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What is Radiofrequency Pain Management

Dealing with chronic pain may seem complicated and irritating at first, but it does not have to be as hard as many people think. There are many proven methods that you can talk to your doctor about or investigate on your own in order to find the most accurate treatments for the severity of your condition.

If you are learning how to live with chronic pain and feel like opting for other practical methods to avoid this terrible yet common problem, then radiofrequency pain management is the right thing for you! So, what is Radiofrequency Pain Management? Have you heard about it?


Radiofrequency Pain Management As a Therapy for Chronic Pain

Radiofrequency Pain Management is a slightly intrusive medical strategy adopted to eradicate the nerve fibers that send pain indicators towards our brain. In this case, it is handy in the long-term alleviation of chronic pain which can cause incredible discomfort on a regular basis.

Another way to call Radiofrequency Pain Management is radiofrequency ablation or rhizotomy. It does not matter how you name it, it is always the same procedure: The use of heat to lessen the transmission of painful sensations detected in the brain, specifically “burning” the nociceptive pathway.

There are machines specifically designed to provide these type of radio frequencies. The most common name for these devices is ‘pain Management radiofrequency generator’ or plainly ‘pain management RF generator. But, how does Pain Management RF Generator work? Let’s find out.


About Pain Management RF Generator

The Pain Management RF Generator is a system that produces pulsating radio waves at high frequencies over a cloistered, slender, pointed, steel instrument. These radio waves provisionally incapacitate our nociceptors from spreading pain indicators, which translates into a progressive solution to chronic pain.

The RF Generator is a digital device able to not only do a regular and pulsed RF, but also multi, non-heat RF processes known as cooled RF; besides other procedures like the percutaneous treatment of intervertebral discs and heart valve repair.

The Pain Management V4 generator uses a live graphics display which is meant to be enhanced according to any new scientific advancements.

The RF Generator is best known for its power, having a RF of 0.05 kW which can produce around 0.0125 kW to 3 frequencies. Its flexibility makes the Multi RF Module viable for any pipe size or edge extent.

Another great thing about this RF Generator is that it works immediately once you connect it, meaning that there is no hassle or further configuration depending on the number of probes. The equipment will identify the number of inquiries right when you plug them in and perform correspondingly.

Types of RF Probes

Some RF probes are lasting devices that can be used more than once and are available in different sizes and scales. For this reason, they even have color codes, allowing a smoother recognition. If the cleansing is your concern, it is necessary to know the process of disinfection may be done through vaporization.

On the other hand, there are probes destined for only a one-time use and come in different scopes and measures as well. They even have a plug cord long enough to stay away from the antiseptic range.

All these devices come in a standard width range of pair numbers from eighteen to twenty-two; and specific dimensions of 5, 5.4, 10, 14, 5 and 20 centimeters. Also, the color classification system works per the cannula proportions for a more precise cut.

If you want improved imaging while applying this medical tool, a particular RF device called ‘Radiopaque Cannula’ gives the best results with direct therapy and is offered in different edge types.

The above-mentioned one-use device has a ring placed at the edge made of platinum which outlines the cut position under X-Rays imaging techniques such as radioscopy, giving a more even transition along the border and the protected section.

There are some RF Probe supplies included for ache suppression therapy. These consist of an RF probe, the shielding pipe, the power cord, and the disinfection container in which all the devices should be kept in for the vaporization process.

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