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Compression Therapy

Compression therapy is a beneficial method to prevent bad blood circulation in the legs, ankles and other parts of the body. This process is carried out by wearing specially manufactured products which provide a prudent level of tension and as a result  blood circulation increases and flows upward. This prevents swelling and blood clots. There is a full range of products that can be used for a compression therapy. We can mention the following:

● Ankle sleeves

● Breast bands

● Calf sleeves

● Compression bandages

● Compression arm sleeves

● Compression garments

● Compression girdles

● Compression gloves

● Compression leg sleeves

● Compression shorts

● Compression sleeves

● Compression tops

● Compression vests

● Compression wraps

● Elbow sleeves

● Facial supports

● Knee sleeves

● Lymphedema garments

● Lymphedema gloves

● Lymphedema sleeves

● Stockinettes

● Stump supports

● Surgery bras

● Thigh sleeves

● Compression units

● Compression unit parts

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