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Compression Hosiery

Compression hosiery has been designed to help people who practice sports  or who experience  problems in the legs like thrombotic syndrome, arthritis, diabetes, varicose veins, and many others. These socks and stockings compress the veins in order to allow a better circulation and venous return. This prevents blood from flowing backwards. These items greatly assist in reducing the swelling and fatigue in the legs. Compression Hosiery can now be purchased in different styles made from a variety of materials, such as: Nylon, acrylic, cotton, polyester, spandex, silicone and many more. There is a model for every user’s specific needs.

Some of the styles available are the following:

● Athletic

● Casual

● Closed toe

● Open toe

● Knee high

● Leggings

● Prosthetic socks

● Calf sleeves

To view or purchase Compression Hosiery please click here.

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