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Hygenic - TP-RFM1 - Hot & Cold Full Face Mask

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Hot & Cold Full Face Mask
More Information
Manufacturer Hygenic
Brand TheraPearl
Categories Chronic Pain, Cold Therapy, Face Mask, Hot Therapy, Joint Pain, Muscle Pain, Condition
Code TP-RFM1
Sold By Each
UPC 850803002158
Require Prescription? No
Store Lay Off Pain
Score: 3.8 from 1 - 5
47 Review
Daniel Review from
August 10, 2021
A good idea, a bad execution
I think this mask was meant for those that wear a nasal mask and begin to breathe trough their mouths and need a full one, a transition mask, as it were. At least I took it that way. The mask design is just plain uncomfortable. For it to work correctly, the mask has to pinch your nose up, when you do this it also pinches it closed slightly, and when you have to use a cpap for breathing issues when you sleep, it seems counterproductive. Also, the 'slits' that go under your nostrils to let the air in are very small, which makes you breathing difficult. Imagine closing one nostril all the way, an
Paul In PGH Review from
November 17, 2021
Good Concept Flawed Execution
Initially, the memory foam seemed like a godsend and thought my search for the right mask was finally over. Unfortunately, the material quickly proved to be unsuitable for the intended use. When I first put the mask on the feel was amazing, comfortable, good seal close to perfect. By the middle of the second week, however, the material started to compress and lose its shape. Before the end of the second week, I realized cleaning effectively would be close to impossible, the material adsorbs saliva and moisture from cleaning wipes causing it to become deformed further. Also, wipes don't get it
Rachel C. Review from
March 29, 2022
Worth the cost in my opinion
Even though they're more expensive / industry standard really for their CPAP supplies, I know I can trust that their product WILL arrive to me, whereas purchasing through Amazon you cannot guarantee inventory will be there in my experience. I tend to mouth-breathe so full face mask is a requirement. This is the only one I can stand wearing. My face is awkwardly "in between" sizes, but I can make the Small work. Medium is uncomfortable to me as it is "in" my eyes it feels like LOL. PROS - Arrives in fully sealed "sterile" packaging - Memory foam doesnt require as much "tightness" to get a good
Tomahawk221 Review from
October 1, 2021
It's great. Recommended
I've been using Fisher and Paykal simplus mask for about 5 years. I haven't found anything that's better, until now. This Airfit 20, although made by a different manufacturer, reminds me of the simplus mask, but is an upgrade with better features. I like the magnetic straps. I relied on a micro fiber cover for my old mask, but this cushion doesn't need it. It seals very well and doesn't have to be really tight to achieve a seal. Also the swivel is a notable upgrade for me. The swivel on the simplus is stiff and makes popping noises while trying to sleep. This one is silent for the Airfit. Perh
James H. Review from
January 20, 2022
Excellent mask
I have been using the F20 AirTouch, and wanted to try a more minimal Mask. This mask has been an excellent mask for me. It did take a few nights of leaks and or to tight before I hit the sweet spot, once there only remove the mask by the magnet clips and in the morning when your done with your sleeping. I also find it useful to always put the mask on in front of a mirror and ensure the under the nose portion looks right. Also for reference, Im still sporting my COVID mustache and beard and have had no issues. I could easily bounce between this 1 and the memory foam F20 AirTouch, as both masks
James H. Review from
January 20, 2022
I have been using the F20 AirTouch, and wanted to try a more minimal Mask. This mask has been an excellent mask for me. It did take a few nights of leaks and or to tight before I hit the sweet spot, once there only remove the mask by the magnet clips and in the morning when your done with your sleeping. I also find it useful to always put the mask on in front of a mirror and ensure the under the nose portion looks right. Also for reference, Im still sporting my COVID mustache and beard and have had no issues. I could easily bounce between this 1 and the memory foam F20 AirTouch, as both masks
JJ upstate NY Review from
December 24, 2020
High quality but certain cons
I bought my ResMed Air Touch 20 full face mask in March (9 months ago), have used it 80-90% of the nights. I bought it to replace my nasal Mirage FX which gave me a "dry mouth" problem. I was advised by ResMed that if you are having a dry mouth problem, then you should switch to a full face mask because the problem is caused by breathing through the mouth and the full face mask should rectify that issue. I feel the Air Touch 20 is a high quality mask, but I still experience the "dry mouth" problem, not as often or as severe, but it's there nevertheless. Also it seems I cannot eliminate air lea
Janet M Review from
October 16, 2021
I was using a nasal pillow mask and it just wasnt working for me. It wouldnt stay in place and it leaked. I hated it so much I would hardly ever wear it. My quality of sleep (along with that of my husband) was suffering badly. So I bit the bullet and purchased this full-face model. It has great structural support so it stays put, and is tailored SMALLER for women so the fit is 100% better. Not to mention I got it at a great price. Ive been using it for a week now and am getting the best sleep Ive had in a very long time. I actually look forward to bedtime when I can relax into my mask and esca
Great Grandma Review from
September 22, 2021
Could be better
The headgear's Velcro type straps soon wear out and will not hold unless you twist to the back of the strap then it will hold to double your time with it. Everything seems to be made to be disposable these days. That is the only reason I am buying a new one. The straps hold wear out. unless you want to sew them together. Next, the low on the neck strap causes the back of my neck to be very sore (muscle in the mornings). I do love the face portion, easy on my nose. I wear medical tape on my mouth to hold my mouth shut with it. Throw those chin straps out but 3D medical tape to keep you from bre
hirevs Review from
July 31, 2021
wish I had bought this mask long time ago
My life has changed with this mask. I did have the Quatro mask for 5 years. That mask was a bit uncomfortable and at times a bit of a torture which I feel was due to the plastic piece that sits slap dab in the middle of your forehead. The F10 is simple, and it does not hurt. When I put this mask on I sleep straight through the night. I love this mask. Occasionally you hear squeeky sounds if the mask is off and I am sure when I need to replace parts. I am sure the plastic will flubber a bit as it gets thin, but its been over a month and the mask is still wonderful. Great purchase and wish I had
Donald A Review from
June 25, 2022
I've been using a very good ResMed CPAP machine since I was diagnosed with chronic obstructive sleep apnea 2-1/2 years ago. It helped with sleep, but it sure wasn't anything to write home about. The first 2 masks given to me were nasal pillow designs, and over time they really hurt my nostrils. I hated to use the CPAP machine., and I was tired and usually napped once or twice a day. This full-face mask solved my problems. I actually sleep peacefully through the night. I don't have to interrupt my sleep to go to the bathroom at night. And I now am awake and able to function normally every day.
cmac Review from
July 13, 2021
Not what you would expect...
This thing is bulky and unwieldy. The mask is difficult to use and uncomfortable. Getting the lower straps clicked in requires patience and dexterity. If you want to disconnect in the middle of the night, you have no unhook and remove the mask unless you want to drag the pump with you. Unhooking to hose is a drag and is supposed to be done by releasing a small circular clip out of a groove in the front mask elbow. If it pops out -- you have to find it and reinstall it. If you break it, you are done for. A hose quick disconnect may make it so you can unhook the hose easily, but it will have to
Deb Review from
November 23, 2021
For Her Full Facemask is fine
I have been using this model for years, and it works fine for me. However, I too am sometimes awakened by leaking air and a 'funny noise'. What happens is that even tho everything is secure when I turn on the unit, facial muscles totally relax when deep sleep is achieved, changing the fit and allowing air to escape. One just needs to tighten the headgear. My one pet peeve is that I order a size Small mask, but the headgear that is included with it is standard (large!) size. So, I have to throw it away right out of the box and order (and pay for) Small size headgear. Further, the CPAC Shop does
Darren J. Review from
December 30, 2021
This is the mask for me
First, I don't normally write reviews but in this case I will. I've always found it uncomfortable to wear a full face mask and found myself only wearing one for 3 or so hours a night at most. This HYBRID is amazing. It's smaller but still works like a full mask by cradling your nose for breathing through and or your mouth without the bar in the middle. I can sleep on my side without is moving as easily as a full mask and find myself using it upwards of 6 or more hours a night. In addition my other sleep scores have improved 35% or more. By far the best mask I have ever used!
elviiisa Review from
December 5, 2021
I've struggled in finding a mask that doesn't seep air and won't wake me up throughout the night. I was excited to purchase this one because it would not leave mask indentations and I thought I would finally get a restful night sleep. Sadly, that has not been the case. I ordered the smallest size mask (as I always do). I've adjusted it in all different ways and it still does not work. You would think the CPAP mask would help me but if anything it doesn't allow me to sleep because I am constantly being awakened to adjust the mask or by the air that seeps through and wakes me up. I am truly disa
CautiousFirefly-47845 Review from
May 11, 2022
I like it!
I have been using cpap for 11 years and I rarely sleep without it. I have always used the full mask style but this is my first experience with the foam pillow and I love it! I think that the magnetic closure is a good idea but I think that the magnets should be a little stronger. I have only used it for a few days so time will tell if its a true winner? As for Direct Home Medical, I couldnt be more pleased! Ordering was super easy and shipping and delivery was excellent! I have found me a new cpap accessories provider and I am looking forward to continued great service from them.
Review from
March 16, 2022
Item 63103 shipped in Jan 2022 not as comfortable as previous shipments
I received item 63103, the frame, in January 2022. It wasn't as comfortable as the previous one I had from July 2021. I can't figure out what the difference is, but I know that it feels less flexible, even "harder", if that makes any sense. I reported this to ResMed on March 4 but I get the feeling the lady I spoke with was uninterested. If it helps, this latest shipment was lot (10)1533964. I'm rating this very low so that it will get the attention of someone who can ask ResMed to research its manufacturer. Maybe they changed suppliers between July 2021 and Jan 2022. I don't know, I just know
Kevin V Review from
April 6, 2022
The ResMed Airfit F30 Full Face CPAP Mask has worked awesome for me and fits very well. I've been using CPAP for about 5 months and have had Air Leak issues while trying different Masks. My air score has been 100 every night for over two weeks since purchasing the Airfit F30. I would highly recommend this Mask to anyone having air leak issues or mouth breathing while sleeping. This is a Full Face Mask but doesn't feel like one while wearing which makes it very comfortable. I would also highly recommend for any online CPAP supply needs, best price and free shipping plus a $20.00
NettieS Review from
August 15, 2020
Head Gear is Terrible
I really like this mask but the headgear for a small person with long hair is terrible. I can't get the straps above my ears like in the pictures so it is painful pressure on my ears all night. Also, the top strap, when pulled tight enough so the mask doesn't leak, sits practically on my forehead, which is awkward and uncomfortable. I don't agree that the headgear is one size fits all!!! Also, I am a side sleeper, and the mask leaks often and I find that I have to hold it to keep it from leaking. Finally, the hose connector is heavy and when I roll over, the hose pulls on the mask and it leaks
Verified Customer, TX Review from
January 31, 2021
Very lightweight and the best mask I've used so far (been using CPAP for more than 10 years). I will only buy masks with replaceable seals (this one has that). You need to change the seals out periodically because over time they become less soft and don't seal as well. This mask has a quick release so you can disconnect the hose from the mask without taking off the mask. This is convenient if you have to get up to go to the restroom at night. This mask has larger volume which is more comfortable than "slim" masks which I think are too windy inside. This mask had a lot of adjustability. If you
Cindy C Review from
December 31, 2020
Air Touch F20 Res Med Full Face Mask
This is the best mask that I've used! I am relatively new with CPAP, and have tried way too many masks! I started out wanting to use the Nasal pillow/cushions but found once I go to sleep, my mouth opens and I would have annoying leaks from my mouth. I've tried other full face (DREAMWEAR full face) and had issues with leaks with that one also. I like less on my face, but this mask is the best. I've now been using it almost 3 weeks and have had ZERO leaks! I had to downsized to a small size. The chart said I needed a Medium and that's what I started with It felt way too big and the small works
LisaB Review from
July 4, 2021
Love~Hate Relationship
FYI: This was my first mask, ever. That said, I love that this mask is lightweight and quiet once comfortably in place. I had no issues dealing with the hose because of the swivel attachment to the mask. I did panic in my sleep twice because of something being clamped over my nose and mouth, but quickly got used to it. The only on-going problems I really have are: 1~ Trying to rub my on-and-off-itchy nose once the mask is in place. 2~ Air leaking at the bottom of the mask by my cheeks once the air flow ramps up, sometimes making a whoosh sound, other times making a pththth sound, both of which
TJ Review from
March 27, 2022
Great quality, but a bit small for a giant man.
Great mask, comfortable, its a little small for my face, its quite difficult for me to breath normally. Im a mouth breather for the most part, so my mouth opens up and the mask pinches my nostrils. I need the mask to be about a half inch longer and a half inch wider. Im a giant guy, so it would be more than sufficient for an average person. And even tho I struggle with the size it is very comfortable material and easy to clean.
RPG Review from
August 9, 2021
Great mask, even better price
Works great! Transition from the F20 full face mask to this, the ResMed AirFit F30, took a few tries to get everything comfortable, but now I like it even better than the F20. I bought this one in early July as a replacement for my original F30, and it works just as well. The price and value are great, the mask is great. Again, like most masks, it takes a bit of effort to get everything as comfortable as youd like, thats true of all masks. I really am glad I made my purchase here.
CalmPelican-48583 Review from
October 13, 2020
Not much larger than the standard one, but it made a difference.
I'm a large fella. 6'6". And I have a gigantic melon for a head. I recently started using a Cpap, and the standard head gear that came with my mask is a bit snug. It pulled the mask really tightly to my face. I thought the large size would make a big difference. It did make a difference, but not a huuuuge difference. It's minimally larger than the standard headgear. Like, holding them up to each other and lining up the straps, the top straps appear to only be about 1/8" longer than the standard, unless it's an optical illusion. That being said, it was enough to make a difference and made the m
Marc L. Review from
June 24, 2022
ResMed AirFit F30 Full Hybrid CPAP Mask
Excellent fit and comfortable. Minimal leaks so that I do not have to tighten the mask excessively. I am borderline larger than the measurements suggesting the use of a small size mask and standard size which is borderline large works fine. It is important to keep the cushion clean and dry to prevent leaks. Also cushion needs to be replaced on a regular basis.
Ron L. Review from
November 1, 2021
The best full-face mask out there!
My previous nasal masks were moving my front teeth, so I moved to this full-face mask after 26 years of CPAP masks with chin straps. I am most satisfied and it's great not needing my chin strap. I normally wear Large Resmed masks, but for the full-face mask, the Medium is absolutely perfect. I'm glad I cut out the paper pattern first, or I wound't have believed it. Anyway, I get a great seal every night and sleep mostly on my sides. No leaks and now I can get a retainer for my front tooth that moved.
Christopher Z. Review from
January 22, 2022
A bit of adjustment to
A bit of adjustment to wear. I have trouble getting the fit just right and it can be easy to get small leaks when side sleeping. Also hard to read while on but I tend to read my Kindle until I fall asleep. So if I don't have it on, I would "wake up". At least the occasional bathroom break is easy by either unclipping the magnets to flip it up or just take the hose off and go with the mask on. Cleaning is easy enough. Sometimes whistles even after I clean it thoroughly.
Stenhammer Review from
March 18, 2021
Great mask for me!
I began my therapy with a F20 but the irritation my nose bridge made me look like a part-time boxer. When ordering supplies, I thought I would try the ResMed F30. It looked quite strange to me but I gave it a try. Im really glad I did because this mask makes me actually enjoy the therapy. Comfy once you find your sweet spot and I can sleep on my side without battering my wife with the tube elbow. The only downside Ive noticed is that, as the mask ages, it becomes prone to leakage. Thats ok, I just cinch the straps down until my vessels bulge. That gets me through until I can reorder. Overall a
Kelly E Review from
May 25, 2021
The price was very good, it was a cheap purchase price but the mask is by no means cheap everywhere I looked the price ran between $120 and $150 dollars but I found and I was surprised to find their price was 95 dollars then they had a discount code for 10 percent off which brought the price down to 86 dollars and some change. This is a genuine Resmed product in a genuine Resmed package Ship time was good, received item quickly after I ordered it. Item came well package so damage could not occur during shipping. The mask itself it very nice it has 5 different places for adjustme
Africa Girl Review from
November 17, 2020
Most comfortable mask ever! But complicated and fragile.
I have loved the Resmed Ultra Mirage Full Face mask because it is THE MOST COMFORTABLE ever! Air leaks were a thing of the past! However, I will look for a different mask to replace it. When completely disassembled I counted 10 different pieces. One of the most crucial pieces, the ring that snaps into place to secure the mask to the hose, is also one of the tiniest and most fragile. Happily, it's not hard to find and get replacement parts, but that needs to be calculated into the price of the mask. The replacement parts are not cheap and sometimes you have to buy more than just the part you ne
amber Review from
December 23, 2018
Best Mask I've Ever Tried
The Resmed F30 is the ONLY full face mask I've ever tried that doesn't leak like crazy. I have tried the F and P Simplus, Respironics Comfort Gel, Resmed F10 and AirTouch F20, Dreamwear Full Face, Amara View, Philips FitLife, and Mirage Liberty. Pros: I love almost everything about this mask. The two holes in the nasal cushion work very well for me. I've found that other nasal cushions that use just one opening in the nasal cushion leak. The "tabs" for lack of a better description, that come up on either side of the nose also help with this. I use a BiPAP pressure of 15/11 and it seals very we
Amber C. Review from
November 14, 2021
Still Struggling.....
I bought this mask based on everything I've read on the internet. I'm new to cpaps and after I've used the F20 memory foam for her... I thought the F30 Hybrid would be better since it covers less of the face. I'm frustrated because I can't find any tips/tricks to help with this mask. I get it to seal with the mask seal function and it seems to work fine -- but once I'm asleep, my husband says it's leaking all night and "myair" app results also show 60 leaks per minute. I REALLY want to love this mask and while awake, the mask seems much more comfortable since it covers less of my face -- but i
Review from
September 4, 2021
Poor quality mask . The bottom seal ripped after 4 weeks of use ! lesson here is it is wise to have a replacement mask handy! Also, the fact that you need a prescription to replace such a benign and harmless apparatus is ridiculous. Mine ripped on a Friday night so looks like I will be without a goodnights sleep for The high copays and absurd prices for equipment make this whole industry a medical healthcare scam a while now!
Review from
May 12, 2019
Excellent Fit, Doesn't Pinch, Easy to adjust and Comfortable
Like most people who need a BiPAP I did not agree to the machine and mask willingly or easily but to keep my SATs up above 60 I had no choice. Our Respiratory Equipment Provider went on the hunt for a lightweight, easy to adjust and as non-intrusive as possible. The first thing that surprised me about the ResMed AirFit F20 Full face mask was how lightweight and comfortable it is. The headgear for women is also lightweight, comfortable and easy to adjust. The headgear adjusts with an easy to use Velcro strap system and the F20 Mask attaches to the headgear with a magnetic buckle system. The onl
John Q. Review from
March 31, 2022
Full face mask is better for this beginner
I purchased a ResMed 11 recently and got a relatively small CPAP Mask. Over the first couple weeks, I did not typically do well with it. My Lofta rep (Dan) told me about a free trade in program for the first 90 days and I took advantage of this. I received the full mask and it's so much better now. From 80 events to less than 10 and I am much more comfortable. It's also easier to sleep with this full mask.
Verified Customer, MN Review from
August 15, 2020
This is my first full face mask, I usually use nasal pillows. I realized after years of using nasal pillows, the weight of them under my nose, and over my upper lip, slowly had the effect of pushing out my upper teeth so now I am back to my very noticeable overbite. I know, my nasal pillow feels so light. I decided to try a full face mask. After I fell asleep, I was awoken by my mouth filling with air, to which I can only describe it as a puffer fish, and then the seal around the masking started making a horrific noise similar to that of a fart. I tried all night to adjust and adapt to this ma
Jnae K. Review from
February 5, 2022
Excellent mask but
This is a great mask for those that feel claustrophobic with a typical full face mask. The leakage does take a little getting used to it being that its around the nose pillow. However all masks have some sort of leakage. The nose pillow feel good in a weird type of way. Lol. I only took off a store due to the leakage. But overall it is a better mask
Ann O. Review from
February 11, 2022
difficulty getting a good seal
this is the 3rd mask we have tried with Mom (different brands). This one cuts into her nose (bridge of the nose) but doesn't get a good seal around the chin. The CPAP machine says 'poor seal.' We have tried adjusting the straps every which way to China with the same results. She seems to have a small face. The old mask that does give a good seal does not cover her mouth and she is a mouth breather.
Randall G Review from
November 20, 2021
Not the right one for me.
Leaks terribly. Covers the nostrils preventing smooth flow of air thereby forcing me to breath excessively through my mouth making it unbearably dry. Presses against the base of nose after tightening to help with the leaks. Made the lower part of my nose pretty sore. I tried it and didn't like it. That's not your problem, it's mine. Went back to my F20. :)
RD Review from
November 28, 2021
Great Mask
The only full face mask Ive been able to wear with comfort. Like being able to disconnect the hose without removing the mask to allow trips to the bathroom or getting a sip of water with a straw through the hose connection. The only mask too that Ive been able to wear glasses. Will admit that the fit maybe slightly tighter than previous mask to prevent leakage but there are no marking or sore points on the skin. Highly recommend.
bradley a. Review from
February 19, 2022
Comfortable but could be improved
The mask is comfortable and fits securely around your mouth and against your nostril. However, the straps have very sharp edges and cut the skin between the area where my ear connects to my head. I had to wrap some soft cloth around that part of the strap to protect my skin and make it more comfortable. The airflow is great and you can comfortably sleep with your mouth open.
DianeBernardini Review from
February 22, 2021
Disappointed for the first time
I bought two new headgear for my AirTouch F20 masks. The size and description were correct and when I matched them to the original they seemed very close to size, but when I tried each one they didnt fit correctly and the material was not as soft and comfortable as the original. I tried sleeping with each one by stretching them slightly but the edge of the material was so uncomfortable that I woke up several times during the night just to try and move the straps around so they wouldnt dig into my shaved scalp. This request for a review came just in time because I threw them in the garbage this
Marcus Review from
July 13, 2020
Great service from The CPAP Shop, But full face mask did not solve my issue
I have been using the mask for about a month. I previously used a ResMed Mirage mask (nose coverage only) and I had a problem with opening my mouth during sleep allowing air to escape and drying out my mouth. I did not want to use the head strap to hold my chin and mouth shut. Instead, I opted for the ResMed AirFit F20 Full Face Mask/headgear. My mouth still opens and instead of air escaping out of the mask, it resurculates between my nose and mouth. The main problem I found with the mask assembly is that any movement of my face muscles or turn of my head causes a leak between the mask and my
Melissa R Review from
March 30, 2022
Nasal Strap Blocks Nostrils
The description and photos on the website were not very details and I did not realize there was a silicone strap that has to be lined up with the dividing septum between the nostril openings. It sometimes blocks my breathing through my nose. It is very frustrating to use and I wished I had noticed that before selecting it. My previous AirFit model similar to this one did not have that septum strap and I thought that was what I was getting.
CuriousWoodchuck-32130 Review from
April 5, 2021
Da Bomb!
Having used the ResMed Quattro for years and disliking it due to poor fit and poor comfort, the Airfit F20 is a dream! Fits me better which means no noisy air leaks, and I don't have to use one of those silicone pads for my nose because I don't have to strap down the living daylights to stop air leaks! Also, the field of vision is much better with the Airfit because it doesn't have the stabilising(?) forehead pads that Quattro had. The straps have magnetic "clips" that are easier to use even in the dark. Hose unclips from the mask by squeezing tabs on either side of hose. So far, I am very ple
Verified Customer, CO Review from
October 29, 2020
I am returning this mask. I really wanted it to work, but the shape was all wrong for my face. The memory foam is very comfortable, but the mask is too narrow at the top and comes up too high on my face. The next size up would have come off my chin. I wish the mask was a little less tall and not so narrow. I did have some issues with the mask unsealing at night and making noise. But the foam is really comfortable. I wish more mask makers would offer this type of seal on their masks. I find the silicone/plastic very uncomfortable.
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