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Why Are Athletic Supporters Necessary?

Have you played contact sports before? If you have, you probably know what we are talking about. If you are clueless about this, keep reading, because today you will understand why athletic supporters are necessary.

Athletic supporters are an essential part of an athletes’ protective gear when participating in certain sporting disciplines. Their primary function is to keep our private parts protected, at the same time it grants a wide range of movements during any sports activity.

Keep in mind that playing sports without athletic supporters may result in painful experiences and permanent damage to your reproductive organs. It is by far the worst consequence of not wearing an athletic supporter.

Different Styles of Athletic Supporters

There are many different styles of athletic supporters,

Even if most people think of them as a manly attire, there are athletic supporters for women as well. There is a particular athletic supporter that is meant to shield the male body parts while performing any sport and it is called jockstrap or cup.

The jockstrap is the most distinct type of supporter. It consists of a fixed protective cup to be used during contact sporting activities like American fFootball or field/ice-hockey. It is even useful for baseball due to the speed balls are thrown at.

Why Should I Wear a Jockstrap?

A jockstrap is used to defend the penis against any harmful projectile or contact with others from the physicality of the game. That is why athletic supporters are necessary. They help you avoid the endangerment of a person’s private body parts during those events.

Regular jockstraps have an band around the waist that can be adjusted, and two flexible circles to insert both legs into. This protective clothing should make you able to move around easily without any discomfort.

If you use Kinesiology Tape for treating any athletic injury, you need to apply it before putting on the athletic supporter. Remember that this type of therapeutic tape is like a second skin so it goes under any clothes you need to wear.

The frontal part of this garment consists of a pocket made out of textile fibers specially designed securely surround male genitals. It is also accompanied by a vaulted synthetic protective shell.

Choosing The Right Athletic Supporter

First off, you will need to buy a strap that suits you adequately and doesn’t feel annoying while wearing it. Comfort is crucial for that matter, so make sure you check the underwear tag and get the right one according to the measurement of your waist.

In case you happen to feel unhappy with the proportions of the protective area, you should consider getting a bigger athletic supporter and adjust the cincture for a tight grip.

There are cases where people do not wear a protective shell within the fabric pocket, so it is necessary to let them know the support provided won’t be as good as it should if the supporter is not worn tight enough.

When to Use a Protective Cup

If it is a contact sport that we are talking about, you should wear a protecting shell inside the garment’s pocket because it gives you the protection needed if an object, kick or punch comes into contact with male genitalia.

Remember that a protecting shell should allow you to move as you normally would. Some people complain about athletic supporters not being easy to handle. You will get used to it eventually.

Another important tip to provide more security and further filling to your private parts, is getting a pair of compression shorts. Compression shorts are supposed to go over the supporter in case you skip getting the protecting cup; offering additional casing in cases of an extreme stretch of muscle fibers and rupture to the thigh muscles.

No matter whether you are a man or a woman, knowing why athletic supporters are necessary for your safety is vital since it prevents you from sufferin severe injuries in your private parts.

Ensure you are wearing the right type. There are many stylistic options of athletic supporters so play your favorite sport with confidence.

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