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Carex From: TMF60007 To: TPF60007 - IcyCold Gel Bead Sports Pack TheraMed Hot & Cold

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TMF60007 - TPF60007
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TMF60007IcyCold Gel Bead Sports PackEach
TPF60007TheraMed Hot & Cold Gel Bead Sports PackEach
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TheraMed Hot & Cold Gel Bead Sports Pack
More Information
Manufacturer Carex
Brand TheraMED
Categories Abdominal Pain, Chronic Pain, Cold Pad, Cold Therapy, Hot Cold Pack, Hot Therapy, Joint Pain, Muscle Pain, Pain Relief Gel, Condition
Code TMF60007 - TPF60007
Require Prescription? No
Store Lay Off Pain
Score: 4.6 from 1 - 5
49 Review
Donna Review from
May 9, 2022
Excellent results!
Works really well. Much better than an ice-bag. No mess. Stays cool for long periods of time. Folds around arm, leg etc. or lays flat. Follow the directions that come with the product and you will be well pleased. This was recommended by a nurse at the hospital where my husband had surgery. We have both tried it and were satisfied with the results.
wa-wmama-wsqkaz Review from
August 4, 2021
Gel Ice Pad Not Your Typical Ice Pad
I purchased this gel pack to use for knee replacement rehab, to help alleviate the pain as my wife continues her journey to incorporate her "new knee". This cold source pad was excellent because it can be manipulated to fit in most areas and tied down with the two Velcro straps which are included. The second pad allows us to use one while the second is in the freezer.
Disappointed Review from
July 5, 2020
Like it because it covers larger area easier.
I really did buy this. I like it because it is so large. You must remember to always put a cloth of some kind between it. It is different than some cold packs with can be put directly on skin. This one is definitely NOT be put next to skin, but with a cloth in between. It work well and lays in freezer easily, is bendable, and is so helpful. I thought about buying some for surprise gifts. Shipment was timely as described. Appreciated.
patty Review from
August 28, 2021
gel ice pack
Recently I had a knee replacement and needed an ice pack. I really liked this one as it would wrap around the knee and the velcro strip held it in place. I would recommend this to anyone that has had surgery or a sports injury. It's not too thick and is comfortable.
Sandy Review from
December 3, 2019
Professional quality large, flexible gel ice pack
I was recently in physical therapy for my shoulder (torn rotator cuff, bursitis and arthritis), and my therapist would place an ice pack on my shoulder at the end of my sessions to counteract inflammation. It was so soothing and far superior to small, rigid home gel packs that I decided to buy a quality home ice pack to continue my treatment. I always check Walmart online first because of their low prices and the possibility of free shipping. I purchased the FlexiKold Gel Ice Pack because it seemed comparable to my therapist's ice pack at half the price and with free shipping. I am very happy
Michael Review from
January 25, 2021
Cool relief for the bed ridden
These things are fantastic! They provide instant, cool relief to my sore back. As a cancer patient who lays on his back in bed for most of the day, any non narcotic relief from the pain and discomfort is a blessing. These cool packs are tough enough to take my 200 lbs and have not leaked. Many thanks!
Jean Review from
May 1, 2021
great idea--BAD product
am shopping for another ice pack. this one is great IF you don't mind the gel oozing out of the seams after you've had it awhile (over a yr) and drying into a white powder that gets over everything and is hard to remove. hope i can find another one with all the good features but lasts long enough to make it worth the investment.
wl3howie Review from
May 18, 2021
Useful For Early Pain Relief
Large enough for use on most body areas. Best when used shortly after injury. The included straps are very helpful in providing secure fit and hold. Soft material prevents complete freezing allowing great flexibility.
dawnmariegodsey Review from
October 8, 2020
Xtra large professional ice pack
My PT uses gel ice packs like this and I wanted some for post surgery of knee replacement. Soft and pliable, works perfect. Large enough that I can use over/ under knee at same time. I also bought the 1/2 size and both sizes are working perfectly as they would at my PT sessions.
pau.strad Review from
April 6, 2021
Don't waste your money
Well made outer material but does not get as cold in the freezer or stay cold when in use. I had used another brand for several years but the plastic/vinyl outer covering cracked easily and the gel inside seeped out. I will probably go back to that brand and put up with the leaking as it performs better.
Madelon Review from
October 1, 2021
Good quality. Easy to use.
Easy to fold and use. I purchased to use on my shoulder. Even with the measurements, it turned out to be a little too big. Consider the 1/2 size.
Pam Review from
June 22, 2020
Great size and coverage
Great health item to have at home. You never know when they come in handy. Great size and love the straps. Had to put a thin towel between skin and wrap due to the coldness but there are two sides and one isn't terribly cold. The blue side is the coldest and it does get moisture on top, so I didn't mind the towel. Glad I have them and the seller was great fixing a shipping issue I had. Would buy from again.
nolinda13 Review from
July 1, 2020
Just what I needed
First of all the shipping was very FAST! It came 4-5 days sooner, A+! Packaged very well. Placed in freezer and was super cold fast, another A+!! This will be used daily as I'm attending physical therapy and will need to ice my ankle afterwards. Its easy to wrap around my leg which is another A+! I would definitely recommend this as its pretty much the same my physical therapist uses.
SJ Review from
October 31, 2020
Works well. Gets extremely cold! Only issue I've seen is it doesn't last as long as I would like. But, last as long as needed... I just like to wait a bit and reapply. You do better in this situation to place back in freezer. Still very nice! Highly recommend!
trixie416 Review from
May 4, 2021
Excellent product! Great value!
Very professional-type feel to this cold pack. Purchased another, larger-size pack for my back. Have to fight my husband for it. :) EXCELLENT products!
jeg Review from
October 28, 2019
Great product
The large ice pack is a manageable size and not heavy like other ice packs I've used. It maintains it's shape. The gel does not pool and make the pack floppy as stated in some of the reviews I've read. It stays cold for 20 - 30 minutes which is the recommended time for healing but not compromising skin/soft tissue. I would buy again, Very good price.
adecaturcomcastnet Review from
February 2, 2021
great item
i love this ic e pack. It is so much better then I thought it would be. The canvas cover is great and long lasting. , It is like the one they use in phy therapy. The canvas cover is perfect for the long haul.
xcoffeelady Review from
August 31, 2021
Fantastic product at a Great Price
These are terrific! Fold them in half for smaller areas and have them larger for across larger areas. Stay cold for a long time!
Elenora Review from
February 11, 2020
Serving its purpose. Love it.
I had an ice pack that I received from the hospital but it became worn. I ordered this ice pack and I love it. It gets cold quickly and the gel stays cold for a long time. It's very durable and strong, but it's not stiff. Its pliable to fit around my leg to knee. I wish I had ordered one for my feet as well. I like this brand.
Koukla124 Review from
December 30, 2020
Senior in pain approved!
My boyfriends dad is a hard to please customer and was very content with it. At 80 years old with bad knees snd arthritis and so much pain - this was his only item on his Christmas wish list. He said he wished he had 2 now, he loved it so Much!
msherwood-us Review from
February 2, 2021
Life savers for Recovery from surgery
My husband had a knee replacement and these ice pads were ideal to use while having therapy during his recovery. They hold the chill for 2 hours after being frozen and fit in your freezer easily. Give them a try!
1783jb Review from
August 3, 2020
Excellent High Quality Flexible Cold Pak; that is well priced!
Great cold pak. High quality material. Put in the refrigerator which gets it cold and flexible,,, 1000% better than I expected.
Linda Review from
April 8, 2021
best ice pack ever
The size is great. I have been using a couple of ice packs at once to cover my pulled thigh muscle. I can actually go to sleep with this one. Stays cold and in place.
liskelashnjay Review from
August 9, 2019
Happy costumer
I just had surgery on my abdomen. I ordered this the day after I got home from the hospital. It got here very quickly! Its excellent quality!! And I use it every day!! Thank you! Very happy costumer!!
nostar Review from
June 12, 2019
this gel pack is not good at all! im so disappointed! it doesnt even stay cold for 15 min! i have 2 bad knees and recently had another knee surgery and i was hoping this would be a good option because of being flexible...yes its flexible but thats it i didnt even want to click 1 star it doesnt deseve any!
startreasure4u Review from
April 4, 2018
Comfortable to Use
Can't be without this cold pack. I had knee replacement and I believed I healed faster because it was easy, comfortable to use and covered the entire area. My son used it for his back and loved it, so I ordered him one also. Received faster than expected. Good price.
Theresa Review from
May 20, 2021
This item is not practical at all. It literally takes 2 people to put it on! One to hold it taut and the other to wrap strap around it. I would NOT recommend it!!
pettechucd Review from
June 22, 2020
Buy these, worth every penny!
Boy these are cold!! Had knee surgery in January and wish I had them then. Had other knee surgicatedbuy these, worth every penny last week, what a difference. They fit perfectly in a pilowcase!
trailpleasure4ever Review from
August 12, 2017
Awesome ice gel pack. Best one I own.
Fantastic product. I have several ice packs. This is by far the best one I own. Thank you for such great customer service. I sincerely appreciate this ebay seller. Excellent.
tinaowen79 Review from
August 3, 2021
I love these ice gel packs and I use them everyday and the quality is excellent. I highly recommend this product!
tmhighs Review from
April 28, 2021
Large and heavy
These are like the ice packs I use at my physical therapists. They are absolutely perfect for wrapping my cast. Heavy and durable.
hilltopacres Review from
May 19, 2021
Perfect for my lower back pain.
Great value. Perfect for my lower back and thigh pain. Keeps cold a long time, is flexible, and freezes fast.
annmarie0071 Review from
July 8, 2021
The Best
Perfect, Large enough to cover A big portion of your back or fold in half if needed for smaller areas. Very heavy for a enhanced feel
marmar.99 Review from
June 29, 2020
Awesome & a great value!
Great! Just had a knee replacement so I use this several times a day. Very reasonably priced and works better than the more expensive ones I've seen at local pharmacies.
kekli-48 Review from
February 22, 2021
Would buy it again
Stays nice and cold for longer than most other pads I tried. More gel inside to freeze. Seems well built.
Regi Review from
November 11, 2020
It is just as described. You can wrap it around hard places to get to or just flat if you need it. I have not owned long enough to determine how sturdy it is.
Dennis Review from
April 13, 2022
This is a Great Gel pack! Love the Larger Size, and it is Soft, Flexible and comfortable.
jakau-93 Review from
December 15, 2020
great product
great product using them right know icing my injured knee down. well made and the coldness lasts a good half hour+.
Pamela Review from
February 19, 2021
This is a very good ice pack.
I used this ice pack for my hips and I was well covered. I have big hips. One side is cold and the other side is colder.
Ren Review from
April 30, 2022
I liked how flesible and easy it is to use. I probably should have gotten the next size up, but it work for me.
matpar-8358 Review from
June 8, 2021
Extra large Ice Packs
Great product very durable. We have four, and our Labrador Retriever, Loves them, keeps him cool.
Melissa Review from
October 19, 2020
Better than others!
Love this! Had to have knee surgery and this was perfect. The perfect size and freezes nicely!
barb.spen Review from
December 17, 2019
Excellent Medical Grade Reusable Large Flexible Ice Pad with Straps
Excellent Quality! Easily conforms to body comfortably. Bought 2 to rotate usage and storage in freezer.
elizabetmchon_0 Review from
September 30, 2020
Nice large size
This is a nice large size. It is very flexible instead of being still like previous smaller gel packs.
Shelly Review from
April 15, 2020
Excellent cold pack
I love this cold pack. Fits my neck very well and stays cold long enough to help with the pain. The strap holds it in place very well
Melissa Review from
January 7, 2022
Michael Review from
December 8, 2019
The Best Cold Pack Ever
This Cold Pack is perfect for any spot on your body. The gel retains proper temperature for every kind of application. Strongly recommend
balloffur1 Review from
July 13, 2021
Not the best product.
It's very heavy & it's not very comfortable for me. I think it needs longer wing sides to help keep it in place.
nascarhome Review from
August 28, 2019
Knee replacement surgery
Had knee replacement surgery Used this item for ice pack ( Bought 2 ) Formed to my leg great. Better and more comfortable than the ice machine givin to your at hospital
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