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Hydrotherapy involves the use of water to treat joint, muscle and health  conditions such as arthritis, spasms, headaches, stress, colds and central nervous system injuries. This therapy can be applied in all its forms and temperatures: very cold water, cold water, warm water, very hot water, or a combination of both, hot and cold water. Hydrotherapy provides a sense of wellness and it also functions as a great analgesic and sedative, all this due to the effect heat and cold have on the body. This method helps to detox the system, soothe pain and it also has the capacity to balance blood pressure and body temperature. Hot water expands the arteries and allows the body to get rid of unwanted materials. Cold water, on the other hand, helps blood arteries to contract which then divert blood to other internal organs.  There are different ways to carry out this therapy:  Cold showers, sauna, hot/cold compresses, thermal pools, cold/warm baths, and many more. The use of several innovative products have been introduced in the market in order to provide a more convenient and pleasant experience during a hydrotherapy session. Below you can find a list of a wide selection of items available in this website:

● Flotation devices

● Flotation swimsuits

● Hydrotherapy chairs

● Hydrotherapy tables

● Swim belts

● Swimwear

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