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Terrible Habits That Cause Back Pain

One can feel back pain at any point of the spinal cord structure (nerves, muscles, joints or bones) that go from the coccyx to the neck.

One of the most common known back pain is lumbago (severe low back pain) making it one of the most frequent causes of working disability in the United States and worldwide.

New healthier habits need to be adopted to help prevent that uncomfortable and disabling health and mobility inconvenience and pain.

These are some terrible habits that should be dismissed and changed to avoid and prevent back pain:

    • Unhealthy diet

Stop having unhealthy weight gaining meals and food.

A healthy diet rich in vegetables and unsaturated foods helps keep an average, healthy weight avoiding extra low back pressure and pain.

Eating healthy is one of the most important habits that should be kept and practice to have non-excessive body weight and not adding extra pressure to the back.

    • Lack of exercise

Nowadays, most people are attached to their electronic devices and are sitting around the majority of the time.

People need to exercise correctly, and walk and move to loosen back muscle pressure and prevent any extra weight. Exercising helps blood circulation and helps avoid weight gain or muscle stress, aiding all the back muscles relieve and decrease any pressure or possible pain. Exercising builds stronger muscles to support our back.

    • Non-correct support shoes

Constant use of high heels or very flat footwear is not healthy for a good back posture.

Both cases incorrectly distribute the body balance and add extra joint pressure causing back pain with prolonged use.

Try to find very comfortable shoes to help prevent any distortion or future pain. Alternate from high heels to comfortable cushioned sole shoes to help keep a right back position and body weight balance to avoid any extra joint pressure.

    • Nervous tension or stress

Try to keep a relaxed non-stressful life.

Being stressed, anxious or nervous continually adds extra tension to your neck and spinal cord, accentuating any oppression and causing neck or back pain.

Try to relax and not worry so much, keep an exercise routine, eat and sleep well, and walk or share some available time with friends to try and not stress.

    • Lifting heavy weight or bags

When lifting shopping or grocery bags and laptops or boxes, you have to take the correct posture to not add so much pressure to your lumbar zone or lower back. Bending your legs with a straight back helps avoid the stress and possible further lumbago. It is imperative to know that you should only carry or lift objects that weigh ten percent less than your body weight. Other people practice and build stronger muscles to lift heavier weights. When taking some weight on your shoulder, the body is unbalanced, and if continually carrying the same pressure on the same shoulder, this can cause spine distress, pain, and possibly further back complications.

    • Not maintaining a proper sitting posture

Most of us spend five days a week or eight hours a day sitting in front of a laptop, that constant posture can cause back pressure and pain if not using a proper comfortable chair for posture. Try to sit correctly, and on an ergonomic chair that will provide your back a good position that will keep your lower back muscles relaxed. And be sure to take 5-minute breaks to stretch.