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Continuous Passive Motion

Continuous passive motion products and machines  provide a rehabilitation process to those who have gone through joint surgery. This therapy involves the movement of the joint without including muscle activity by utilizing a passive range of motion. If there is lack of movement in the joint this can lead to stiffness and scarring of the soft tissue, which in the end causes limited movement. Therefore, proper treatment is required to avoid this. These CPM devices are specifically manufactured to be used after surgery and have been known to help with the reduction of analgesics use. They can be utilized in a hospital or at home, depending on what doctors recommend.  Users can now have access to Continuous Passive Motion appliances for the shoulders, hands, wrists, elbow, ankles and knees.

There is a wide selection of CPM products available in the market. The following are just a few of them:

● CPM machines

● CPM gloves

● CPM kits

● CPM pads

● CPM splints

● CPM straps

● CPM transformers

● CPM trolley

● Elbow/shoulder accessories

● Hand accessories

● Knee accessories

To view or purchase any Continuous Passive Motion machines or products please click here.

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