Medical, Surgical And Physician

Graham-Field is totally committed to providing the best high quality medical, surgical and physician products to healthcare environments and its professionals. They have acquired first rate products at the best prices to surpass all expectations. Here is a list of some of the products accessible in our website: Bandages, blades, diagnostic instruments, emergency/first-aid kits, exam room supplies, infection control items, laboratory essentials, lamps, medical/surgical patient room products, pain management products, scales, sphygnomamometers, stainless steelware, stethoscopes, surgical instruments, thermometers, tubing and clamps.

Standard Elastic Bandage With Clips Disposable Sterile Scalpel

External Fetal Doppler        Emergency/First Aid Kit

Ophtalmascope Bulb Anti-Skid Shoe Covers

6-Place Fixed Angle Centrifuge Ultraviolet Lamp

Folding Privacy Screens Deluxe Tens Unit

Pediatric Balance Beam Scale With Child Seat Luminescent Sphygmomanometer With Guard Gauge

Adult Bed Pan 22" Neon Series Esprague Rappaport Stethoscope

Wilde Ear Forceps Digital Ear Thermometer

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Personal Care and Daily Living

Graham-Field provides a huge selection of unique personal care products made with top of the line materials in order to satisfy all users' precise needs. They have everything that is needed to lead a healthier, more convenient and more hygienic life. You name it, they have it! Graham-Field's line of products covers the following categories: Orthopedic, sundries and therapy. Under these categories some of the following items can be found:


Criss Cross Back Support Arch Easer
Elasto Back Support Golden Crown Truss
Cradle Style Arm Sling Deluxe Foam Cervical Collar
Disposable Instant Cold Pack

Deluxe Reacher Sitz Bath 3 in 1 Mirror
Aspheric Magnifier Chrome-Plated Cuticle Nippler Combs
Cotton Gloves Denture Plate Brush Emery Board
English Style Ice Caps Fingernail Clipper Inflatable Hair Shampooer
Hot Water Bottle Non-Medical Latex Finger Cots Manicure Sticks
Neck-Clasp Apron Pedi-Corn Cutter Plastic Finger Guard
Metal Pill Crusher Plastic Breast Pump Slumber Mask


Eye and Sinus Hot/Cold Wrap Join Hot/Cold Wrap Neck/Shoulder Hot/Cold Wrap 
Cervical Traction Set Paraffin Wax Electric Heating Pad
Exercise Pulled Traction Set Invalid Exercise Weights Inflatable Rubber Ring
Moist Heat Therapy Pack Pedal Floor Exercise Reusable Hot/Cold Gel Packs
Silicone Thera-Putty Walking Heel  

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Therapeutic Support Surfaces

Graham-Field also specializes in providing top leading therapeutic support surfaces. They have a broad array of different types of mattresses, cushions, mats, pillows, pads and much more. All these products are perfect to provide support, good posture, comfort, pressure relief and ease pain. The following are some of the products available for purchase:

Simmons Clinical Care

Clinical Care 600s Stretcher Pad Simmons Clinical Care Bolsters (Series S300-S600)
Simmons Clinical Max Mattress  Simmons Clinical Plus (Clinical Sensor Plus also Available

Alternating Pressure and Low Air Loss Mattresses

AltaDyne XD AltaDyne (750000)

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Foam Mattresses

Bariatric Care Foam Mattress Foam Mattress Extension
Rolled Foam Mattress Gold Care Foam Mattress 419 Series
Platinum Care Foam Mattress 519 Series Visco-Elastic Memory Foam Mattress
Standard Care Foam Mattress 316/319 Series

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Mattress Overlays

5" Alternating Pressure Air/Low Loss Overlay System Lumex Lightest Foam Gel/Overlay
Alternating Pressure Pad Gel-Lite III Gel Overlay

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And Pump System

Tenderflo Water Overlay

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Foam Overlays and Cushions

Lumer Lumbar Support Cushion Lumer Ring Cushion
Convoluted Foam Mattress Pads Wheelchair Cushion With Back Support
Wheelchair Pad

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Foam Positioning Products

Bed Wedge Body Aligner
Jackson-Type Cervical Pillow Tender Sleep Therapy Pillow
Patient Positioner

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Commode Cushions/Floor Mats/Rail Pads

Beveled Edge Floor Mat Flatmat
Akros D.F.D V Commode Cushion Alzheimer Bed Floor Mats
Cushion Ease Side Rail Pads

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Innerspring Mattresses

Reversible Combination Innerspring Mattress Nursing Home/Home Care Mattress

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Graham-Field offers a large selection of wheelchairs and accessories. They have included many models such as: Manual folding wheelchairs, Lightweight, yet durable wheelchairs, reclining wheelchairs, bariatric/heavy duty wheelchairs, transport chairs, specialty wheelchairs and power wheelchairs. Each wheelchair has been carefully manufactured to provide mobility and comfort wherever you go.

Manual Folding Wheelchairs

Advantage E&J Navigator
Traveler L3 Plus   

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Lightweight Wheelchairs

Traveler L3 Traveler L4

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Reclining Wheelchairs

Advantage Recliner

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Bariatric Heavy Duty Wheelchairs

Paramount XD Traveler HD
Traveler HTC  

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Transport Chairs

Steel Transport Chair Aluminum Transport Chair
Bariatric Transport Chair  

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Specialty Wheelchairs

E&J Folding Rehab Shower Commode Chair

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Power Wheelchair

Metro Power III

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Wheelchair Cushions

Adjustable Back Cushion Bariatric Skin Portection Cushions
Lumbar Cushion Confort Cushion-Dual Layer Foam 
3" Gel Cushion With Nylon Top Cover

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High Pivot Elevating Legrest With Aluminum Footplate

Wheelchair Scales

Digital Wheelchair Ramp Scale Pro Plus Oversized Folding Wheelchair Scale

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Wheelchair Accessories

O2 IV Holder Positional Belt (Airline Style)
Positional Belt (Auto Style)

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