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PMT Medical - CTU2 - Arctic Ice System Cold Water Therapy Device

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Pain Management Technologies:
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* Reduces edema / swelling and speeds recovery * Effective for pain relief in joints muscles * The unit will operate from floor level and is easy to recharge - just add ice and water * The unit will operate 3-4 hours on a single ice and water charge * Safe controlled and time -saving to both the patient and the care giver * All body parts can be treated custom booties and mitts allow for treatment of circulatory and pain problems in the hands and feet * No HCPCS code available
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Manufacturer Pain Management Technologies
Brand Pain Management Technologies
Categories Aqua Relief System, Chronic Pain, Cold Therapy, Hot Therapy, Joint Pain, Muscle Pain, Pain Relief, Condition
Code CTU2
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UPC 898541001200
Require Prescription? No
Store Lay Off Pain|Stomabags
Score: 4.4 from 1 - 5
48 Review
Lynn Review from
July 30, 2021
Great Icing Machine and Pad
At the recommendation of our physician, I purchased this for my daughter's degenerative knee disease which causes constant swelling and pain. For years, she has used frozen icepacks. There is a huge difference using the IceMan on her knees. The universal pad gives full coverage on the top and sides of the knee joints so cold is getting everywhere (compared to just the top). The cold temp stays consistent. The pad stays in place with the wide elastic (velcro secured) bands. She uses it at night when the pain and swelling are at its worst and we have seen immediate benefits--no nighttime pain, i
Michelle Z. Review from
March 14, 2022
Making my recovery so much easier!
I recently had an ACL repair. I purchased the DonJoy Iceman Clear 3 at the suggestion of my orthopaedic team. I'm so glad I did! This machine has made icing a piece of cake! No soggy, ice filled bags. No multiple trips to the freezer. Just fill the tank with water and add four frozen water bottles. This set-up keeps me going with 30 minute ice session throughout the day. I also keep 4 frozen bottles in the freezer to swap with for the following day. The machine is easy to set up and easy to use. It is truly helping to manage my swelling and promote healing! Highly recommend!
KAREN M. Review from
May 21, 2022
Post-op necessity after shoulder surgery!!
I bought this for my upcoming shoulder surgery and have been using it non-stop for the last 11 days. It is a lifesaver in reducing postop pain and swelling! It also has helped me take fewer pain meds after surgery. Ive said many times this machine has paid for itself after one week of continuous use! Its amazing at how much it helps with my shoulder pain. Fantastic product! Note: I havent been able to use the straps yet bc Im still in a sling, but I just drape it over my shoulder and it stays in place pretty well.
Nancylee B. Review from
April 19, 2022
Good medicine
12 days ago I had a total hip replacement. The Iceman has been a wonderful source for my pain management. It is so easy for my caregiver to use, comfortable, and also reduces bruising and kept my swelling down. We are using the frozen bottles and water to maintain the cold water. No mess. Works fast, and is easy to maintain. Stays cold for hours so We dont have keep running for ice. happy to have it. Great investment!
John V. Review from
March 14, 2022
Must have for knee replacement
Knee replacement and the constant tending to ice packs on and off is exhausting. Using the Iceman machine, you can keep a long and continuous cooling water flow over your injury to maintain a reduced swelling state. I froze short soda bottles and installed those in the machine (5 fit perfect). They last longer than ice cubes. Get 2 or 3 sets of bottles in he freezer and its very easy. Iceman is quiet and easy to use. Thanks SourceOrrho and DonJoy!!!
Dr. C. Review from
September 8, 2021
It works as desvribed
After a fall with subsequent patella/kneecap surgery, this served as a side effect free way to reduce pain and swelling without getting my post operative area wet. I needed to use it more than a few times a day to get results. It also worked even better when I remembered to prop up my foot on a pillow to put my nose and toes at the same level. It just took a bit of experimentation to make it work really well. The folks at my cold therapy were simply outstanding.
Walter C. Review from
March 12, 2022
Iceman cometh
Very good product. Great in lieu of leaky ice packs. This is easy , no mess, and ice cold. Thermal insulation could be added to keep ice longer? Also maybe an on/off switch? At any rate great product. Add ice, add water, follow skin protection warnings, connect pad to hose, secure pad with supplied Velcro wraps and go. Thanks
Tom B. Review from
September 18, 2021
It just works!
I got one from hospital after knee surgery. Once home we decided to get another machine for a second location. Wife bought a competitive product online with a lot more settings etc but the hose connectors kept failing and the pump was built into the top which made loading ice a tricky affair. We returned it. The Donjoy is simple to use and is built and designed better. I see why hospital chose it!
Louis F. Review from
August 29, 2021
Must have for TKR
Super quiet and efficient! My Iceman Clear is essential for coping with the discomfort even prescribed pain meds can't reach. I, too use frozen water bottles in the reservoir and rotate them when necessary. The concept, design and functionality of this appliance is exemplary. P.S. The sales and support are also superlative.
Jane S. Review from
June 9, 2022
Poor results
Poor results The unit provides a cool condition But never cold. Its not good enough for my knee which was recently redone. Ive gone back to the frozen pads. Theyre not convenient but at least theyre very cold I wish I hadnt bothered buying this. Waste of money.
Rachel T. Review from
December 11, 2020
Replacement cube
My daughter had 3 knee surgeries within 4 months and my original cube was the perfect cold therapy solution in her post op care. When my husband was scheduled for shoulder surgery, I knew it would benefit him too. However my original cube pump no longer worked. I was so happy to find a site where I could buy just the cube. Arrived promptly. My husband gets so much relief from it!
Mary C. Review from
April 28, 2022
After having knee surgery, this has been wonderful. It was easy assemble and easy to use. I put a combination of ice cubes and 2 frozen water bottles in the tank and the water stays cold all day. I would highly recommend this product for anyone after surgery.
Michelle C. Review from
July 5, 2019
DonJoy IceMan Clear3
We purchased this product to use after knee replacement surgery. We chose the xl universal pad with the extended hose. Our thoughts: 1. Use frozen water bottles instead of ice. Much easier to change. 2. We were able to set the unit on the floor by the chair/bed and unplug it (from the back) as needed. (Since it doesnt have an on/off switch) 3. It is a little heavy when its full. 4. Lasts several hours before you have to replace the frozen bottles. We have only used it for 10 days but so far it is well worth the money. Shipping: we live in Missouri and received the unit within 2-3 days after pl
Cori F. Review from
August 7, 2020
Couldn't live without it
This product is fantastic. It was recommended to us by a surgeon after a knee replacement. Two knees, one shoulder, an ankle, and a back surgery later and we wouldn't be caught dead without it. We wore the first one out and after a couple of hard falls from the counter, we finally bought a new one. My husband swears by the benefits and we're both convinced that our recovery time is much quicker because of it!
Dawn C. Review from
September 16, 2021
Best thing ever for knee replacement
Got this for my husband after a fall after his knee replacement. He says anyone whos had that surgery needs this machine. Its made a huge difference in the swelling and pain level! Easy to use. We are very pleased with this purchase.
India G. Review from
November 27, 2020
I had bunion surgery on Nov. 18, 2020. I had a nerve block which lasted 12 hrs. When that wore off I started the Iceman with the forefoot pad. I kept it on all the time. I had no pain then and I have none now. It has been 7 days and i use it on a regular basis. This has been a miracle product for me. I did not have to resort to any opioids. This should be used for all of these surgeries.
Karen R. Review from
June 12, 2022
My husband just had a knee replacement, and this has been a life saver for me. I don't have to keep giving him ice packs. I think having this constant cold is helping his recovery. I would recommend this product for anyone that is having shoulder or knee problems.
Leslee A. Review from
April 10, 2022
A Lifesaver
I just had a total knee replacement and this machine is perfect! All the other ice pads feel too heavy on my knee. These pads are light and provide great coverage. Love it! Leslee
KJSS Review from
July 11, 2022
Best solution
This has been great for icing my shoulder. The attachment fits comfortably and I dont have to worry about my ice pack getting warm too quickly. Soothes my aching muscles conveniently. Easy to use, portable, and convenient
AJ f. Review from
September 14, 2019
High expectations ending in disappointment
I was looking forward to using this piece of equipment in order to help recover from my knee surgery. Coming home after surgery it was filled with ice and water specifically following all the directions and plugged it in and waited for it to get cold. After 30 minutes I wouldnt even says the pad was cool. Left it plugged in for a while and it never got any colder. Very disappointing and I had counted on this piece of equipment working and then had to send my wife out to buy an ice pack. Also, if this machine did work for me it would take a considerable amount of ice to replenish and use the ma
Teresita N. Review from
November 3, 2019
cold shoulder therapy
purchased with shoulder wrap. extremely quiet you do not hear it and no problems for sleep. does not have on/off switch ,you unplug adapter from unit. shoulder wrap is large enough for a large person and can also be used on a knee at a later time if needed. unit works best if you use combination of frozen water bottles with ice. frozen bottles by themselves do not produce enough cold. happy with unit . cold last a few hours before you have to add more ice. Wish unit had brought more straps. brings just enough.
Bruce . Review from
March 3, 2022
Honoring Warranty
I submitted a warranty claim on 2/21 for the unit. This was accepted by the manufacturer. At that time, I was promised a status on the replacement within 48 hours. As of 3/3, I have not received a status OR replacement. As a result, I have submitted a request to Source Orthro for update.
Sherri W. Review from
March 4, 2021
My Iceman
This is our 2nd machine in the past about 13 years and 4 surgeries for our family members. I wouldnt want to do a major joint surgery without one! We love it. We freeze water or Gatorade bottles and just change them out as they thaw. The company is very nice to work with. Thank you Donjoy for such a great product!
Martha G. Review from
September 3, 2020
Awesome little trooper!
This is my second machine. My first one was passed around to several different people who had surgeries over the course of a few years, and it never quite made it back to me. It is quiet, easy to assemble, and easy to use. If you are looking at a knee, shoulder or other surgery in your future, this reliable machine will be your best friend.
Carol C. Review from
March 13, 2021
Attractive and Functional
This is my second DonJoy Iceman. The first one got lost in a move. The IceMan Clear 3 performs well. The first was an IceMan Classic which I would give 5 stars because of the ability to regulate water flow. Both are good machines. The choice is between ap[earance and added function.
Brent Review from
May 15, 2019
A Must Have Post-Opp
This ice machine is a must have after having any type of surgery. I had right knee surgery two weeks ago to fix, a Grade 3 MCL Tear/Reconstruction , MPFL Reconstruction and a couple other things needed to be done on my knee. I woke up attached to my machine and it gave me immediate pain relief. It has continued to help with my pain and swelling since Ive been home recovering. I give it a 5 but I do have one small complaint. Even with a fridge that has an ice maker my fridge cannot keep up with how much I use my machine. So Ive resorted to buying two large bags of ice that last me a few days Iv
Jacqueline W. Review from
August 11, 2021
Don Joy Ice Man
The delivery was five days instead of two because you dont ship on the weekends. Also I wanted to return it because it wasnt cooling the way I thought it should function and they said no return policy until you use it. Which doesnt make sense because you wont know if it cools affectively or not unless you use it
Victoria T. Review from
November 17, 2019
Big disappointment
I cannot tell you about my new DonJoy but I can tell you about the one it replaced. I bought one about 3 years ago. Used it for a week after shoulder replacement. Followed all instructions and it has been safely tucked away for now when I get my other shoulder replaced. It would not work. Would not pump. Very very disgusted. If there were another company that makes a line product I would not have bought this new one.
Patricia P. Review from
September 22, 2021
It's a great therapy product. I used it after my total knee replacement. I wish there was a full wrap around piece for the leg that could be added. I would definitely recommend to others.
Peter U. Review from
August 3, 2020
Mixed feelings
It is an expensive icer and it is far more complex to set up than using an ice pack. Having said that, the idea of using frozen water bottles immmersed in the unit is more practical than using ice cubes. I need to try it more and see if I warm up to it further. Right now, I am not ready to recommend it's pruchase to others.
BRONNICE L. Review from
October 27, 2019
The wrap leaks
The machine itself is fantastic, provides great uniform cooling, unfortunately the ankle wrap ordered with it has small leaks that caused my surgical dressing from ankle surgery to become wet. It is only being worn while recouping ankle on elevation pillow, so no external cause of leaks.. also husband has had to super glue leaking connector on hose. A lot of problems for 3 days of use! Plus added $100 cost of replacement wrap & overnight shipping!
Richard W. Review from
August 2, 2020
Had an original Iceman for 10 years. Finally had to replace it. Iceman3 even better! Instead of constantly replacing ice just use 4 frozen 16.9 oz bottles of water, fill to line and good to go. No constant searching for ice cubes!
James P. Review from
September 29, 2019
Seems ok so far
I've only used it twice, it did as advertised but be aware, this machine does not have any type of thermostat on it, if it gets too cold you have to remember to unplug it! Be sure someone knows you have it on and in use or you could get hurt from an over chilled shoulder/arm, my doctor is not happy about this at all and has warned my wife and I too stay aware of this. It definitely is quiet and instead of ice I'm using standard 16 ounce water bottles, frozen, they fit well and eliminate having to keep enough ice on hand . Four bottles will keep you cold for several hours
Arleen S. Review from
March 11, 2020
Ive had multiple surgeries requiring ice treatment but am a first time user of the IceMan for my shoulder surgery last week. Its superior to using bags of ice or peas, not overly cold but you can feel its penetrating in affected area. Only challenge is I cant attach the straps by myself, my husband has been strapping it on. If I was using for my knee or other, Id be able to strap myself. Ive already referred to family and friends.
Jamie N. Review from
January 25, 2020
Works well, not super cold
Compared this to a huge ice pack I had after hip surgery. This felt like a very superficial cold which was ok because I used it for a long time. To get a more intense deep cold I had to use my big ice pack. Overall would recommend it. Would also recommend only purchasing the square for any joint in order to cover as much surface area you can. The hip one didnt work as well as I wanted it to.
Ron P. Review from
October 15, 2020
Best ice machine Ive used
I used an Air Cast ice machine after my last TKA, and thought it was very good. After this years TKA my neighbor let me borrow his DonJoy IceMan and I quickly went out and bought one. Its temperature regulation, and constant pressure were far superior to the AirCast.
Cheryl M. Review from
July 14, 2021
The best
I had shoulder surgery for torn rotator cuff and arthritis. My surgeon recommended to use 3 time's a day. It really helped speed up the healing process. Would recommend for anyone who has any type of orthopedic surgery.
James C. Review from
April 23, 2021
Cold therapy success
I bought the DonJoy clear 3 to reduce swelling and pain on my knee surgery while sleeping on my back. It works great for about 5 hours when plugged into a 30 min on, 30 min off timer. Recommend the longer hose attachment and shoulder wrap for larger knees.
LIZ D. Review from
July 24, 2019
IceMan Clear II
The unit worked very well as expected. Would like an instruction booklet on how to maintain the unit when not in use. The power source is rather frail. I wanted to order a second but could not find any place to add to the original order. Please advise instruction booklet availability. Would recommend this unit. Thanks.
David R. Review from
February 18, 2021
Great Machine
Wife just hand a full knee replacement. The Iceman works great and helps to keep her comfortable. I especially like the clear ice container. Much easier to keep track on how much ice is left. .
Tammy B. Review from
September 7, 2021
Works Wonders
Best investment! Has drastically reduced my swelling and my pain allowing me to actually get some good sleep. Money well spent!
Randall F. Review from
May 24, 2021
Keeping it cool
I bought the Don Joy Iceman Clear3 for an upcoming shoulder surgery. I borrowed one from a friend for a previous surgery last year and it did such a great job I bought one. No more running to replace ice packs every 15-30 minutes.
Mary R. Review from
August 13, 2021
Wonderful product
I think anyone who has a total knee replacement will benefit greatly with this product! It is extremely convenient and helps with pain and swelling.
Kevin c. Review from
March 10, 2022
Excellent product for knee recovery
If you are having me replacement or having any kind of knee problems with arthritis or anything this is a very handy product to have on standby very better than a ice pack well worth the money money
Kevin M. Review from
July 12, 2019
Clogged with glue from water bottles
When the system was new, it worked really well. The problem is if you follow the suggestion from DonJoy to use the water bottles and dont first wash off the glue residue on the outside of the bottle from the label, it clogs the pump and tubing to prevent the water from circulating. Nice idea but now my iceman doesnt work any longer.
Michelle C. Review from
June 29, 2021
5 stars
This machine made recovery from hip surgery 100% easier. Would not have another procedure without it. I recommend this to everyone I talk to! Love it!
John G. Review from
March 3, 2022
The Ice Man Cometh
This device has made it easy to ice down an injury or an area of surgical repair. Its easy to set up and use, and eliminates the need to handle frozen bags.
Marcus G. Review from
January 1, 2021
Recovery Essential
Second knee replacement. Would not attempt on without the Donjoy. Efficient, no mess, and easy to use. Speeds recovery time for me by 50%.
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