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Hot Therapy

Hot therapy has been used for many years and is still an successful, non-invasive therapy to treat and alleviate many muscle and joint problems and even arthritis. Hot therapy or thermotherapy as it’s often called, increases blood flow and oxygen supply to the area where it is applied. This decreases muscular pain, spasms and it increases the movement and flexibility of tendons and ligaments. If our muscles are overexerted and put under a lot of stress, oxygen  levels decrease and this can turn into a lot of pain due to the accumulation of lactic acid. This therapy can be administered in different ways, using hot packs, heat wraps, hot water bottles, pain relief creams and many more.

Here is a list of the products available in our website:

● Aqua relief systems

● Eye masks

● Face masks

● Fluidotherapy machines

● Foot warmers

● Gel warmers

● Hand warmers

● Heat lamps

● Heat pad

● Heat patches

● Heat therapy systems

● Heat wraps

● Heated mitts

● Heated slippers

● Heating belt

● Hot cold pack

● Hot cold wrap

● Hot water bottle

● Hydrocollators

● Icy hot patches

● Mobile stands

● Pain relief creams

● Pain relief gels

● Pain relief roll ons

● Pain relief sprays

● Thermo therapy units

● Utility carts

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