How do Food Ingredients Affect Arthritis?

We know that arthritis causes great pain, for this reason we bring you some dietary recommendations that will help you improve this ailment. No one can deny that living with arthritis is one of the most uncomfortable situations that exist. Although other conditions can cause greater problems, arthritis is extremely painful. Therefore, seeking control with a specialist is vital to ensure you enjoy a quality life. One of the keys in this search is the food you choose to consume.

You will discover that there are foods that improve the body’s response to arthritis and you’ll also notice that by consuming certain foods you can avoid or reduce the discomfort for a longer time. Although limiting your diet can be annoying, it will bring you great long-term benefits.

Below are a few examples of beneficial anti-arthritis foods:

Fatty Fish

The first of the foods that influences arthritis are fatty fish. These are high in omega-3 fatty acids that have anti-inflammatory effects. Several studies have shown their effectiveness in reducing the pain and discomfort associated with arthritis. The following fish contain high levels of omega-3: tuna, sardines, herring, mackerel, salmon and shrimp. As you can see, this list allows you to play a lot with the flavors and meals to avoid ending up bored by eating the same thing.


Another food that helps in the control of arthritis is garlic. There are studies that demonstrate the effectiveness in reducing markers related to inflammation. High amounts of these markers can accelerate the onset of arthritis and worsen its effects. To obtain the benefits, we recommend adding at least one garlic to your daily diet. If you are not particularly fond of garlic’s pungent flavor and aroma, use a smaller amount to flavor your sauces or soups. This way you will not go overboard and your dishes will still have enhanced flavors.


A perfect, tasty ingredient that will help in dealing with arthritis is ginger. Studies show that some patients who consumed ginger had reported a reduction in pain and discomfort. For this reason, we recommend consuming a small piece of ginger a day. A good option may be to add it to your morning smoothies or your vegetable soups.

Here are some foods that can exacerbate symptoms of arthritis:


Sugar is the most difficult ingredient to avoid in the control of arthritis because it can be found almost everywhere, whether in foods or drinks. Even though it is an unhealthy element for the body in general, it is consumed in absurd amounts by the general population every day. Sometimes, we do not even know it’s there. In the case of arthritis, sugar has a negative impact due to the cytokines it contains, which are known to induce pain if found in high levels.

Saturated fats

These should be completely removed from your diet because they increase general inflammation and can cause serious cardiac issues. The best way to avoid them is by cooking your own meals, this allows you better control of the ingredients that will go into your dish. You must make sure you avoid frying or cooking with too much fat. If you can, choose steamed, baked or broth-based preparations.

Make the above adjustments and reap the benefits. After all, a healthy diet is the key to a better quality of life!

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