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Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can be applied in order to treat a wide range of health conditions. This therapy utilizes different techniques such as palpation and movement of soft tissues, friction, vibration, compression and passive/active stretching. Massage therapy is very useful to strengthen the immune system, control blood pressure, ease pain and stiffness, improve blood flow, alleviate stress and increase flexibility of joints, just to mention a few. There are many kinds of massage therapies but two main methods are: Relaxation massage and rehabilitation massage.

We have a wide selection of products that will undoubtedly provide a better massage therapy:

● Aromatherapy diffusers

● Bottle holsters

● Body wrappers

● Breast pillows

● Carry bags

● Disposable underwear

● Empty lotion bottles

● Face rest

● Face rest cover

● Foot massagers

● Foot stands

● Gel warmers

● Handheld massagers

● Headbands

● Heated massagers

● Ice massagers

● Massage balls

● Massage bolsters

● Massage chairs

● Massage creams

● Massage gels

● Massage kits

●Massage lotions

● Massage stones

● Percussors

● Reflexology charts

● Roller massagers

● Spa massagers

● Thermo therapy units

● Thumper massager

● Vibration massager

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