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Carolon From: 291404 To: 291512 - Health Support Knee Medical Sheer(30-40 Mmhg), Regular, Closed Toe,Style: Belo

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291404Health Support Knee Medical Sheer(30-40 Mmhg),Color: Black,Size: D - Regular, Closed Toe,Style: Below KneeD - RegularBlackPair
291412Health Support SheerStockings(30-40mmHg), olor: Beige. Closed Toe, tyle: BelowKneeSize A RegularBeigePair
291504Health Support Knee Medical Sheer(30-40 Mmhg),Color: Black,Size: E - Regular, Closed Toe,Style: Below KneeE - RegularBlackPair
291512Health Support SheerStockings(30-40mmHg), olor: Beige. Closed Toe, tyle: BelowKneeSize A RegularBeigePair
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Health Support Knee Medical Sheer(30-40 Mmhg),Color: Black,Size: D - Regular, Closed Toe,Style: Below Knee
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Manufacturer Carolon
Categories Below Knee, Compression Hosiery, Edema, Extra Firm Compression (30-40 mmhg), Leg Pain, Sheer, Size D, Size E, Condition, Closed Toe, Compression Level, Fabric, Gender, Knee High, Nylon, Regular, Size, Size A, Spandex, Style, Women
Code 291404 - 291512
Require Prescription? No
Store Lay Off Pain
Score: 3.8 from 1 - 5
50 Review
Catherine D. Review from
July 18, 2022
Loved them but too long
I would have loved these if I could have gotten them in a "short" - the size I needed was only available in the unisex/standard length. The fit was great otherwise - ordered a wide calf even though the sizing would have me in a standard calf. I have worn compression stockings for 27 years, and Jobst is now my preferred brand. The main reason for this is the foot bed portion of the stocking - it has good compression around the arch and into the ankle. In addition (with the open toe variety) the foot bed is longer than other brands and stays where it belongs, ending right where my toes begin. Th
ARFAN F. Review from
September 15, 2021
I have been a jobs
I have been a jobs silicone band customer for 15 years. There has been several improvements and also several downgrades in my opinion in the recent redesign. Although the material is now more robust and better wearing. The sizing has been changed to cause even the largest size to fall short. The toe box is loose and allows the sock to ride up to my mid foot area. The silicone band assists with the sock not dropping down as often, however because of the shorter length it continues to reach mid-calf for me. I recommend that jobs to prepare a additional size that is cut for people of longer lengt
J M. Review from
October 6, 2021
They were the right length.
They were the right length. The compression felt fine but from the heel to end of toe to short. They pull so tight my toes end up curled up. Also there is a line down the front of these sock from where they were folded. It has left a line going down the front. Ive bought this brand before longer back and didnt realize until I started wearing them. I would have taken them back and ask what they thought would work better for foot length but I had already wore and washed a pair so Im just making due. I have to say I dont enjoy my toes be curled under when socks are off and how they hurt for a whi
Sue K Review from
October 16, 2021
Was told to order the wrong size.
I a tall woman with a size 12 foot. I gave my measurements to your help person. Your unisex socks that I have worn for years are a bit too long now that my thin legs are even thinner.. Your "help person" said to order a size M. There IS NO WAY my size 12 foot with sore toes can get into a M! I am sending all 5 pair back! (They were NOT worn.) Just hard to find a box to fit 5 pairs into. Not sure what to do next. I do not like the color of your unisex tan socks; they are very dark for a white woman. Is there someone there with a helpful suggestion as to the correct size with a better color?
Larry J. Review from
February 4, 2021
My doctor gave me a
My doctor gave me a pair after he decided I needed to start wearing compression socks. I opted for the open toe style as I did not want any more pressure on my toes under my socks. I think that was a good decision for me as they feel comfortable. I did a lot of research on line looking for socks that were as good but cheaper. I ordered some from another company but their largest size was too tight so I returned them. After not finding anything as good as the Jobst socks and thinking about the comfort and wearing them every day, I decided it was worth the comfort to get these to wear even thou
Jeff J. Review from
June 27, 2022
I ordered the stockings for
I ordered the stockings for my wife--too much fluid gathering in her ankles. I started with a pair of the small size. Very painful for her and difficult to get them on.. So I assumed that the large would be OK, and ordered two pair. I was disappointed that this size was also too tight, and was uncomfortable for her. I would like to return the three pair I have purchased--can't find your shipping info. Please advise me as to how to proceed. And also your suggestions about another size. I suspect that you have some X-Large(?) --Rev Jeff Johnson
Nora A. Review from
May 21, 2022
just received a pair of 'Relief' knee highs. Thought I'd try them since they're a little cheaper and I have been happy with other Jobst knee highs. Was shocked to see how thick this style is. It's more like the thickness of an actual sock. It's nothing like other Jobst nylons especially not the Ultra Sheer style that I usually buy. I am returning them. Will stay with the ultra sheer style. Didn't bother to try them on.
William K. Review from
March 6, 2022
Cantaloupe Calves
I'd been wearing pretty snug compression socks and the edema in both feet and ankles which was significant returned to normal virtuously over-night. But the problem was merely pushed up to my calves. My Doctor suggested compression stockings. Plus he pointed to you with instructions on how to find Jobst Relief 15-20 mmHg Knee High Stockings. I got a good Doctor. Now I also have a quality product that has reduced a nuisance of old age.
Antonia R. Review from
December 14, 2021
I am disappointed that these
I am disappointed that these socks roll down or bind tightly at the top, causing a tourniquet effect. As a compression hose maven for many years, I am accustomed to and annoyed that this happens with whichever brand of hose I buy. When will the designers finally engineer a compression sock that doesn't roll down? I think they model these on a standard-sized human with shapely legs. Yet over 60% of Americans are overweight or obese. When will they get the message?Please -- go back to the drawing board.
Joseph J. Review from
May 11, 2021
I have been wearing Jobs
I have been wearing Jobs stockings for many years. Only thing I hate is that they have a seem that runs up the front of the stocking. Last time I ordered them I spoke with a Diane and she said she never heard of that. Well I have mentioned it several times, in fact each time I ordered them I got all kinds of excuses as to why it is there. The seem does not come out when you wash them. It is annoying even with slacks on cause you can see the seem when you sit down. I personally think it is the way they are folded and then they lay in the box for a long time. Someone needs to come up with a diff
Janet S Review from
November 23, 2021
Yes I will purchase more! The company is great to work with and understand when
I advised that I didn't receive my SOCKS but they came later. I was advised that I will receive at no cost to me a replacement. When I put on the soft comfortable sock, there was a whole in the sock and even sent a picture of the hole while I had it on and I was advised that a replacement set of SOCK would be replaced for the damage. I aplaud yor company for the understanding and the replacement without a charge. Yes I will purchase more!
Marilyn G. Review from
May 26, 2022
Jobst Relief Knee Hi 20-30mmHg
I'm not sure if I selected the right compression for my mother. She is 94 and I have to be careful putting on and removing her compression knee-highs. But the knee-highs that I chose we of very good quality. Also, the staff at BrightLife Direct are great. They know their product, no pressure is given in making a selection, and they are patient. I will continue to purchase compression hosiery for them in the future.
Mother E. Review from
July 7, 2022
Best 30-40s
Out of 4 reasonably priced 30-40 socks Ive tried, these are definitely the best. Thoroughly opaque, nice soft feel but seem very sturdy. Best of all, they dont sag and cut at the ankle like some do. I can wear them all day and only have faint lines at the ankle. I was wondering why they create a bulge at the top of my leg, but a nurse explained its because they have extra firm support at the lower leg where it counts extraso its actually good.
Harlan J. Review from
November 20, 2021
Toeless design didn't work for me
I had to return them. The toeless model was easy to put on, but after a little walking the front seam of the design began to roll up under foot and it became too uncomfortable to continue. The compression on the legs, however, was spot on. After that partial day of wearing the fluid in my legs was not to be seen. So compression performance would be rated high, but overcome by the discomfort of the toeless design.
Cris Review from
January 9, 2022
Happy with fit
I got these because the description said they have generous toe room. Other compression stockings have painfully squished my toes, so I was wary. When I first put these on the toe area was super-tight, but with a couple of wearings the toes loosened up enough that theyre quite comfortable. Yay! Also, the length is good for me. Im 52 and some brands are too long, but these are fine.
Barbara H. Review from
November 30, 2019
Perfection FOUND!
I didn't expect anything marvelous, since I had been paying more than twice the price for another brand from another supplier, for at least thirty years. But the other brand suddenly changed drastically, at the same high price from my old supplier. In cutting corners, they made the heel piece way too short and wrecked many blood vessels in my ankle in one days' wearing. Then I tried another famous brand and the band at the top had plastic nubbins that would have wrecked my popliteal artery. In desperation I just searched for the brand I had heard of for many years, as an R.N., Jobst. For the p
Margots D Review from
August 4, 2021
Petite compression hose are tall as crew socks.
My mother was advised to order the petite compression hose since the knee highs go up to high. She is 54 . The petite compression hose appear to be crew sock high. Not covering her calf. These would not cover any woman over 411 . We chose the Jobst brand as we consider it finest. Mother must wear compression hose at all times. I dont know if she will try to return it or just suck up the price. Yet she still needs a proper pair. A Micah supply store advised us to buy petite. Her doctor says only to buy online. Two strikes.
Sheryl T. Review from
May 7, 2021
Super Great Knee Hi!
I have worn these jobs release for about 11 years! They are the most comfortable socks and work quite well for varicose veins. In addition the Open Toe are great for Florida! When I wear them with Capri workout where everyone thinks it's my real skin. The color is perfect! Not only is a price great but I can wear them for 4 months before they start stretching out! That's quite a bargain as the socks are reasonably priced! I love them! I won't wear any other brand including the one my sister wears!
Judith Review from
June 1, 2021
Quality and Comfort
What is particularly appealing about these knee high compression socks is how comfortable they are to wear. They are easy to put on as well. I would have liked a better bed for my toes rather than the single stitch, but I enjoy wearing them, especially when walking. They also wash very well; I use a garment bag, and then air dry them. Best of all they do not look like bulky stockings, they are smooth and firming. If I were to redesign them, however, I would add a toe bed.
Tanya B. Review from
August 25, 2021
Great quality and comfortable fit
These are excellent quality knee high support stockings. I have always worn the thigh high stockings but wanted to try these out because of the extremely hot weather. They do offer great support. One of my legs being larger than the other makes them fit differently but they are cooler than the thigh highs and I wear them occasionally when walking outside.
Claudia M Review from
April 27, 2017
Smartest bang for my stocking buck!
SIZE: I refuse to wear the more expensive and fragile women's stockings, so I order the men's black "socks." They fit better anyway. The regular Jobst stockings were always too long; I never knew petites existed before now. The "petites" were 1" inch too short & squash my toes, lengthwise. [My calf length is 15"=S,M,L; ankle 10"=L, not counting my foot--+9.5"! Total=24.5" On me, it stretches to ~23.5" length. (The large Jobst measured 19", with the "foot"= 7", "point" of the heel to the top of the stocking=12")] I think the foot throws all the measurements off. I've got short legs & HUGE size
Marlene S. Review from
July 4, 2020
I have honestly been watching
I have honestly been watching my email for the invite to leave a review. I have been wearing support knee highs for 15 years and have tried many kinds. My most recent negative issue has been that the knee highs I was purchasing were tight on the top, above the calf, and they left a significant indentation ring on both legs, to the point where I was getting concerned that it would affect circulation. This silicone band IS THE ANSWER! It is wide, soft, holds up the knees highs, but does not restrict. The hose themselves are soft and much easier to put on. I also appreciate the reinforced heel. T
Vincent W. Review from
March 10, 2022
These compression socks have made
These compression socks have made a great difference for me because they come in a "long" size which makes them more comfortable for my long legs and size 12 foot. My toes are not strangled by the socks. I was never able to use the toeless socks because they were very uncomfortable on my arch. They're great.
Noel F. Review from
September 20, 2021
My fellow Americans. I am
My fellow Americans. I am a veteran age 76 I want to let you know the knee highs are extremely important in my life. All veterans and disabled people know very well if they have leg problems the high socks is a lifesaver unfortunately they're not available at any given store that's because of discrimination against's veterans and disabled people I highly encourage you to use job relief items and socks there a God saver thank you for allowing me to express my thoughts
Laura R. Review from
August 12, 2020
First time Jobst purchase.
The Jobst relief 30-40 compression sock is a great product. I previously used a 20-30 sock but it was not effective enough to completely reduce my Post DVT edema. I am able to get them on without a problem, however if you are new to compression socks or have very weak arms you may want to try their sock aide. I previously wore an OTC mens compression sock and had issues with it being too long and digging into the back of my knee. My leg length (15") put me in the petite range and they fit perfectly. They are smooth and comfortable. I've only had them for a few weeks and they seem to be durable
Christine R. Review from
August 3, 2022
The fit of this stocking
The fit of this stocking was not good for my heavy legs, my fault in ordering a petite length to shorten up the amount of stocking fabric between the ankle and knee. I thought it would only alter this one measurement only, but found insead that the ehtire calf dimention was smaller. These are good quality, but I have yet to find one that is truly comfortable.
Gene Z Review from
June 10, 2022
I saved a significant amount compared to if I purchased at any local medical supply store. Also I was so happy to see that the stockings came in petite since I am short. They actually fit well and I dont have to roll over the top like I do with regular compression stockings. I know where I will go if I need to purchase more compression wear in the future!
Michael S Review from
October 25, 2021
Jobst knee highs for traveling
My Jobst knee highs arrived faster than expected. Packaging was good. I tried them on right away and they fit perfectly! I followed the measurement guide and feel like I got exactly the correct size. I will wear these on my Christmas trip home. I will definitely purchase again! A +++++
Mary Lou A Review from
May 25, 2021
Jobst Compression Sock Review
It will not stay rolls down and I measured correctly. So I use it as a compression liner under my well in that manner. It would work well alone if it didn't roll down some which is uncomfortable. It's plenty big enough because I can pull them on with no effort. But I'm pleased with the overall quality of the compression sock. Just do not know how to resolve the top band rolling down some. It happened with another name brand also so I have no idea how to resolve.
JoAnn B Review from
March 10, 2022
these compression socks are very tight on my husbands legs. he wore them for approximately 30 hrs. We looked at his right foot and all of his toes were black and blued. I immediately removed them. We will wait until the color returns and give them another try. They did help with the swelling but I wish they weren't quite so tight.
Katherine K. Review from
May 7, 2021
The silicone dots completely keep
The silicone dots completely keep the stockings up. My only issue: there is usually a slight darker line running right down the middle of the stocking. This is not noticeable if you wear pants, but I choose another brand when wearing a dress. The stockings last fairly well; the toes are the first thing that wears out. Very comfortable and I always wear them.
Leslie Review from
February 12, 2022
Good quality, too heavy
These Jobst knee-high stockings unfortunately are not for me. Appear to be good quality, petite size a bonus, but they are too heavy and thick for Florida weather. Perhaps the lighter compression rather than medium would be lighter weight, but I don't see this in petite size for my 5'2" height.
Tracy K. Review from
January 20, 2021
Compression knee highs
FOR YOUR LEGS have Very good quality and along with a better price Buying online. I bought some at the Local Pharmacy and paid way to much so, I looked online and found FOR YOUR LEGS. Buying from FOR YOUR LEGS saved me $17.00 a pair so, I was able to buy a extra pair with the savings I received Buying from them. They Fit and wear Very Comfortable but, of Course it's something you get use to. When I need to buy more FOR YOUR LEGS is where I will be buying them!!! THANK FOR YOUR LEGS FOR BEING THERE WHEN I NEEDED YOU MOST!! TRACY K. Calabash NC
Simone M Review from
June 1, 2022
The material is thicker than other stocking support I have used, even though it's soft. The stitches on the toes are made in a strait line instead of following the normal curvature of any regular socks or stockings, leaving excess of fabric on both sides. There is also a darker strait line in front of the legs tat did not come off even after a few washes.
Leslie W. Review from
January 15, 2022
New Socks still in box
I haven't even opened these yet, don't know when I will for sure. I've been using this product for a long time and the quality of the product continues to decline as does just about everything in the world. The fabric in the toe area of these socks is so thin you can see through them. Keep your toe nails clipped or you will have holes very soon.
Richard H. Review from
July 4, 2022
Good compression, but not too
Good compression, but not too difficult to put on. I use a rubber glove to help. Light in weight, comfortable to wear. Not easy to see what is actually in stock in ordering from the Bright Life website. Otherwise, BLD is a good source.
David V. Review from
May 26, 2022
Poorly Sewn Seam
The top of the sock is folded over and sewn poorly. The inside of the folded over top is a material that should keep the sock from sliding down the leg. The seam of the folded over portion is fragile and ripped after three or four uses. The socks are still wearable but the quality issue is a problem.
Peezer Review from
September 4, 2021
Great buy and very comfortable!
I wasn't sure if I would like the silicone top band as it's different from compression stockings I've worn previously, but the band is very comfortable. The only thing I don't like about these stockings is that there is an obvious line where they were folded and it shows when wearing them. This is an excellent price for stockings!
Valerie O. Review from
September 24, 2020
Super Compression!!!
Great compression, fit is perfect for my height and weight. Was very happy until I took them off.........Somehow the left one got a run in a nylon gets. This was very unexpected. I do not have long nails and I did not get snagged on anything. It happened the 1st day/night that I wore them. Decided to keep them because I need them and like them even tho this happened. I would still recommend these.
KEITH C Review from
July 19, 2022
Smaller is not better
I am having trouble getting the right size and can't get hold of anyone. Each time I order the same thing it gets smaller and does not fit right. I am a paraplegic and I guess that Jobst is doing like everyone, making things smaller and charging the same price or more. Will send these back again.
Joyce C Review from
May 24, 2021
I received the product . I have worn Jobst stocking for years. Got the wrong size. Never have I ever had such a hard time trying to exchange my product. So disappointed in the lack of help. Had to wait for ever to talk to someone then that wasn't much help. When you spend that much for stocking you should have better help. As far as the stocking go I like them. Just got the size need to exchange them.
sandra w Review from
September 1, 2021
awesome compression stockings
unlike other compression stockings these ones fit the bill, a little pricy but they fit beautifully and are of great quality. i have short legs and wide calves so the petite xl was a perfect fit. thank you. also they do not bind at the top very comfy.
Morgine J. Review from
November 16, 2020
Nice Compression Socks
I have only had these for a few days. To me they appear thinner than ones I have had in the past. I think they would snag easier. However, I have not had them long enough to tell that yet. They fit well and the compression is good. They are comfortable and look nice. Maybe they are making new fabrics with stronger thread? I will have to wait and see about that.
Steve P. Review from
October 23, 2020
I ordered three pairs of
I ordered three pairs of full calf large stockings (Jobst Relief). One pair seemed to be the right size; the other two (which were back ordered) seemed to be Small size. In any event, they don't stay up like the others (and I've work Jobst for a long time but always got them from Jobst before). I would have returned them but I had worn them twice before I decided they were the wrong size---even though the package said they were Large. I'm thinking of trying a different brand.
Adelaide B. Review from
November 29, 2021
I ordered a medium rather
I ordered a medium rather than small as I was just on the borderline for size. Even so the toe area is so very elasticized that after a couple of hours they are too painful to keep on. If it is not too late I feel that I should return them. They probably run true to size, so I don't know how to choose another pair that wouldn't be so tight in the toes.
EDWARD R Review from
June 17, 2022
The best choice after two years of trying various
This was a re-order of a pair I purchased about six months ago. Tried three or four different manufacturers and styles over the two years I have been wearing compression socks. These have turned out to be very best in my opinion regarding comfort and doing the job of keeping my lower legs from swelling too much.
Mary V Review from
December 7, 2021
I have worn this type of Compression sox for about 4 years. This is my 6th pair. My only problem is that my last 2 pairs, which were only about 6 months old, were worn out in the toe and heel area. I really would like to see a stronger toe and heel area. They have done wonders for my legs, I wear them every day, washing only by hand.
Barbara R. Review from
February 22, 2022
The Jobst Relief Knee Highs
The Jobst Relief Knee Highs with Silicone Band have made all the difference for my leg swelling. My leg became visibly less swollen within a week and has now returned to normal size. I use them in conjunction with exercises received from my Physical Therapist who recommended the Jobst brand.
Review from
March 30, 2018
For basic stockings these are very nice and the price was am
For basic stockings these are very nice and the price was amazing. If you don't plan to wear them with sandals or something else where the toe would show they are fine. Actually if you're not picky about how they look you could wear them with sandals. They are sewn straight across which is why they are more comfortable. And actually I like the toe being nice and wide... it's more roomy. The fabric is nice and soft and substantial. They don't feel as thin as the more expensive ones and might wear better! The heel is described as being reinforced but they look the same to me as my other more exp
John M. Review from
October 19, 2021
I've been using this product
I've been using this product for years and have always been satisfied with the dependability of For Your Legs' products. The quality of materials and the way they fit are always as advertised. I would highly recommend Jobst knee high support stockings to anyone in need of support in the lower leg.
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