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Cosrich - WE-6053 - Animal Planet - Wwe Adhesive Bandages

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Wwe Adhesive Bandages
More Information
Manufacturer Cosrich
Brand Ouchies
Categories First Aid Supplies, Adhesive Bandage, Bandage
Code WE-6053
Require Prescription? No
Store Online Living Aids|Lay Off Pain|Wound Treatment
Score: 3.7 from 1 - 5
48 Review
gabriela.l Review from
April 19, 2022
started buying boxes of these individually packaged items for first aid kits. Now I'm hooked! We much prefer these individual packages over a tube of anything! It's nice because we all have Altoid Tin first aid kits for purses. I also made a little larger first aid kits with some tins purchased here on amazon that are just a bit larger than an altoid tin. Those tins are 3-3/4 x 5 x 1-1/2. (see pictures attached). We have kits in purses, cars, desk, sports bags, etc. I even give kits away for free to my girlfriends, and we plan to make mini kits with the neighborhood kids this summer excluding
Catherine Review from
May 3, 2022
Stays On Good But Hurts Skin Badly!
I don't know what to say first about these, the good or the bad. I have a wound that has to be cleaned and ointment put on every day along with a fresh bandaid. It is on the top of my shoulder so I need a bandaid that will stay put and not move. This bandaid does that very well. However now comes the bad part. After three days of changes, my skin was already red and raw. I am now a week in and don't think I can keep using them. They are very painful not just coming off, but the skin feels raw and burns and is damaged. So just be careful with what you need to use them for. All those other revie
Omarmj13 Review from
October 10, 2021
I go through many bandages on a regular basis. Lots of skin related issues resulting from diabetes and blood thinners. I get small wounds that I like to keep covered to help with the healing process. I tried these bandages recently and wish I could have returned them and get a refund. The center section on the bandage is fine but the shear adhesive part curls, stretches too far, and ends up peeling off. I like some of the other bandaids but Ive been trying another brand and I have to say, Im happy with the product. Ive used Bandaid brand for years, but was really disappointed. Im not able to c
sofia.b Review from
June 26, 2022
I wouldnt think a bandaid would need a review, but Ive seen some things man. So here is why I love THESE bandaids in particular: -its a classic. Original design: you cant go wrong. -stretch weird fabric: not sure what its made of, but it wraps so nicely. -adhesion: it freaking stays put! I greatly dislike when my bandaid unravels and I become that person that unknowingly left a bandaid that became a health hazard. -absorption: absorbs a fair amount of blood. Havent had a bandaid that was soaked nor a serious injury (knock on wood) so I cant really compare. But if I had to guess, Id say this ba
marlene.c Review from
January 17, 2022
Love band aid brand. I prefer to buy mine local vs online quick ship companies. I love the affordability of multipacks and that this has variety. Super great to have in 72 hour kits or first aid cabinets. I like the kid themed ones because when an owie happens my lo feels safe and I feel prepared. I always keep some in my wallet for emergencies. The stretchy fabric ones are intense- the glue on those is very heavy duty. If you need protection this is the pack for your injuries. My favorite are the clear second skin like ones because they stay on. Those are gMe changers. Would recommend to all
fatima a.r Review from
April 14, 2022
Band-Aid Brand Tough Strips Extra Durable Adhesive Bandages provide heavy duty durable wound care protection that stays with you all day. These extra durable Band-Aid adhesive bandages are 5 times stronger than ordinary bandages (compared to Band-Aid Brand Tru-Stay Sheer Strips). Band-Aid Brand Tough Strips Extra Durable Adhesive Bandages have a non-stick pad that won't stick to the wound. Please note that while Band-Aid Brand Tough Strips are ideal for use as first aid supplies, they are not recommended for sensitive or delicate skin. This package contains 20 heavy-duty sterile bandages, each
hetvi.p Review from
January 31, 2021
I found these after a bad fall in which I had a deep scrape on my knee. Normal bandaids wouldnt stay on and caused painful friction. After first application my pain was immediately relieved and a white bubble formed around the wound within an hour. I reinforced the edges with waterproof bandaids just in case but it stayed on for 5 days until I took it off. My wound looked much better and was now about halfway through the healing process without any scarring. I decided to apply a second one but this time around it did not bubble up and its been over 24 hours. I left it on for the sheer fact tha
Jenny55953 Review from
April 5, 2021
Sticks great.
Band-aid brand variety pack is the way to go.These band-aids are so great.I love that the package offers 3 different kinds of band-aids. The box includes a water block flex band-aid.This band-aid is a great choice if you need a band-aid that can get wet.This band-aid stays on perfectly when your in water. It sticks on great and definitely does its job.Then there is the tough strips band-aid. This band-aid is really well made. It's one that will last along time before you have to change it. And it stayed on my skin nicely. It's a great sticking bandaid. Then the last bandaid is the skin flex ba
Beccafly8 Review from
April 16, 2021
Stuck Like Chuck, in a good way....
Ok, so I am a klutz. I trip over nothing, choke on air, fall up stairs and if I'm at work, I usually have some kind of injury within the first hour. That said, I keep a well-stocked mini first-aid kit in my purse and one in my room bag at all times. My problem is most bandaids wont stay on more than a couple of minutes then they slip off or just come unstuck like there had been no adhesive, or sometimes even, they lack any flexibility and I end up yanking them off. Not these!!! Once applied, you are stuck like Chuck and they outlast any other brand/type I have ever tried before. They protected
JKtourgirl9 Review from
April 25, 2021
Pick and choose good band-aids
I tried band-aid variety pack. I like these bands aids and there are different types. There is water block, skin flex, and tough strips. My favorite is the water block because they are not ruined when you wash your hands, take a shower or put it under water. I like the tough strips because they stay on well. They are big and wide for large cuts and sore. Skin flex are ok, but the water block and tough strips are better. There are 30 bands aids in the box, so it lasts a long time. They are unisex. It is kind of easy to open the wrapper. They are very easy to put on. They are as easy to take off
GregDR Review from
May 14, 2022
Stays Put for Weeks
These are great. I give myself a shot every other week. The bandaid after showers are often still on my skin. These will even stick to the bottom of the feet. Others end up stuck to my sock or stuck to itself anywhere but on the place its supposed to be on. One thing you must do is put a on right where you want it. At times I shake and if you stick it on you skin and try to adjust or pull off and restick, it doesnt work. If you get it in the place you want it, it will stick for weeks, maybe months. It is the only bandaid in m first aid supplies. Highly recommended!
RC Florida Review from
July 20, 2021
Failed Improvement
I used the last of my store of the old style Tough Strips (pad edge to edge) and went to multiple stores today attempting to find the same product. Quick internet search this afternoon identified my problem, someone at Band-aid "improved" a great product reducing the pad, thereby creating inferior performance. I echo the other sentiments on this site; why can't companies leave great products alone? Introduce new products if you must satisfy creative urges but don't discontinue items with proven designs. Consummate fail by some executive.
Fantasia198 Review from
April 20, 2021
Highly Recommend This Variety Pack
Band Aid is a great product in general in my opinion, and these did not disappoint. There are 3 different types of band aid in this pack, one of which I had never tried before, the Water Block Flex. Im not sure what material this bandage is made of but it worked phenomenally for a scrape to my knuckle. Those can be hard to keep covered, but this one stuck even after a shower and washing my hands sooo many times. Plus, were all using sanitizer more these days(thanks,Covid!) and this bandage protected my cut from getting any sanitizer in it. That is always an unpleasant surprise, so thanks for t
MUMZEE1972 Review from
November 27, 2020
Band Aid Tough Strips
Band-Aid Tough Strips bandages are a great Band Aid for cuts , scrapes , boo boos ! Perfect product that stays on the wound to cover , keep clean & heal . Theyre more expensive than a regular Brand Name Band-Aid of a Generic Brand . The Tough Strips stay on the wound for an entire day ! Use with triple antibiotic polysporin to prevent an infection , or clear up an infection ! Will continue to always have Band-Aid tough strips in my home from first time I used on my husbands fingers. They became so dry due to his job , winter time , & hand sanitizer drying his finger tips so bad they crack ! Ba
Review from
December 3, 2020
What the Heck happened?!
Why on earth would they make the pad smaller?? Do they ever talk to the men that actually use the tough strips? The previous design was decent - when you could find them. There is a whole construction trade community out there that needs the 1" strips to be made 1-" wide and the pad the full width of the strip. And they need to be distributed to and sold by construction supply houses and box stores (Duh!) and each box shrink wrapped. ALSO we need the same thing (1-" wide) in the water proof sponge rubber version as well. Let's GO! Chop Chop! Whomever J&J has been talking to, whomever they hire
CS Review from
March 29, 2022
Excellent truly waterproof!
I hope Bandaid (and also Target) doesn't get rid of the Water Block line. The adhesive works for quite a while. (You have to let them set about 5-10 minutes for them to adhere before putting clothing on or taking a shower). I WISH Target still carried the Water block (smaller) finger sized banadages (water block over the waterproof flex) as well. These (larger/ knee-sized bandages) are 100% waterproof as it says (again as long as you let the adhesive set.)
christina .p Review from
December 8, 2021
This is my preferred bandaids to use. They are high quality. The adhesive is super sticky. These can last all days and sometimes can last for 3 or more days. The fabric allows the skin to move with the bandaid and it also allows it to breathe. I will get chafing when running alot and I can use these and no issues. Also this bandaids really helps to stop the bleeding if you cut your finger really bad. It can hold up to pressure and use.
Phoenix7823 Review from
April 3, 2021
Awesome in Everyday Wear and Tear
I loved the band-aid variety pack because it came in an assortment of band-aids for all different types of cuts and situations. The water block flex band-aid helped for smaller cuts and also when I needed to wash my hands over and over again. It stayed on and was not soaked with water. It moved with my hand with ease. The tough strips stayed in place when I needed it too. I used it on my son who cannot help but take things off as soon as I put it on him. These band-aids stayed on his leg no matter how hard he tried to get it off. The skin-flex band-aid worked as well as the water block flex; h
avocadorable.‍ Review from
January 20, 2021
While most other band-aids have gone away from having the pad going all the way to the edge of the bandage, these still have this feature. This is great for two reasons. First, you get a larger pad than you would if it sealed on all four sides as most other band-aids do. Second, if you have a long wound, you can lay two or more of these together side by side without any adhesive separating the pads. I also love the entire fabric band-aid line. Not only are they tough - which also makes them easier to take off since they don't tear, but the adhesive used is the only thing other than paper tape
regina.m Review from
October 16, 2021
By far my favorite bandage! Unlike others these stay put all day or all night. Even if I get the bandage wet it still stays on any cut. I like how these are flexible because you can actually move without these popping off. As far as any cut I have never had one of these bandages to ever stick to it when trying to take it off to replace. Extremely satisfied with these. I would highly recommend these and definitely will buy again in the future always will!
Nikita Review from
March 21, 2021
Used to be awesome - now not.
Looks like I'm not alone. I have terrible skin contact allergy and the old sheer bandaids were the only ones I could wear that didn't make the application area just swell up and be more painful than the injury. It began to be hard to find them and then they were totally gone. Finally found Tru Sheer, which the company tried to tell me were the same only improved. BUNK. Not only are they not (smaller cotton pad, less stickum) but these are absolutely a nightmare to try and find. Even on your search option here on the site there are none within 50 miles of where live, and I live in a major US ci
Stretch Review from
March 26, 2021
BandAid Tru Stay Sheer bandaids
I'm unable to find this band aid except in a multiple pack which means I have to buy other sizes which I do not need, want or find useful. BainAid seems to be cutting back on their products that have the most appeal. One by one, the only bandaids I use, are no longer available. Obviously, the manufacturer is not listening to, not hearing what their customers want. I've tried your other products and found them to be USELESS. The product that purports to be "water proof" are the worst. It's impossible to remove the wrapping without losing the band aid entirely. I liked the Tru Stay Sheer. PLEASE
mary.j Review from
December 21, 2021
These are NOT TOUGH! They are FABRIC. These are just like the cheap bandages you will find in your company's first aid kit. I put one on my finger shortly before bed and I woke up and it was shredded, with strings coming out of it. I did a couple of things around the house and soon, part of it was peeling off so I had to trim it. Then it just fell off and I lost in my laundry somewhere. Not tough! Do yourself a favor and just go with the sheer strips!
smartkingshopper Review from
August 18, 2021
coupon ok average easy peel bandaid
wish it was clear plastic sheer cause this brown plastic one always come off easily. the 4 or 5$ gentear coupon attaches to it giving little overage since it dont exclude it. it should be 20 ct not 10 maybe bonus ct. upc is bar code 0753030796930. price should be 1.97 since its only 10ct. coupon value for bandaid products should be 3.50$ and up not under 1$ too weak! there needs to be rebates for 100% back to try!
beverly.w Review from
October 10, 2021
Ive used Bandaids since I was little, and this brand is all th time been a positive! I wouldnt try to improve it in any way! Its great as it is! It has more pros than cons! Im overall well satisfied with this product! I would recommend to others for its safety and th healing of cuts and scrapes like it advertises! Great name brand product! Theres nothing to be changed about this product, its great!
Mdillon91834 Review from
April 7, 2021
Love it.
I love Band-Aid brand! It is a staple in my home. This variety pack is perfect. The stay quality of the bandages is unmatched. That is what I love about this brand. The variety pack is great because you have the options for a small cut you do not have to use a huge bandage. The same for the larger cuts and not having to use more than one bandage. They are comfortable and dont pull or tug the skin like some others I have tried. They also stay on even when my kids are outside in the heat. They don't sweat them off like many other brands. Hands down great product.
RISNER20213 Review from
April 16, 2021
Works For Me!!!
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to try Johnson & Johnson Band Aid Brand band aids they are very good band aids. I needed one the first day I received them in the mail and they worked perfect for the slice on my thumb from slicing a tomato. However I found that the stickiness didn't last for very long on my husband's stomach. I placed 2 on a scratch on his stomach and 3 or 4 hours later the stickiness had pretty much worn off. He hadn't been sweating or anything. Idk if it was maybe his skin type or to much movement or what but they just wouldn't stay on. I do love these band aids and w
Gemzz805 Review from
October 19, 2020
Band-aid Tough-stay put and flexible
Easy to open package and easy to apply. This band-aid completely covered all 4 sides of the injury. Doesn't leave any sticky residue on my skin when I tried to remove. It has the perfect amount of gauze to apply ointment. I found that the band-aid has a strength and stretch making it movable without falling off it allowing germs to the area. The polysporin was the perfect amount of gel fluid so no runny mess. Appled to Band-aid easily. It didnt spill out so the band-aid was able to stick on all sides allowing for good adhesion. Healed hand. No scarring. #BANDAIDxPOLYSPORIN
Budderflygirl653 Review from
April 6, 2021
Great Band Aid assortment for the family
I really like the variety of sizes and types of bandaids in the pack. There are waterproof bandages which are great for the kids especially when they are bathing or swimming. Then there are the heavy duty bandages which stayed on even while I was gardening. They actually trained on till the next day when I took the off. And finally there were some skin flex bandages. These are actually my personal favorite they are so comfortable they move with you and you forget you have them on. These bandages are a great assortment of the Band Aid brand that we all have come to rely on over the years
dontcallmejenn Review from
December 19, 2021
Don't buy these!
When I bought these, I looked all over the package and there is no place it mentions they are fabric. Fabric is the LAST thing I wanted. You know those cheap bandaids in your office first aid kit that shred and peel off the first time they get wet? These are exactly the same. I am not typically one to return something like adhesive bandages, but these are going back. I feel like I was tricked. :(
Review from
May 15, 2020
I notice good reviews don't match the product!
Read reviews carefully because the actual GOOD Band Aids Sheer Strips are no longer being made or sold. People even say it in tehir review that the product above is inferior and they want the old version they were loyal consumers of to come back. And the question to Band Aid brand and Johnson & Johnson is why not? Please bring back the sheer strips people mention in the reviews! Everyone is telling you this! I am seeking UPS code # 3 8137-004634 9 Sheer Strips 100 all one size 3/4"x3" with quiltvent technology NOT the Tru-Stay Sheer. I have to agree with reviewer ed franks who said: True-Stay
Review from
October 30, 2021
Hate the "new" tough strips
The original tough strips had the pad right to the edges. Being a dog groomer, sometimes i get bit. It was faster to simply slap on a bandaid without having to worry if i was sticking the adhesive part to the wound. Now i have to use more than 1 bandaid, watch that the adhesive isn't covering the wound, apply a second since the pad is now smaller. If i wanted a bandaid with adhesive all around the pad, I'd buy a different variety.
Jennilouwho43 Review from
April 3, 2021
Love these Band-Aids!
My favorite Band-Aid of all time has always been the tough strips (the cloth material). I feel like this one stays the best on me! I will say that the water block flex bands are a very cool idea and would be perfect to use on a fingers or toe-so it wont budge while showering (or swimming). I do love that the skin flex Band-Aid is not your average strip. Its not the plastic feeling type strip I grew up with (especially the unbranded strips we used when I was younger). This has a more organic/natural feel to it and will be a winner as well. All 3 of these styles will be my go to when I need Band
Review from
January 7, 2021
OMG The Worst Experience Ever!
I used this bandage to cover a 2 inch wound on my back. The bandage was left on overnight and I took it off before my shower. My skin was red around the adhesive so I quickly remove the bandage. OMG the pain was worse than the initial injury! The skin blistered and pulled off my body from the adhesive with severe pain! I also have a high tolerance for pain. I cant believe this product ever made it to the shelf. I will NEVER buy a Band-Aid product again! I noticed everyone gets the same boilerplate response from Band-Aid product service. I hope their stock plummets!
Kiki843 Review from
April 14, 2021
Good variety box of Band-Aids
These have been around as long as I can remember and are still the go-to when you need to bandage something small. The 3 varieties in the box are good with 3 different types of bandage in 3 different sizes. My husband comes home with cuts on his hand practically everyday and the Tough Strips were perfect. Having the. Hoice of those along with the Skin Flex and the Waterblock Flex make these a good variety. I will be looking for more of these to see if they come in more sizes. They are such a huge improvement over the regular Band-Aids we knew as kids!
Review from
June 17, 2018
New changes in product are HORRIBLE!
Band-Aid Sport Strips "WERE" the "BEST" bandages ever made. I would buy two to three boxes at a time (home/work/car) just to ensure that I would never be without them, because I am accident-prone. They were perfect in EVERY way, easy to remove from paper packaging, perfect amount of cushioning, adhesive remained strong even after getting wet and lastly easy to remove when needing to be replaced. HOWEVER, that is NOT the case NOW! They tear very easily when trying to remove paper wrapper, cushion is terribly thin, when wet they loose their adhesion, but in a way that it literally falls apart in
OldLadyCoffeeCat Review from
February 16, 2022
The best for hurt fingers! Wow!
I use a lot of Band-Aids on my fingers (chapped areas, kitchen burns, etc.). This design is really flexible and holds wella truly first-rate adhesive. It can stay on even with a bit of dampness. Ill frugally keep buying generic, asst. packs of bandages for general use, but the Band-Aid brand remains superior when we want that owie to get better but have to keep moving in life!
gina.n Review from
June 24, 2022
These completely changed my familys life. The other day, my daughter fell on the ground and scraped her knee. There was blood EVERYWHERE!!! We had no idea how to stop it from coming out. Im walks my husband with a thing called Band Aid?! Wow. Just wow. Stopped that sucker and no more tears. Best purchase ever
DonnaKC6 Review from
April 14, 2021
One Box Fits All
I don't know why all bandages don't come in a variety pack. Not all cuts are the same and neither are the conditions in which you need to cover them. I really love the fact that there are different types of bandages to choose from. I can use the Water Block bandages on my hands as I wash them quite frequently. My husband likes the Tough Strips the best as they stay on all day while he works construction. The Cushion-Care are used by all when you just need the extra padding. Overall, I don't think that I would need to purchase any other type of bandage after purchasing this package.
Mauii686 Review from
October 13, 2020
Strong Band-Aids
I was selected to participate in this campaign and got these tough strips band-aids for free in exchange for my honest opinion. They work really well, are extremely strong and have a super sticky adhesive which is great because the band-aid sticks on for at least 24 hours. The size of the band-aid is quite large to cover a big cut or scrape and I like that it is also sterile. Johnson & Johnson is a trusted reliable brand and I have used their products for years. It is a staple in my medicine cabinet. I would definitely recommend this to family and friends. #gotitfree #FamilyRatedClub @BandAidB
Review from
June 26, 2018
Will definitely not fall off.
I'll start this off by saying that medical items should absolutely NOT hurt you worse than you already were. I would give these things zero stars if I could. My family has had a box or two of these floating around for some time, as we own a cat who can be very crabby at times and I personally have a motor skill based disorder that makes it so I get hurt on things a lot. For example, I recently had a rather large cut on my shoulder. I put one of these bandages on it. Imagine my surprise at the intense pain removing it. When I actually looked at the area it was like I had been stuck with a brand
Jazzy Review from
September 30, 2021
These are amazing. I hardly feel them on. Great for areas where you have a lot of movement. Dont make me itch like some vandals do. Also great for brown skin. You can hardly see it on. I havent tested the waterproof ability yet but they look pretty waterproof.
Mary081 Review from
April 13, 2021
I am Stuck on BAND-AID Brand!
After trying BAND-AID Brand Variety Pack Assorted Sizes 30ct I can say that I am completely impressed by the product. I love the fabric strips, they make wearing a bandage much more comfortable than some others I've used. I used some on my foot, my toes to be precise, and they stuck all day and even through a shower. I had to remove them rather than fish them out of the tub! A wonderful product and version of bandages that I will definitely be purchasing them in the future. I'll also definitely recommend BAND-AID Brand Variety Pack to anyone who will listen. Thanks for the trial!
Review from
March 30, 2020
Cheapening of product means less effecive wound covering
I've been buying the same Band-Aid product for a few years; the 1" x 3.25" Tough Strip. I should have bought them in quantity when I had the chance. I'd been noticing for some time that they had been harder and harder to find. I thought it was my locale or maybe I was confused but I see many others have the same problem and observation. What I liked about them was that there were indeed tough and that the pad extended fully to the sides of the bandage. Seems like they were harder to find because there is a NEW Tough Strip that is a chintzy facsimile of the original and now the only edge-to-edg
Review from
April 5, 2021
Great stickiness, hard to open
I really enjoy the Band-Aid brand of bandages for any small cuts or wounds I receive. The texture and the stickiness of the largest bandages were great - I had them wrapped on my fingers overnight and they stayed tight and kept on with barely any movement overnight. However, I did not enjoy trying to open the large bandages - there were no edges to pull the paper off in an easy manner. We basically had to rip the paper down the side of the bandage and just hope that we did not rip the bandage itself. This would be frustrating and would take extra time during a potential emergency and should be
danielle.m Review from
August 10, 2021
I trust Band-Aid brand band-aids because I know the quality is usually unparalleled - who wants a band-aid that comes off too easily when unwanted, or leaves a ton of residue behind? love having a box with an assortment, because you never know when youll need one for cuts or scrapes from a random mishap (nicking oneself while shaving or an obnoxious paper cut). I like getting the 100-count box when I can get my hands on one because being prepared with basic first aid tools, as minor as they might seem, is always reassuring - Im always glad when I check the cabinet and have what I need in situa
Dubs Review from
May 27, 2022
To start there are only TWO big bandaids and only a few of the small ones, which doesn't make sense since there were 4 types and 80 in total i figured there'd be about 20 of each type. There's not, mostly just the normal size ones. They also don't stick right, the smaller ones stick so harshly that they tore my skin open when removed and the large ones don't stick at all and fell off. So disappointed.
hannah.h Review from
December 26, 2021
Band-aids are synonymous with bandages in general. Their adhesive does not bother my skin, unlike some other brands of bandages. Their fabric ones are my favorite by far. They are flexible and comfortable. They also last so much longer than plastic ones. I have only ever brought Bain-aid bandages and will continue to do so.
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