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Cold Therapy

Cold therapy is a very effective and great method for treating inflammation in muscles and joints. This therapy has been proven to reduce pain in a great manner and acts as an anesthetic method when used correctly. The affected area becomes chilled and this causes a reduction in nerve movement and the contraction of blood vessels. Also the metabolic activity can be decreased, causing the swelling and rupture of tissue to lessen. Currently there are many products available that are used for cold therapy.  Users can find anything they need to alleviate inflammation or swelling, starting from a simple ice pack to a more sophisticated item such as a localized therapy pump.

Other products available are the following:

● Chilling units

● Cold packs

● Cold socks

● Cold therapy systems

● Cold wraps

● Cooler boxes

● Eye masks

● Face masks

● Hot cold packs

● Hot cold wraps

● Ice bags

● Ice packs

● Ice hot patches

● Pain relief creams

● Pain relief gels

● Pain relief roll ons

● Pain relief sprays

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