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Injuries, sprains, cuts and other lesions can happen to anybody without prior warning and this is when bandages come in handy. Families with kids, know that they are more likely to get hurt and a first aid kit should always be kept close in case any accidents happen. In fact, bandages are fundamental items inside a first aid kit. Without them, many medicines and ointments wouldn’t carry out their functions correctly. Nowadays, bandages can be purchased in many different types depending on each person’s needs.

The following are some of the types available:  Adhesive bandages, bandage rolls, cohesive bandages, compression bandages, conforming bandages, elastic bandages, gauze bandages, liquid bandages, paste bandages, sterile bandages, tubular bandages,triangular bandages, unna boot bandages, and last but not least, eye pads or patches that protect eyes with vision problems, injuries or wounds from further harm or infections.

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