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Carolon From: 121212 To: 121312 - Health Support SheerStockings(15-20mmHg)

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Health Support SheerStockings(15-20mmHg) Color: Beige, Size B \
Regular, Closed Toe, Style: Thigh
More Information
Manufacturer Carolon
Categories Compression Hosiery, Edema, Leg Pain, Pantyhose, Sheer, Size B, Size C, Thigh High, Condition, Compression Level, Fabric, Gender, Medium, Moderate Compression (15-20 mmhg), Regular, Size, Small, Style, Women
Code 121212 - 121312
Require Prescription? No
Store Lay Off Pain
Score: 3.5 from 1 - 5
50 Review
saraxhe Review from
June 30, 2022
Great compression socks if U go by measurements!
My biggest piece of advice is GO BY THE ANKLE AND CALF MEASUREMENTS listed on the package! Dont go by shoe size or you might get a size smaller than what you actually need. Ive read many of the reviews for this brand and a common theme amongst negative reviews is that the sock is too small based off the shoe size recommendation. I also found that to be the case for me; I should be size small according to shoe size (Im size 8 womens) but I went off the actual measurements and got a size medium and even that was difficult to put on! I cant imagine trying to put on a size small. Im currently preg
Linda P Review from
June 3, 2022
I have been using these stockings for quite some time. I love that they are sheer yet they provide adequate compression to keep my legs and feet from swelling. I also wear the open-toe version of this stocking. I find it interesting that even though I order the same compression (15-20 mmHg) in each type of stockings, the compression of the open-toe version is greater than in the closed toe model. Not sure why that is. I give this product 4 stars rather than 5 for two reasons: 1. The seam on the upper band tends to come apart at the stitching (see attached photo), and 2. The top band is too nar
Kristie P Review from
April 18, 2022
Not true to size chart. I am 140 lbs and 5 feet 1 inch -ordered medium. The stitching at the toe band is thick and painful after 5 minutes of wear. The compression feels unequal and especially tight behind knees and at the top of thighs. The elastic band that holds stockings up is very uncomfortable and leave fit impressions on my thighs. Took off immediately and noted red band marks at my toes. Very painful. Could not take them off fast enough. This is not the brand for me. I have been an R. N. for 37 years wearing compression stockings my entire career so I have tried many brands. These are
Pam T. Review from
July 24, 2022
I purchased the tru form
I purchased the tru form lites 25-20 knee highs. I bought 2 pair in beige. They are so natural looking and hides any flaws in the legs. I could have gone down a size as my calves measure 17 inches. My legs felt so good in them but unfortunately they are too long and leaves creases in my legs when up. The band at the top is very comfortable. I will keep 1 pair as I gave the other to my sister who is 6 ft tall. They are long but comfortable on her. I m 5'5" I really feel bad because they are so nice and I would have bought 6 more pair. Please make a little shorter for people like me because it's
claudia h. Review from
September 22, 2021
Finally got the taupe pair
Finally got the taupe pair I ordered months ago. Felt really tight at first & almost thought they were not correct size...but I had ordered the same in black & they were ok.....& had stretched some since that was the only pair to wear! I'm as pleased with this pair as with the black. 2nd pair was taupe. Plan to order nude. I have Stage 0 Lymphadema of the Left eg after Hysterectomy for Uterine Cancer which I diagnosed 4th week. Oncology Surgeon had no clue how to treat. I'm a Nurse Practitioner with 45 yrs experience & know my body! I DO recommend Foryourlegs. Telephone calls for information,
Lawren R. Review from
March 11, 2022
I have ordered these for
I have ordered these for many years these were very,very low quality, in fact terrible! The fabric has a totally different feel. It is thinner and the compression is barely there. The elastic band on top does nothing to keep the stockings from falling down. The stockings fall down to under my knees snd stay that way all day. I will have to find a different brand to order. Also, there was a strange dark stain above the knee. I am extremely disappointed in the quality. Shame on you for allowing this .
B. B. Review from
December 18, 2020
As a casino dealer, I am standing for 8 hours a day and with varicose veins and circulation problems, I really need support hose with a strong compression that is going to last. I don't care what they look like, only how they support and I think the truform 30-40 open-toe thigh highs w/silicone dot tops are the best. #1. They are made of sturdy and strong material that holds up well to the pulling and tugging required to put on compression hose. #2. They stay put with the silicone band. The elastic toe opening also stays in place. (other brands roll up on my foot and creep down at the thigh. T
MARIA E. Review from
December 4, 2021
Pantyhose is too tight for size "M"
I bought two pantyhose; however, I was not able to wear for more than four hours. The waist line has an elastic instead of the material of the pantyhose itself, what makes very uncomfortable to use due to the tightness of it. The entire pantyhose is very tight for the size M. my weight 115Lbs, and high 5.5. Therefore, it should fit perfectly. I searched for the return address to return the pair I did not use but couldnt locate it. I was not able to send the photo of the pantyhose. Somehow the system does not upload it.
Susan K. Review from
June 16, 2022
Do Not Purchase Truform--The Design of the Compression Socks/Hose will create mo
These are the worst compression socks/hose I have ever purchased. They have no compression in the heel and toe areas, only loose nylon material. The leg material is super thick and hot. With no compression in the heel and toe areas, the foot and ankle swells creating an area of the foot with abnormal swelling shaped like an avocado on the inside of the ankle. After trying them on, I immediately returned the pair I ordered and will never order any products from Truform again.
Daniel W Review from
December 24, 2021
Best All Around value and AWESOME quality
I have had to wear compression sock continuously since my 30's and I'm now 55. I am a very active person and these socks hold up going to the gym 6 days a week for all kinds of activity, especially Cardio group exercise. These hold up! I have bought some were almost 2X as much that didn't make it through two wearings without a seam failing. These are comfortable enough for wearing at the office all day as they could pass as nice dress socks then hold up under compression meggings like high end sports wear. I am replacing all my socks with these....BY FAR the best value I have found anywhere!
Judith A. Review from
May 30, 2021
One defective sock.
Easy o get on & off, however first time wearing found a large hole just below the knee and a small one on the front of the ankle. Also the top of the sock had long threads unraveled. Other sock was perfect. When I received them one looked stretched out. I washed them by hand and let them air dry and cut out the long thread & assumed I could sew the holes but I am afraid that I might loose the compression. Is there any chance I can get a replacement for just the one or just try to repair it ? I am 82 years old and cant afford another pair just yet as I have purchased other ones from two differe
Lisa Review from
November 21, 2021
Keeping shopping for better quality
I have been buying these for the past several years and something has recently changed in the manufacturing. These are now a much thinner and a different material. They do not provide the same support they used to and now cut into my ankles, leaving rings by the end of my shift. The price even dropped from $14.86 to $10.00; I like a price decease but not at the expense of quality. My last three pair have started falling apart before being worn 7 times.
Tom Review from
January 10, 2022
Stocking is very difficult to put on. Although I followed the sizing instructions and even took the measurements on a day when my legs were somewhat swollen, I was unable to get the stockings on beyond my ankle. Disappointed, I ordered a pair in size 4X. I had intended to return the second pair of 3X stockings until I saw that the restocking fee plus shipping would be half of the retail cost. I'll either keep the 3X pairs for days when my feet and legs are healthy/normal or I'll donate them. sure hope that I didn't waste more money on the 4X pair.
Patricia B Review from
July 29, 2022
Not what I had hoped for!
I was hoping they were thicker material then they were. It had been a while since I ordered them from you. I stopped when what I ordered changed to a thinner material then I was getting. The description of the stockings were the same, but the thickness had changed. I ordered again after awhile and nothing had changed. I need thick stocking because of the damage I had following a flesh eating bacteria. My vascular system in my right leg was severely damage.
Dan Review from
April 23, 2022
Return to the original material immediately.
I was completely satisfied with the old version, and since I wear one every day, I bought a lot of them. The new Enhanced with new softener version is worthless. The band that keeps them up doesnt work and they slid down my large calf immediately. Return to the old version and raise the price if you need to. These are medical necessities for some of us, and quality is much more important than a price increase.
Carolyn W Review from
December 18, 2021
These were for my husband. His measurements told us that he needed a large. The socks came very quickly. They were much too long. When he took them off, they had bunched at his ankles and caused a deep indention about 4 inches above his ankle. After the sock was removed, this area experienced a tremendous amount of pain. He tried them two days with the same results. He is hesitant to try again.
Cece Review from
April 26, 2022
terrible socks
These 20-30 mg socks have changed for the worse. I was a fan of the old style but these fall down easily and offer not much compression. They strangle the ankles leaving marks and swelling in the ankles. Worthless for a support sock. I liked the baggy toe of the old style and firm support. Please bring them back. I am presently looking for a better sock.
Janet L Review from
December 27, 2021
Confusion regarding sizing
I will need to return the items ordered on December 27. There is confusion on my part regarding sizing. One brand measures according to shoe size whereas another brand measures according to calf size. I looked up my last purchase and calf size was not listed. My mother-in-law wears a size 11 shoe but is very thin and has a medium calf. I would suggest a standardized method for sizing among different manufacturers.
Steven Review from
April 22, 2021
Superb but only one minor flaw.
Most comfortable and helpful support hose that I have tried and I have tried quite a few. The only dislike is that they need to put a reinforced toe on these. That is the only place that seems to wear out and wear out quickly. They are really sheer and unless your studying them on someone, your might not know that they are wearing support pantyhose. The support is firm but gentle in that you forget you are wearing them. Wear them all the time because if I don't, my legs get tingly from poor circulation. Please Truform add the reinforced toe to these.
davidconk Review from
February 26, 2021
Leg Support May Be The Answer
Very good purchase. The shipping was great, the product is great, and the packaging was great. The only complaint I have was getting use to putting them on and taking them off. I look forward to removing them at night since I am still getting use to them. I am getting better at it. The socks definitely feel a little tight at first. These socks are made to give even support, made to last, and made off high quality material.If you are at a point where you need additional support for your legs below the knee, then I suggest you try a pair. You won't be disappointed.
Carrie K Review from
April 28, 2022
Love the silicone dot tops.
I like these knee highs, especially the silicone dot top, any other kind rolls down and is a huge problem for me. My only complaint is that they are a little too high and are in the bend of my knee in the back, I can deal with it but it makes them uncomfortable. No one size fits all is a great fit but when you need compression you learn to live with what ever is available. As far as compared to others these are great.
Belinda F. Review from
October 26, 2020
Fit is very good. Sheer enough that they dont look like old lady stockings but gives enough support. I have worn the thicker stockings with a higher grade compression so was doubtful. But I definitely notice a difference when I dont wear them now. When I do wear them my ankles and feel dont swell. My feet that have been very painful for over a year feel better and I am walking without limping. I highly recommend these stockings. I bought the XL and have wide calves.Im 510 and they are long enough too. Try one pair. You wont be disappointed.
rick Review from
February 7, 2022
Don't buy these!
These are not the original type support sox I have been receiving previously. They are significantly undersized and made of very thin material. Support cannot be the level as advertised. Also the top of the sox that helps keep sox from sliding down your leg is extremely thin and has no compression so these sox easily slide down the calf of your leg thus offering no support.
Bill H Review from
October 10, 2021
I have used this product for about 10 years due to bloodclots in my right leg, when I ride in a car or airplane for long periods of time. My Doctor who treated me for the clots prescribed them for me with instructions. The private Drug store that stocked them just recently sold to a large Drug store, who doesn't stock any Compression stockings. I started searching online & found you stocked them. THANK YOU.
RICHARD L Review from
August 15, 2021
Stores in Calico normally sell Jobest compressions at $89.00 a set! Compression Fantastic prices! $30.00 to $65.00 per set Depend on brand choice, type, eg knee high, ect Awesome price deals! I tell everyone I see wearing compressions and I give them address, phone, web page and tell others about compressionStore. Bargams deals!
Purita D Review from
September 20, 2021
Big Disappointment!
The stockings don't go all the way up, they keep falling because the garters don't adhere at all to the skin and there's no wiggle room for the toes. I'm giving 1 star for the color (nude) which I like. Also it's supposed to be 80% sheer and 20% spandex, but it felt like there's so little spandex that the stockings don't stretch up to the upper part of the thighs and I'm not even a tall person, I'm 5 ft. I've never given a very bad review like this, but it's really so disappointing that I've to spend some time to call the company I bought it from so I could return it.
Beverly C. Review from
September 17, 2021
Love these sheer open toe
Love these sheer open toe compression knee highs. They are very durable and provide the support I need. The nude shade is perfect. You can hardly tell I have them on. Thats why I like them. I would recommend them. They are also easy to put on.
Theresa W. Review from
June 28, 2022
Truform LIte Knee Highs
I really like my Truform Lites Knee Highs. They enable me to walk long distances and shop in huge places such as Sam's without my legs aching or getting tired. They look like regular knee high stockings that I can wear with dress shoes. The color taupe is a good match for my skin tone.
Georgeanne C Review from
August 17, 2021
Ordered size 1 size too big. Have had to order 3 sizes to find correct size. Otherwise, product is good - rather expensive. Not as sheer as I thought they would be. Only basic colors available. Would like to have them in other colors. Will probably order another pair in correct size.
Notamuzed Review from
May 6, 2021
Booo hisssss
Utter crap. Not tru to size at all. I ordered medium and large. I tried on the medium, and it was like putting on dollar store pantyhose that someone had already tried on. No support what so ever, baggy at the ankles and knees, and the thigh top rubber keepers started to burn and itch immediately...and I am allergic to nothing on earth, except apparently, this crappy hosiery. Im 57, and tho my legs arent exactly birdie thin or terribly long, I can tell that had I ordered small...they would not have come up over my knee.
Susanna S. Review from
December 8, 2021
Pretty, durable, but requires more effort to put on than normal hose.
I don't have any medical reason to wear compression hose, I just thought they would be more durable than normal hose. Well, they're pretty, but it takes more effort to put them on than normal hose. I'm undecided whether I will buy more. Have to see if I get used to the extra effort required.
Mary D Review from
July 2, 2022
I ordered the wrong product! Oops!
I ordered the wrong product initially. I completed a return/exchange form, received acknowledgment and have mailed the return with an identification number on the package. Im hoping that the exchange goes well because I do need the new stockings as soon as possible. Thank you for your attention to my request. Mary Dorsey
Ya-Ling H Review from
January 11, 2022
Don't be fooled! NO support, just plain pantyhose!
I have knee high, thigh high and waist high compression stockings before buying one of each "Truform" and "Second Skin" women's thigh high support stockings from this company. They are identical products, NO support, just plain pantyhose. Don't be fooled!
Ed Review from
March 31, 2022
I wear 2 different sizes. L on right leg, and XL on left leg. Truform gave me a sample of each of the two sizes, L and XL. The two L fit fine on my right leg, and stayed up until they were just to stretched to use. I bought 2 more pairs of L for my right leg. With a total of 4 size L, none of them stay up for the whole day. Very disappointed.
PAMELA D. Review from
July 27, 2022
Happy Legs
I've been plagued with varicose veins all my life and have had several treatments to relieve my symptom's. My legs were constantly fatigued and a burning sensation, but I've found the Truform Lites offer the right amount of support, relieving me of tired achy legs, and allow me to be more active the whole day. I love my Truform Lites.
Lynn H Review from
April 21, 2021
Pleasantly surprised
First time Im trying TRUFORM as I was purchasing another brand for years. These truly hold up all day! Im on my feet in heels for 8+ hours a day and these are wonderful. The fit is perfect. I suggest using rubber gloves to pull them up so not to poke a hole as they are quite difficult to pull up without the grip of the gloves. If youre between sizes order up, you wont be disappointed.
Becky Review from
May 11, 2022
These have saved my legs
I have lyphedema in my legs, and these work as well as the very expensive ones prescribed by doctors. I wear these every day, and my legs are now returned to normal. I even have ankles again. PLEASE never change these and keep them in stock! These have truly saved my legs.
Lauraann Review from
March 3, 2022
11th purchase
I purchased this product about 10 times already and never had a complaint. This time I tried a larger size and different color. I am unhappy that an obviously tried on pair was sent to me without the usual box I am used to receiving. I was going to return the pair but decided it wasn't worth the trouble and washed the stockings.
Newsflasher Review from
October 24, 2019
I've tried several brands and these are the best!
I was taught by a compression garment fitting specialist how to put on and take off these stockings. I also purchased a pair of donning gloves that give you grip to manipulate the stockings into place. Before meeting with her I had purchased another pair of stockings that I couldn't put on. I was frustrated and going to give up. After being properly fitted, I realized that first pair was just too small. Now that I have the gloves and have been shown how to put the stockings on and take them off, I'm back to purchase a few more pairs. I love that with the toeless version I have the freedom to s
Diana Review from
August 27, 2020
TF Thigh high review
These stockings are easy to put on and easy to wear for sustained periods. I remember the first time I wore them, I did have to take them off after a few hours, but since then I've been able to wear them all day. They really help my legs feel better. I prefer this brand and style over the other two I've tried. I originally purchased them because of the price point. This site has a large range of prices & styles. This stocking will be my go-to from now on.
Sloria Review from
June 11, 2022
Finally the right fit!
This is a Perfect size for short stature. The higher the compression the harder they are to put on, but I personally prefer it. I am an active mom and on my feet most of the day. This may be physically challenging as it is a lot harder than the 20-30 mmHg stockings.
Mishmish Review from
June 25, 2022
Wonderful product
These are suitable for tall people. Theyre very comfortable. I have lipolymphedema and wear 20-30 compression daily and this brand is more comfortable than the high end brands that cost 4X more. The foot area is really big but that hasnt been a problem
Judy D Review from
February 4, 2022
I have ordered these in the past with 100% satisfaction. I have only worn one pair from this shipment and the sticky on the lacy tops completely was gone after first wear! Had used no lotion or anything on legs! Very disappointing. Hope the other two pair are better.
Linda T. Review from
April 3, 2021
Gift purchase for elderly mother
Have been purchasing for several years for my elderly mother. Price is very reasonable. Specs match what her doctor prescribed. This latest shipment was a replacement for an incorrect item that was shipped on my last order. The correct item was quickly replaced at no charge. As no return was necessary for the incorrect item we will be donating it to someone who can use it as the long term care facility my mother resides at.
Charles Review from
January 14, 2021
The material and composition has changed.
These Triform compression socks have changed their composition. Prior to these socks, the material was more rigid or course. They felt firmer and more able to do what they were designed to do which is to compress the leg so that blood will return to the heart. These socks feel more "nyloney". The appearance of the box that they came in has changed very little but the socks have definitely changed, and for the worse.
Andra S Review from
July 26, 2022
These are really nice stockings. they have a 'soft'top hem. The only problem is that they do not stay up at the knee. After a couple of hours thy slip down the leg about 2 inches but do not slip any further. I'll probably sew elastic around the top. Still marvellous to have.
Margaret F Review from
August 18, 2021
Extremely happy with the fit and the materials
So far I am extremely happy both with the fit and with the materials. I am hopeful I will be wearing this test pair for a long time. The elastic is nonbinding but it stays up nicely and smoothly. I will hand wash this pair just to be sure it stays that way.
Audrey L. Review from
June 14, 2021
Almost perfect.
I usually wear Jobst in the same size and the beige color. These are a lighter beige, closer to my natural tone, and these have more toe room (I have to alter the Jobst because they hurt the ends of my toes). The only downside is that the texture is a bit more coarse; the Jobst are smoother. Overall I am pleased with how these fit my short legs.
Ada A Review from
May 20, 2022
I rated 5 stars because of the quality of the product. I have used these stockings for quite some time. Always satisfied. However, for the first time my order was not correct. I ordered thigh high and received over the knee. I kept them but very disappointed.
Ann C. Review from
June 29, 2022
Truform is true!
These are a very good product! Helps energize my legs and reduced all swelling! I am on my feet at work about 75% of the time and these are making me get through those shifts without discomfort! They are well made, wash and dry beautifully and would not hesitate to buy more!
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