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Secret benefits of Paraffin Treatment Therapy

Paraffin treatment involves the use of heated oil-based wax which is then applied to areas where pain is felt such as joints, feet, hands and muscles in general. Paraffin treatment is easy to perform and can be done at home or like-wise in a salon or spa.

Some of the advantages of paraffin treatment include:

  • Relaxation of tense muscles
  • Promotes better blood circulation
  • Maximizing range of motion
  • Alleviates chronic pain
  • Helps mitigate Arthritis
  • Improves skin moisture and appearance
  • Prevents dry and flaky skin
  • Useful for some skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis

Because liquid paraffin absorbs heat excellently and with efficiency it is considered a type of deep heat therapy. When dipping your hands and feet into the prepared paraffin basin, the heat the paraffin has stored up from being heated is transferred to your body’s muscles and joints for a while as wax solidification occurs and keeps itself clinging to the applied areas. This very same heat that is being transferred also increases blood flow and helps the muscles relax. Due to the increased circulation of blood, the skin capillaries dilate allowing more blood flow to the skin, opening up its pores and containing the layers of skin moisture, therefore improving its appearance, hydration and feel.

Due to this type of improved blood blow in affected areas, paraffin is usually applied before and after exercise as part of sports therapy. It can be done anywhere and for many physical traumas.

Preparing paraffin treatment at home is very simple. A relatively small gradual cooker that can hold 3 quarts, a confectioner’s thermometer, a bath towel, a plastic bag and approximately 3 pounds of paraffin which can be acquired in medical stores for each of the areas in which you wish to apply the slightly heated paraffin is all that you need; things that are all easily obtained.

Once you have gathered the materials, this is the procedure to prepare your paraffin treatment therapy:

1)   Take off all your jewelry

2)   Sanitize the areas you wish to apply the paraffin to.

3)   Warm the paraffin in the slow cooker until it thoroughly melts, then turn off and unplug the cooking device.

4)   Make sure the paraffin has cooled to 51.6 C (125 F).

5)   Gently plunge your affected area into the paraffin enough times for the paraffin wax to begin coating the affected area while being mindful of not coming into contact with the surely hot slow cooker.

6)   After 30 minutes, exfoliate the clinging and coated paraffin wax. Make sure to not discard this wax as it can be used for your next paraffin treatment therapy session.

The simplicity of this way of treating pain has made paraffin treatment therapy all the rage in many avenues of healing. Due to the easiness and affordability of gathering the supplies necessary, it is a very practical approach and a great alternative to pain relief medication used in similar circumstances.

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