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Amoena - 44070 - Zipper Sports Bra, Medium support wire free

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Amoena Solutions Active Apparel - Zipper Sports Bra, Medium support wire free
Colors: BK
Sizes: S, M, L, XL
More Information
Manufacturer Amoena
Brand Amoena
Categories Compression Therapy, Muscle Pain, Post Surgery Pain, Sport Apparel, Sport Bra, Surgery Bra, Condition
Code 44070
Sold By Each
Product Size S, M, L, XL
Require Prescription? No
Store Lay Off Pain|Whole Surgical
Score: 4.3 from 1 - 5
42 Review
Skyler B. Review from
June 10, 2021
Best bra ever, even with minor flaws related to mobility problems.
Okay, to start off some personal size information, I wear a 36G with bell shaped breasts of pretty dang close to equal size. I am a 36 underbust and 47-49 inch bust (with no bra) measurement, cycle depending. The size recommended to me by their size finder was a 2 Luxe so that's what I got. I've included a couple pictures of me in a regular shirt and bra as well, for comparison and to give an idea of what I look like not in a sports bra that holds things in real tight. My top three complaints are that the bra is really long, and I'm very short. It's very full coverage which I'm fine with, but
Natalie L. Review from
July 20, 2021
Excited, relieved and able to train again!
So excited and relieved to find a sports bra that works well for training for 1/2- and full marathons. I used the MC/Brooks Juno bra exclusively for almost 10 years, before they decided to discontinue it. I spent the last year looking for replacement, more and more frustrated and hopeless w each attempt. After trying SIX diff bras from diff companies (incl Brooks, Panache, title9, MC, etc.) that purported to provide great support for running, finally found SheFit. Not to be dramatic, but I had almost given up on training for my fall marathon or doing any running at all, bc I couldnt find a sup
Emma K. Review from
July 27, 2021
Perfect, unless your cup size is significantly larger than your band size
I love the concept of this bra! The execution could be better though. As a short woman with a large chest but small band size (30H), it is almost impossible for me to find sports bras supportive enough for intense exercise. The Ultimate Sports Bra from SheFit is the only bra I've found besides Enell running bras that I can comfortably run with. I like that both the straps and band are adjustable, because the straps on most sports bras are often too long to properly support my chest during exercise. Being able to adjust both the straps and band is super helpful because it makes the bra able to
Tamara E. Review from
December 12, 2021
There are pros and cons
There are pros and cons with these bras, so I'll start with the good. The quality is excellent, the adjustability is absolutely fantastic, and they definitely keep the girls in place with minimal bounce, better than any bra I've ever worn. I ride horses and have large breasts, so that is important to me. I can certainly understand why so many women rave about Shefit. However, not only does the Shefit Ultimate produce a uniboob, it gives the appearance of an actual third boob in the middle that is even bigger than the other two, with a unicorn horn thanks to the zipper! It's awful! The zipper (
Georgie L. Review from
July 1, 2021
Love love love the Shefit Ultimate!
Buying a sports bra when youre larger than a C cup is always an investment but I am SO happy with my Shefit Ultimate, and even though I had to pay $20+ for shipping/import to the UK, it was so worth it. I opted for the black over any of the coloured bra as a first step, but I think Ill be investing in a few more and so will definitely look to add more colour to my gym kit! The bra comes in its own wash bag with a hair tie which doubles as a tag for the bra info card which doubles as a branded sticker, and a branded measurement tape in case you need to resize/return. Im in between sizes and reg
Paula L. Review from
May 26, 2021
Hands Down The Best Sport Bra Ever!
Five stars all the way ! An absolute game changer for me. In June 2020 I was diagnosed with breast cancer resulting in a bilateral mastectomy and subsequent reconstruction. The Shefit Ultimate was comfortable against my skin and provided superior support when I resumed running and working out. No bounce, jostling or pain in my chest, back, or shoulders. I had tried other running and high impact sports bras, but nothing even came close to my Shefit Ultimate. The ability to wear the straps crossed in a racerback style or traditionally meant I could pair it with any of my tanks, tees, or Pilates
Elizabeth D. Review from
July 27, 2021
Perfect for me in sickness and in health
I love this bra so much! At first I loved it because, even through I am a B cup, the bra kept me from bouncing while running and jumping! In the past I have had to wear two sports bras to get the support I wanted for high impact activities. I dont have to with this bra! I also love how easy it is to get on when my skin is damp, and to get off after a sweaty workout. I wore it to swim after a run and it was perfect: comfortable with the right amount of coverage, and a cute pattern that matched my swim bottoms. Unfortunately I have breast cancer now, but the bra has turned out to be the perfect
Yasmine B. Review from
January 19, 2022
Holds me in, pros FAR outweigh the minor cons
Honestly, the best sports bra I have ever purchased. It holds me more than any other bra, and the adjustable waist and shoulder straps allow me to ease up if its too tight for some moves and tighten the bra to hold me better for things like HIIT, running, or other aerobic exercises or sports. My chest is never in pain from jumping, never falling out of my bra (even doing things like burpees!), and even LOOKS good with the bra alone or under another top. A few things I noticed: If the waist strap is too tight, I feel the bottom end of the zipper digging in a bit to my upper abdomen because I ha
Meaghan B. Review from
September 6, 2021
There's upsides and downsides!
The bra definitely has both pros and cons. First of all, mega props for being the first sports bra to fully support me while not asphyxiating me around the ribs AND to designed to fully cover me. I don't have super big girls, but I don't have A cups either. Every other sports bra I've tried either fits good around the ribs but doesn't support me enough where it matters, or supports me enough but is crushing my ribs. So Shefit giving me the ability to adjust the rib band, and adjust the lift, is really important to me and I've never found better support. Plus, no casual sideboob sticking out fr
Jordi H. Review from
August 25, 2021
Puts the Fun in Functional
First, I've got a small ribcage, short shoulders, and a large chest. Any sports bra I've bought, I've had to take a sewing machine to just for it to fit in some way or another. It's a Relief to have something that actually fits, always, right out of the package. Second, I have never felt more supported around my chest in my life. This bra is so versatile, I put it on in the morning and whether I'm running around town by bike or foot, roughing it in the mountains, sweating in the yard or gym, or simply throwing together coffees at work, I hardly even notice it's there. No more backaches, should
Kimberly M. Review from
August 21, 2021
Nice Sports Bra
This review is for the Ultimate in 3Luxe in Black. Stats: 5' 1", full figured with a belly, 178 lbs. I'm a 36J bra size (34 band when I weighed my lowest around 140) and found that I am in between sizes for SHEFIT in this model. The 3Luxe fits me for the band and sort of in the cups, but the 4Luxe fits me best for the cups. Customer Service worked with me over a couple of months to narrow down the size - excellent service during a pandemic!! I am also asymmetrical, one boob larger than the other; thankfully, it's fairly easy to adjust the straps and fine-tune the lift per side. The 3Luxe does
Ani K. Review from
April 30, 2021
It could be better...
I purchased the Ultimate Sports Bra in black a month ago after reading all the positive reviews. I really wanted to love it, but I feel it could be better with a few improvements. First, although the fabric is nice and heavy duty, it is also pretty rough on the skin. I feel itchy every time I wear it because it is so dry. Other times I get rashes because I feel as if the fabric is not as breathable or as stretchy as other brands. The second is that the bra has a flat shape. Putting it on is a workout in itself; Im always having a hard time holding my breasts in place while I try to clasp the f
Tash M. Review from
October 3, 2021
The innovation and construction that
The innovation and construction that goes into the bra is good. The hooks, zipper, and zipper covers are well designed. The material seem strong, but I am surprised that my breasts is not totally secure with and without the bra padding. I think if the bra had some support fABRIC in the back Iit would have given some traction to prevent my breasts from moving around when running/jogging. I am heavy busted. I bought both 1 Lux and 2 lux. One is small and one is big around the waistband and straps. However, I do not have firm support my breasts still moves when I run. The bra may fit and prevent
Asher V. Review from
April 6, 2021
I was really hoping this
I was really hoping this would be the miracle sports bra I had been looking for. A friend and sister raved about these saying there was NO BOUNCE (something I've found nearly impossible in any other sports bra). Unfortunately the fit just doesn't work the best for me. I wanted something with more support for my runs, I'm a size 32H in Wacoal and most other brands. After taking the fit quiz 3 times it recommended Luxe or 1Luxe. I went for the 1Luxe, but after trying it on I could tell right away it was too small as I was spilling over the top. A little spillage would've been fine, but this was
Emma M. Review from
April 16, 2021
Probably great--unless you're not full-chested with a smaller band
I've never been totally in love with my shefit purchases. I'm also probably the one fit demographic shefit bras do not work for--I have a much fuller chest and a more average band size. So, in order to fit my chest I need to order a 4L (which is still not quite enough coverage) but when I order a 4L the band is too loose and never hugs my ribcage the way that it should. Part of the problem is that there's no stretch in the bra. I also have trouble adjusting it and putting it on. The reps go on about "just adjust it once and use the zip to put on/off" but that doesn't work when you're an H cup.
Bonnie O. Review from
April 4, 2021
It keeps the boobs contained, but is not comfortable
The positive things are: 1. it is adjustable, so it has a higher chance of fitting more people, 2. it is very supportive. Negative things: 1. the band is not very elastic, so if you have it tight enough to hold things in place, you can't really breath easily, 2. the fabric choice and craftmanship are not super great which causes chafing and irritation around seams and pressure points and also exacerbates the breathing difficulty problems (the velcro in the band doesn't have finished edges leaving it rather sharp), 3. the zip and hook and eye closures in the front are not super easy to use, and
Amber S. Review from
October 4, 2021
Awesome design and fit
Absolutely brilliant design! I wish someone had come up with this a long time ago. Pros: - It's way easier to zip than most front zip bras due to having two small hooks in front (game changer!) - liner inside keeps you from feeling the zipper, but also easily moves and stays out of the way when needed - Can wear crossback or regular - Hands down the most customizable fit of any sports bras I've ever tried on!! I have small shoulders so straps that don't tighten enough is a frequent problem especially for sports bras. It's probably also way better for most folks that have an unusual cup to band
Perla O. Review from
May 8, 2021
Beyond worth the buy !
This bra is absolutely stunning . I have two already ordered a 3rd but it never arrived. Not Shefits fault , more because of USPS loosing the package , Shefit customer service sold the issue. Anyways , my breast are super huge but my rib cage is small (nursing mom here) so I had to get 6lux to accommodate my breast size , the rib strap is a savior as it can be adjusted not just for maximum support but for the issue with my rib cage being significantly smaller. The support is absolutely stunning my breast go nowhere when Im running or doing any cardio exercises. Absolutely stunning ; the crafts
Halorie S. Review from
March 21, 2021
When I first received this bra, I was very excited to try it on as I hoped my forever-long bra hunt was about to be over. I had some difficulty figuring out how to cinch everything up at the beginning, so I got some help with the initial installation onto my chest. I immediately noticed my girls refusing to budge much no matter what movement I threw at them. While this was exciting and what I expected, I quickly took the garment off as it is quite a bit uncomfortable under my arms. It took me awhile to try it on again because I hate being uncomfortable and all the adjustableness was intimidati
Miriam M. Review from
June 11, 2021
Honest Truth!
Honestly it is very hard to find a good reliable sports bra for myself. I am a size 34E-34 F and I have been since Highschool. I played basketball, soccer, and ran track in Highschool and back then (4 years ago) I do not think these kind of bras were available but man do I wish they were! I have never had a sports bra or even everyday bra that has provided so much support and comfort as much as this one. And this is just the beginning. As of today I have purchased/received 4 in total in the past year (not because anything is wrong with them, just because I have asked for them as presents from
Rhyan W. Review from
June 2, 2021
Not for women who have a large chest and are not plus-sized
I would not buy this again as is. I watched several reviews of people raving about this bra and because of the overwhelmingly positive reviews, I ignored the few negative ones. Turns out they were true. This bra has a lot of adjustability, but us women with larger chests are once again left out. I am 5'3" and wear a 34 L. My measurements for sizing are 31" rib cage and 44" bust. There is no shefit bra size that will accommodate me comfortably. I ended up purchasing a 2 Luxe and I am spilling out on top or forcing some of my breast in the band. The band does not tighten enough to sit flat on my
Mindy B. Review from
September 28, 2021
SheFit, please make a version for large cup sizes!!
I'd heard that SheFit bras were great for people in a "regular" range of sizes, like up to an E or F cup, and that seems to be true. But, if there's a large difference between your band measurement and bust measurement, you may have a hard time getting a good fit. I am DEAD center of the measurement range for the 1Luxe, for both measurements, but I'm also a 36 FF to GG cup (depending on the bra) and I just can't get an excellent fit in the Ultimate. The 1Luxe stopped all bouncing, but it also squeezed my ribcage so tightly I couldn't move or breathe comfortably (along with overspill and pinchi
Alyssa D. Review from
June 2, 2021
Forever buyer
I absolutely love these bras, they do exactly what they are advertised. They hold the girls in, and I do not feel embarrassed or ashamed for moving around in the gym. Im so happy I finally found a sports bra that actually works for me. Ladies, Im not even kidding DO NOT hesitate to buy these bras. I now own five of them, and I cannot wait until they restock their other inventory. Do I think theyre a little pricey?.....yes, but at the end of the day they do exactly what you want them to do, and you will not regret purchasing them. They hold up well, and the fact that you can actually adjust the
Leslie B. Review from
August 5, 2021
This bra is MAGIC for high impact activities and running
This is the sturdiest run bra I own. I've never had a front-zip closure before and appreciate the eye hook to hold it together while zipping it up. The soft inside flap to cover the zipper is a great design feature to prevent chaffing. The only thing it doesn't have is a smooth silhouette under clothing; it has a significant lump at the top of the bra where the zipper closes which really stands out when wearing lighter colors. Under dark colored clothing, it is less apparent. The medium has plenty of side coverage, avoiding that fatty side bulge common with so many run bras. Given the amount o
Jennifer R. Review from
May 14, 2021
Good for running
I bought this bra looking for something to replace my Brooks Juno bras that Ive used for running for years but has been discontinued. I have a curvy figure D to DD cups depending on the day and wanted something that would control bounce on high impact activities (running). The bra was cute and I loved the adjustable Velcro straps on the shoulders and back. The support was very good. Not 100% bounce free but tbh Ive never found that in a bra that doesnt have hideous compression, so I thought it was pretty good. It was easy to get on and off. I forgot about the zipper the first time I wore and s
Lizzy H. Review from
August 30, 2021
perfect bra for me, takes time to put on tho
amazing support! im a DDD waiting to get a breast reduction and this bra is really helping me feel comfortable and be more efficient in my daily life. this bra makes it easier for me to do the tasks i would normally have to stop and readjust my bra to do. the fabric is breathable and the adjustability alone is worth the price. it comes with an awesome bag to put the bra in when you wash it which gives me peace of mind with the straps and all. there are reflective strips on the zipper for nighttime exercise and some hooks and eyes under the zipper just in case. it even came with measuring tape
Deborah K. Review from
July 15, 2021
Wonderful Post-Surgery!
I separated my shoulder when my horse and I had a bad fall. The injury required surgery and I am restricted to a sling for 6+ weeks (6 months for full recovery). One of the biggest problems has been finding supportive bras (I'm a 34E) that I can put on without help since I live alone. My mom saw an ad on Pinterest for SheFit (she had previously seen the product on Shark Tank) and suggested I give it a try. These bras have been wonderful! Other front-closure bras would not have worked since I do not have the strength to clasp the front closed. But because of the front clasp AND the velcro on th
Christina W. Review from
August 15, 2021
It's a nice bra, but I'm not impressed
The product seems well made but is both tedious to put on and take care of. You have to stabilize in the back where the adjustable band folds over or the whole thing will get messed up. This is very challenging when you are already sore. It does provide great support for running, but felt very similar to other, cheaper sports bras that I own for double unders and box jumps. I don't love it for Olympic weight lifting because the adjustable should straps don't stay where I want them, and they required near constant readjustment. Plus they lead to bruising from where the barbell hit on them; I ha
Laura P. Review from
May 16, 2021
The bra itself is pretty
The bra itself is pretty good. I have the Luxe 6 which is the largest size available. Obviously I have a lot going on body wise. The "instructions" for how to put the bra on DO NOT apply to big girls with big chests! You seriously need a big girl tutorial for putting this thing on. The way you gals show it in your videos does not work for one with a chest like mine. There is no, slip your arms through, zip it, hook it, flip it, and adjust the straps. Had I not figured out a process that worked for me I probably would've sent this back thinking it didn't fit just like the first one I received.
Alisha L. Review from
June 17, 2021
Beautiful but not for everyone
I'm so let down that these beautiful sports bras didn't fit at all. I am a big girl being extra curvy and 6ft tall, but I measured myself before and after and I technically ordered the correct size. When I opened them up I was so excited, they are beautiful and packed with care. When trying them on I realized they are kinda tricky to get on having to move boobs out of the way to zip them up but allowed for a high learning curve. I do have a very large bust and expect to be compacted into any sports bra, but the cups are not at all made for that even to give a little stretch. Once I had them on
Kenyatta S. Review from
August 6, 2021
Better than others, but still not the best (for me)
I have nothing negative to say about my customer service experience with Shefit! They were responsive and supportive (no pun intended). I selected the Ultimate Sports Bra based on what I thought were my measurements (keyword - thought) and ordered a 1 Luxe. When it arrived, I knew I would not be fitting my 38H's into the cups. I contacted support and it was recommended I go one size up. I didn't think that a 2 Luxe would swing it so I declined. Then it was recommended that I have a video fitting. My fitter, Ale, was punctual and patient. It was with her guiding me through measuring that I disc
Pascal B. Review from
May 5, 2021
Solid Hold, A Few Concerns / Feedback
I like the look of this, and it holds...but there are some areas for improvement. PROS: - DOES have good hold...and that's why most of us want it - It is fashionable, unlike many other high-impact sports bras CONS: - NOT "simple" to put on. The video suggests it's easy-peasy... NOPE! 1.) It's a struggle to readjust once it's on (unless you are a contortionist - reaching to adjust the back strap OR the over-shoulder straps is a challenge. Rather a lot of uncomfortable shimmying to secure once it's on...which is when it needs to BE adjusted). I sometimes try to leave a strap where it needs to be
Kristy H. Review from
July 15, 2021
Love my SheFit
I have been learning to shuffle, which involves a lot of jumping motions. It's been awhile since I had done high-impact sports, so I was wearing a light/medium impact sport bra. I was falling out everywhere and it was really impacting my practice. I tried several sport bras before finding SheFit. I was so over ordering two different sizes to try to get the right fit, only to need to return both. This time, I measured myself according to the instructions and ordered what was recommended. This bra fit the first time I ordered it! And it feels like I'm not wearing anything at all - but my boobs s
Rosamond B. Review from
July 22, 2021
Yes! I found the perfect sports bra for riding!
I spent over a YEAR on the hunt for the perfect sports bra for horseback riding (specifically, sitting trot), for my round frame. My decision was slowed down by concerns around buying online, when in fact, my worries were for not! With the help of the fit videos plus an email exchange with customer support, I not only found the perfect sports bra but also the perfect fit. Before riding, I am able to easily tighten the straps a touch and I can say with confidence that my bust does NOT move. And after riding, I simply loosen the straps and the Velcro at the back and I have a comfy, every day typ
Lisa G. Review from
August 14, 2021
Must-have for large busts
The compression on this bra is amazing. Im a 42E and Id been struggling to find a good sports bra and had been wearing some really unsupportive sports bras and felt really self-conscious even just walking/hiking which led me to covering up with sweatshirts or other layers even when it was hot out. The control on this bra has given me so much more self-confidence when exercising and I feel more able to comfortably do more high impact workouts too. If you have a large bust and have jumped around or tried to jog with a bad, unsupportive sports bra you know it can be physically painful and sometim
Gabrielle S. Review from
March 12, 2021
The Perfect Adjustable Fit
I'm 4'10 with a DDD bust, so finding bras that are large enough with short enough straps to fit my petite frame is hard. I usually have to choose between coverage and support, but this sports bra has both! After following the measurements, I found I was a size Luxe. All of the adjustable straps are really strong, so it gives a LOT of support. The fabric on the straps are soft and somewhat padded so they don't dig into the skin. In terms of comfort, I use this bra for working out, but it is comfortable enough for everyday use too. The bra (at least on me) sticks out a little too much under regu
Michelle R. Review from
June 8, 2021
My sister sent me a
My sister sent me a coupon and told me to spoil myself for my birthday, so i did. I really am not sure what size i am since i stopped being able to wear a typical bra that you can find in the store. Last i was measured i was a 36DDD, and according to shefits size chart i am a 2Luxe. I could never find a bra that had the right combination of cup coverage, shoulder length (apparently i have some lower hanging girls), and rib cage fit. My first purchase was a 2Luxe high impact, but when i tried it on the shoulder straps were maxed out and still too tight. I didnt return it because the pattern was
Chelsey N. Review from
May 27, 2021
Uhhhh I need like 10 more
Incredible. I havent taken the plunge in buying a new sports bra in...well, years. My ladies are very large and bouncy, especially now that Ive taken up running. I finally ordered a SheFit and let me tell you....WOW! Nothing moves. Everything stays in place and the support in this bra is unlike any other sports bra you will put on. On my long run days, Ive noticed less back pain thanks to having strong support in place. HIGHLY recommend SheFit and Im thankful theres a company that specializes in sports bras not only for the smaller ladies, but curvy ones as well. One thing that NEEDS to be men
Heather V. Review from
August 10, 2021
Very happy with purchase!
It is sturdy yet surprisingly comfortable. I like the design, although I wish it had a smoother finish so the front would look better under lightweight tops. The color (lavender) is really pretty. Its the most supportive sports bra Ive worn to date. Easy to put on and to take off. I have a short torso/long body so the adjustable shoulder and torso straps are wonderful! Its definitely the best fit Ive had yet for any bra. It is pricey but I feel like the construction is high quality and is worth it. It also comes with a garment bag, which I needed! I also love that its a thick material with rem
Vani S. Review from
December 16, 2021
Perfect Sports Bra!
In comparison to Victoria secret, other push up bras, and off brand bras you get at your local clothing store: this Bra is the only real one on the market. It is extremely strong to lift, for me personally I have a larger bust so I always have a little "hunch" in my back. After buying this bra, I use it to train my back for better posture. It zips in the front, and has hooks to clip when the zip wont reach! I actually bought a 2Luxes and i normally wear a 36C and it was a little tight. In fact, that material is so strong that you shouldn't really wear this unless your going to be standing or a
Erin A. Review from
September 2, 2021
Pros, Cons, and Lessons Learned
Pros: LOVE the versatility of the adjustment theres no other sports bra that offers such a custom fit! And there is ZERO bounce which lets me run with ease. Its held up in the wash very well (cold water, gentle cycle, air dry). Cons: The seams are rough on the skin and it can feel like a straight jacket at times. I usually wear a seamless sports bra underneath. Also, the bulkiness shows under form and loose fitting shirts. Second, I had to learn the perfect fit the hard (and expensive) way. After taking self measurements and the quiz, I purchased several bras in different sizes back in June. A
Bailey H. Review from
May 16, 2021
Pros & cons, but get one nonetheless!
I'm not going to lie, this is the most supportive sports bra I have ever worn in my life. There are some cons, though (or I should say "suggested improvements"). **I am a 30DD and got the medium in this Flex Sports Bra. It works great for my HIIT workouts! Although, would I wear it all day every day? Probably not. When you pull the shoulder straps tight and really get into the workout, it's fine. But when I relax my shoulders afterwards, they are pretty sore! I pull the under-bust strap pretty tight for minimal boob movement, but because my ribcage is so tiny it is almost to the end of the vel
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