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Kinesiology Tape

Kinesiology tape is a new revolutionary method used by persons who lead an active lifestyle. This tape has been specifically designed to treat swelling, muscular and joint problems. This innovative tape also functions as a preventive method to avoid future injuries.

The Kinesiology tape is a type of neuromuscular bandage made up of an elastic structure with cotton thread, which incorporates a sticky layer that adheres to the skin. Kinesiology tape does not interfere with muscle movement. It comfortably sticks to the skin and it allows the body part being treated to move freely without restrictions. Below there is a list of Kinesiology tapes and other related products available:

● Tape adherents

● Tape cutters

●  Tape cutter blades

●  Tape removers

●  Tape scissors

●  Tape underwraps

●  Taping tables

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