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How Does Acupuncture Work?

It is well known that the school of Traditional Chinese Medicine gave birth to the practice of acupuncture. If you are considering acupuncture for the first time, you must have many thoughts going through your mind in terms of the process and of course the most common fear which is the degree of pain felt from the needles. We are here to say, do not worry! Acupuncture needles are generally so fine (think of a strand of short hair) that it is not as bad is it might seem when we think about all those needles being inserted into our skin. Actually, these needles are made in different gauges and sizes but rest assured that the main experience from acupuncture is not a painful one. There is a prickly sensation upon insertion, but nowhere near the pain that most people imagine. Plus, after a few acupuncture sessions, even this sensation will go unnoticed.

Like the great majority of treatments in the medical field, it is usually not enough to go to just one acupuncture appointment. Depending on the ailment you are trying to alleviate, it may take many sessions. However, if you are not experiencing noticeable improvement after ten sittings with acupuncture treatment, you should probably switch to another acupuncturist.

Believe it or not, this ancient Chinese method is not only used for pain. It turns out that acupuncture is quite versatile in its treating abilities. It has been claimed that besides common painful maladies (for instance joint pains), acupuncture can also help treat depression, gastritis, blood pressure issues, insomnia, anemia and poor vision just to name a few. Truth be told, acupuncture claims to be able to treat a wide gamma of diseases, conditions and ailments so consider this when thinking about adding acupuncture to your treatment strategy.

Let’s face it, going to the doctor can be very expensive. On top of the consultation, you still need to buy the prescribed medication. The cost of acupuncture on the other hand happens to be generally very accessible for many. Of course, costs differ from state to state but a good range of prices per session would be anywhere between $14 and $200. Some acupuncture centers include other amenities or offer a more specialized and pampered treatment, inflating the cost of the visit. Also, many insurance companies are including acupuncture in their plans. Check with yours to see if you get coverage.

Despite its various benefits, there are still many doubters as to the efficacy of this type of treatment. Many studies have been conducted to corroborate the claims made by practitioners and recipient of acupuncture and what is definitely true is the overall physical and mental improvement experienced by patients who swear by it. Many have also stated that they have new found spirituality thanks to the benefits obtained by acupuncture treatment. The long held scientific belief that acupuncture only deserves merit as a placebo-based effect has been demonstrably proven to be false.

So, be afraid no more. The experience itself and its after-effects are in fact the best part of the whole experience!

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