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Massage Therapy Can Be a Powerful Ally

Massage therapy can provide you an advantage when combating pain or other physical abnormalities and if performed by a trained massage therapist. Massage therapy need not be limited to treating chronic pain however, massages can also be sought after for the simple benefit of mental repose, relaxed down time or to relieve muscle tension caused by stress and anxiety. All in all, massage therapy can provide one with a comprehensive outlet to relieve many painful, psychological and stressful symptoms.

Chronic or acute conditions can also be reduced with massage therapy since masseuses have an overall general knowledge of anatomy as well as physiology. Also, massage therapy contains many different techniques within the discipline, making it ideal for catering to different tastes and preferences. Here are a few popular ones:


Swedish Massage

A soft type of massage that emphasizes profound, rounded and stretched movements. The masseuse will usually use vibrating and light hits to further enhance the relaxing experience and to provide energy.

Athletics Massage

As its name implies, this massage is tailored to the sports athlete since they carry a higher propensity to suffer sports related injuries due to their wider range of movements and physical aspects of activities. It is similar in technique to the Swedish Massage.

Deep Massage 

This involves a more passive but stronger type of rubbing technique. The idea is that it targets the more profound folds of and muscular and corresponding connective tissue.

Trigger Point Massage

Overusing muscles can cause pain and injury in muscle fiber spots; it is here where the massage is emphasized.

Advantage of Messages

The advantages presented by massage therapy are numerous but is rarely the main form of treatment for most conditions. Rather, it is considered an alternative form of medical treatment that, when combined with others, can create a powerful and soothing effect to one’s painful conditions. It is a fact that having a massage can reduce pain, minimize muscular tension, improve blood circulation, boost lymphatic drainage, help with joint movements and ameliorate migraines. Other important perks of massage therapy involves the improvement of anxiety, fibromyalgia, temporomandibular joint soreness, insomnia and several form of digestive disorders.

Massage Therapy is not Automatically Always Feasible

There are a group of people for who it is not recommended to receive massages due to other conditions they might suffer from. Massages Therapy is usually contraindicated in the following scenarios:

1)   Advanced Osteoporosis

2)   Deep Vein Thrombosis

3)   Severe Burn Wounds

4)   Advanced Thrombocytopenia

5)   Several types of Blood diseases

Massage therapy does not need to be only recommended when there is pain present of some other condition where it can play a role in the healing process, but it can also be used as a weapon for preventative medicine. Sports athletes are known to receive a massage from their trainers or masseuses before and after game time. The benefits abound for them because pre-game, a massage can help loosen muscles and improve circulation whereas post game, the rigors of physical activity can take its toll on muscle integrity and having a massage can accelerate the healing process.

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