover up an ouchie. Does Band-Aid work? Yes, it does. Covers up an ouchie quite well, unless it is anywhere on your hands and you are constantly washing your hands, cause you should wash your hands, cause you know COVID-19 but even without COVID-19 you should still wash your hands often, cause germs, and dirt, and all sorts of yucky stuff. But Band-Aid will not stay on after all the hand washing. So 4 stars for Band-Aid for fulfilling its purpose in life. It is a short life, but fulfilling for a Band-Aid that is.
Budderflygirl653 Review from
April 6, 2021
Great Band Aid assortment for the family
I really like the variety of sizes and types of bandaids in the pack. There are waterproof bandages which are great for the kids especially when they are bathing or swimming. Then there are the heavy duty bandages which stayed on even while I was gardening. They actually trained on till the next day when I took the off. And finally there were some skin flex bandages. These are actually my personal favorite they are so comfortable they move with you and you forget you have them on. These bandages are a great assortment of the Band Aid brand that we all have come to rely on over the years
Review from
May 15, 2020
I notice good reviews don't match the product!
Read reviews carefully because the actual GOOD Band Aids Sheer Strips are no longer being made or sold. People even say it in tehir review that the product above is inferior and they want the old version they were loyal consumers of to come back. And the question to Band Aid brand and Johnson & Johnson is why not? Please bring back the sheer strips people mention in the reviews! Everyone is telling you this! I am seeking UPS code # 3 8137-004634 9 Sheer Strips 100 all one size 3/4"x3" with quiltvent technology NOT the Tru-Stay Sheer. I have to agree with reviewer ed franks who said: True-Stay
Jennilouwho43 Review from
April 3, 2021
Love these Band-Aids!
My favorite Band-Aid of all time has always been the tough strips (the cloth material). I feel like this one stays the best on me! I will say that the water block flex bands are a very cool idea and would be perfect to use on a fingers or toe-so it wont budge while showering (or swimming). I do love that the skin flex Band-Aid is not your average strip. Its not the plastic feeling type strip I grew up with (especially the unbranded strips we used when I was younger). This has a more organic/natural feel to it and will be a winner as well. All 3 of these styles will be my go to when I need Band
Review from
January 7, 2021
OMG The Worst Experience Ever!
I used this bandage to cover a 2 inch wound on my back. The bandage was left on overnight and I took it off before my shower. My skin was red around the adhesive so I quickly remove the bandage. OMG the pain was worse than the initial injury! The skin blistered and pulled off my body from the adhesive with severe pain! I also have a high tolerance for pain. I cant believe this product ever made it to the shelf. I will NEVER buy a Band-Aid product again! I noticed everyone gets the same boilerplate response from Band-Aid product service. I hope their stock plummets!
Kiki843 Review from
April 14, 2021
Good variety box of Band-Aids
These have been around as long as I can remember and are still the go-to when you need to bandage something small. The 3 varieties in the box are good with 3 different types of bandage in 3 different sizes. My husband comes home with cuts on his hand practically everyday and the Tough Strips were perfect. Having the. Hoice of those along with the Skin Flex and the Waterblock Flex make these a good variety. I will be looking for more of these to see if they come in more sizes. They are such a huge improvement over the regular Band-Aids we knew as kids!
gina.n Review from
June 24, 2022
These completely changed my familys life. The other day, my daughter fell on the ground and scraped her knee. There was blood EVERYWHERE!!! We had no idea how to stop it from coming out. Im walks my husband with a thing called Band Aid?! Wow. Just wow. Stopped that sucker and no more tears. Best purchase ever
Realist Review from
December 9, 2021
Wide coverage and Strong Hold
This was the cheapest I could find for a quick job with the wide nonstick bandage. Wider surface covers more wounds that are spread apart. The sticky tape is viciously strong and rips in pieces as I remove it sometimes, but it also holds securely while it's on. I always have multiple boxes of this for my crackling hands and feet. Simply can't live without!
DonnaKC6 Review from
April 14, 2021
One Box Fits All
I don't know why all bandages don't come in a variety pack. Not all cuts are the same and neither are the conditions in which you need to cover them. I really love the fact that there are different types of bandages to choose from. I can use the Water Block bandages on my hands as I wash them quite frequently. My husband likes the Tough Strips the best as they stay on all day while he works construction. The Cushion-Care are used by all when you just need the extra padding. Overall, I don't think that I would need to purchase any other type of bandage after purchasing this package.
Mary081 Review from
April 13, 2021
I am Stuck on BAND-AID Brand!
After trying BAND-AID Brand Variety Pack Assorted Sizes 30ct I can say that I am completely impressed by the product. I love the fabric strips, they make wearing a bandage much more comfortable than some others I've used. I used some on my foot, my toes to be precise, and they stuck all day and even through a shower. I had to remove them rather than fish them out of the tub! A wonderful product and version of bandages that I will definitely be purchasing them in the future. I'll also definitely recommend BAND-AID Brand Variety Pack to anyone who will listen. Thanks for the trial!
rebecca.c Review from
July 19, 2021
They really are a good product. They stay on really well for a long time, even when they get a little wet. I have nothing to say about how they could improve this product because Im so happy with these little bandaids. They have made many boo boos better. They help keep boo boos clean and protect them. They are a great product to repurchase and to keep around all the time. Make sure to have some around just Incase. They also make some for kids with fun colorful pictures on them.
Review from
April 5, 2021
Great stickiness, hard to open
I really enjoy the Band-Aid brand of bandages for any small cuts or wounds I receive. The texture and the stickiness of the largest bandages were great - I had them wrapped on my fingers overnight and they stayed tight and kept on with barely any movement overnight. However, I did not enjoy trying to open the large bandages - there were no edges to pull the paper off in an easy manner. We basically had to rip the paper down the side of the bandage and just hope that we did not rip the bandage itself. This would be frustrating and would take extra time during a potential emergency and should be
ashley.t Review from
February 3, 2022
Good variety, and helped keep my cut clean. although they arent very waterproof, they do stay on for a while. so thats good! i really likie these but prefer the waterproof a little more. because when water gets on these they really hurt to take off honestly. but good price for good size
Dubs Review from
May 27, 2022
To start there are only TWO big bandaids and only a few of the small ones, which doesn't make sense since there were 4 types and 80 in total i figured there'd be about 20 of each type. There's not, mostly just the normal size ones. They also don't stick right, the smaller ones stick so harshly that they tore my skin open when removed and the large ones don't stick at all and fell off. So disappointed.
Guatesposa2 Review from
April 3, 2021
I really like the variety of the bandages that are enclosed. I have gone through boxes of Band-Aid's since COVID hit. My hands are so dry and cracked from the harsh chemicals in hand sanitizer and also with the hot water and anti-bacterial hand soaps. I have bleeding knuckles and fingers that its so painful when I get them wet, especially with hand sanitizer. I have found the variety of bandages have been helpful along with the stretchy part that allows for it to uniform around curves between fingers or on my knuckles. Absolute lifesaver!
shirley.n Review from
June 27, 2022
This brand has been around for a very long time. I buy the boxes that have different sizes in them. I think they hold up well when wet. Also the brand has kids ones with different characters. I really havent seen this brand goon sale. I think the cost is ok. Oh, I think there are coupons every now and then.
bridget.m Review from
April 19, 2022
The variety box is great, always use all sizes. These are one of the few types that my skin isn't allergic to. Occasionally it leaves the same pattern on your skin as on the sterile pad, and those pattern indents always seem more itchy; although it could just be the injury healing and has nothing to do with your temporary honeycomb bandaid marks.
Review from
December 1, 2019
Poor replacement for what was the best Band-Aid ever!
Huge problems with this new design. The pad that protects the wound was SHRUNK. There is adhesive on either side of the pad. Do you know what adhesive does to an open wound or sore? I cannot buy these band aids. I have a skin allergy that causes blisters to form on my fingers. For 15 years the ONLY Band-Aid that worked to help me treat and heal these wounds along with prescription strength cortisone ointment was the former Sheer strip. It takes two Band-Aids to treat one blister on my fingers. The former Sheers were PERFECT. Now you destroyed the one product I found that works. Ive switched to
jillianne.e Review from
September 21, 2021
We use these at work and they're best ive ever used while still needing to get a bunch of stuff done. Working in the food industry you're constantly washing your hands and bandaid always want to start slipping off which is so inconvenient and annoying. These ones actually stay put until the end of the night and I know I don't have to worry about it falling off. Definitely recommend for people who are more hands on.
thismomrighther8 Review from
April 24, 2021
I love classic Band-Aid brand band-aids! This Variety pack is perfect for my family. It has everyday bandaids, waterproof and heavy protection. The only thing that could have made it better was to include the tiny band aids too, because those are perfect for my 4 year old and for small cuts on your face. I will definitely be buying more even if I have to purchase the mini bandaids separately. And with how fast my kids go through bandaids that will be sooner, rather than later.
Cookie6 Review from
April 1, 2021
Awesome, like the second piece of skin!
I love these bandages! Easy to open, pull apart, and apply! No matter the size of the wound, there's a bandage for it! Wraps around the skin and irregularly shaped body parts easily and effortlessly. With rugged performance and the feel of these lightweight bandages, it really feels like I simply have a second skin! It stays clean and heals super good, and stays put no matter what! Love! Really well made.
Amanda04233 Review from
April 8, 2021
The Band aid multi pack is great!
I definitely would purchase the Band-Aid variety pack! We recieved at the perfect time my daughter took a spill on her scooter, and each type of Band-aid served a purpose. The tough one so it would stay on as she played. Water proof because it was burning in the bath tub. The flexible one for when she slept and it could get air still. All 3 stayed on very well, and had to be changed, they did not keep falling off. I would definitely recommend the multi pack for active families!
brandie.b Review from
April 1, 2021
I trust in the Band Aid name, so that is the brand I look to for bandages. I love that there are so many kinds, because different injuries and different circumstances require different band aid applications. I love that there are waterproof ones for when we are swimming on our boat. I like the cloth ones because they bend better and stay on your body better. Sometimes you just need a quick and simple bandaid for a knife nick or paper cut. I can never decide on just one type or shape, so this multipack has it all!
lindsay.j Review from
April 1, 2022
I always like to have these around just in case. I have tried store brand before and found they just werent as effective and the adhesive portion didnt stick well. When you need a bandage, you want it to be clean, effective and able to stay in place. Band-aid brand never disappoints. You can use the bandage when needed and continue with your day.
mina.b Review from
March 6, 2022
5 stars for staying power, -3 stars for removal process. I have sensitive skin and these suckers always irritate my skin. I recently found myself out of my other bandages and had to use one of these as a stopgap -the resulting rash and skin loss from gouging it off of my body the next day was not worth it. Next time, I'll invest in an extra trip to the pharmacy just so I don't have to use one of these.
ondra.c Review from
November 19, 2021
Always use this brand, super easy to use, some brands I have so much trouble opening the sealed little packet and can't get the bandage out to use. Band-Aid is really adhesive and locks in all the yucky bits. Great for healing and I am very satisfied with this product. I will definitely purchase these again and would recommend them to all.
SarriK1 Review from
April 9, 2021
BAND-AID Has all the Right Sizes!
These actually came in handy as I cut my finger while zesting some lime and ginger. It was a perfect fit, and the waterproof one was fantastic. I wash my hands a lot while I cook to prevent cross contamination. I liked that it was waterproof so it stayed on throughout the rest of the night even though I washed my hands like 18 times. I would definitely recommend the BAND-AID Variety pack with assorted sizes. I was able to find the right size for where I was cut.
tandra.s Review from
July 13, 2022
I have 2 little ones so scrapes and boo boos are bound to happen. My 5yr old absolutely loves band aids. She uses them all the time. We go through a big box every few weeks (sometimes she puts them on pretend boo boos) band aids always seem to make it better! I would 100% recommend to keep some on hand at all times (especially if you have kiddos)
jocelyn.c Review from
July 20, 2022
I absolutely love the Band-Aid brand! They seem the only band aids that actually work. Off brands never work and fall off in 2 seconds. While the Band-Aid brand can last for days for me if need be. They will always be my to go to, which is why I have them in my bathroom and car. Definitely recommend for anyone with kids or even yourself!
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