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Shape From: S4021-L-BGE To: S4030-XL-BLK - Shape One2One S4021 Seamless Mastectomy Pocket Bra-Nude Bra-XL-Nude

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S4021-L-BGE - S4030-XL-BLK
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S4021-M-BGEShape One2One S4021 Seamless Mastectomy Pocket Bra-NudeMediumEachYes
S4021-S-BGEShape One2One S4021 Seamless Mastectomy Pocket Bra-NudeSmallEachYes
S4030-1X-BGEShape One2One S4030 Seamless Underwire Bralette--Nude1XEachYes
S4030-1X-BLKShape One2One S4030 Seamless Underwire Bralette--Black1XEachYes
S4030-2X-BGEShape One2One S4030 Seamless Underwire Bralette--Nude2XEachYes
S4030-2X-BLKShape One2One S4030 Seamless Underwire Bralette--Black2XEachYes
S4030-L-BGEShape One2One S4030 Seamless Underwire Bralette-NudeLargeEachYes
S4030-L-BLKShape One2One S4030 Seamless Underwire Bralette-BlackLargeEachYes
S4030-M-BGEShape One2One S4030 Seamless Underwire Bralette-NudeMediumEachYes
S4030-M-BLKShape One2One S4030 Seamless Underwire Bralette-BlackMediumEachYes
S4030-S-BGEShape One2One S4030 Seamless Underwire Bralette-NudeSmallEachYes
S4030-S-BLKShape One2One S4030 Seamless Underwire Bralette-BlackSmallEachYes
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Seamless Mastectomy Pocket Bra-Nude
More Information
Manufacturer Shape
Categories Compression Therapy, Muscle Pain, Post Surgery Pain, Sport Apparel, Sport Bra, Surgery Bra, Condition
Code S4021-L-BGE - S4030-XL-BLK
Require Prescription? No
Store Lay Off Pain|Whole Surgical
Score: 4.6 from 1 - 5
49 Review
1sttimeMillersandalgirl Review from
March 26, 2021
Comfiest bra ever!
This is one of the skims bra styles I recently ordered to try out and let me tell you- so worth it! Out of the 5 bras that I ordered this is my fave style. I almost wish I wouldn't have taken the tags off my other ones so I could exchange for more of this style. I'll be buying more of this specific style once more colors are available. So as compared to other skims styles, this one has that small middle piece that overlaps that I feel pulls your boobs in better than when it's just the triangle top without any tiny bit of fabric in the middle. Additionally, this one is the most stretchy. I have
Serena C. Review from
April 28, 2021
The perfect bra: for yoga, travel, diverse sizes, and more!
I was looking for an underwire free bra that would also 1) look and adjust like a regular bra, 2) accommodate changing cup sizes (from gaining muscle, etc), and 3) be comfortable enough to move in all day. Boy, did this bra deliver. It's so comfy that I can even wear it for yoga. The material is also sooo soft and stretchy. It barely feels like you're wearing a bra at all. Also, my inclination about it accommodating various cup sizes was right. I'm a 30C (or 32B) and ordered a small, and it fit just right. My sister, a 32DD, could also fit the same size! (She probably could have worn a medium
Kira Review from
December 4, 2021
Super soft, good quality, disappointed with sizing.
Ive been on the hunt for a good go-to bra for ages, and after shopping around online and reading/watching loads of reviews I decided to give this one a shot. The material is gorgeous, soft and stretchy, and the construction of the bra seems to be of great quality. My only issue is with the fits everybody idea. I am very small-chested and using the size chart determined I would need a size XS. The cup size is perfect, but the band is too tight around my rib cage. I thought maybe it would break in a little if I wore it a few times, but its so uncomfortable that I cant bring myself to wear it. I
Miranda G. Review from
November 18, 2021
Almost perfect
I do love this bra. I ordered it in Medium. I measure 32 inches under the bust, but this bra feels quite snug on me. I am quite sensitive to tightness in that area and always prefer a looser feel, which is why I ordered M. I never ever wear my size in bras. I always go up a size for the band width. My cup size is A, and the fabric coverage is lovely. Not bunching or folding, it fits really well. I am tempted to try a Large size but IDK that could mean more fabric and then it wont fit as smoothly. Obvs I dont have to worry about support, so I cant speak to that. So, its a good fit but slightly
Alexis Review from
December 11, 2021
Buttery bralette for smaller ladies
I was seeking a more luxurious, mature bralette and this was my first Skims purchase. Im very happy with the quality for the price. This is definitely a bralette for smaller sizes, as even my B cups slip out a bit if Im laying down. I wish there was some padding, or thicker material, but the search for the perfect, nip-covering, wireless bra may never end. If going out I wear this with nipple covers. This bra is for someone looking for something without much support, coverage, or shaping. The fabric is buttery soft, stretchy, and thin. I measure at a 32B and went with a size up to a small whic
Candi K. Review from
September 2, 2021
Moonstone Awe!
I am in love with the moonstone color! I dont even know how to describe the color, but the pics do so pretty accurately! However its 10,000 times prettier in person! I am a 38DD and have both the large and XL. Both fit so it just depends on what level of sexiness you would like. If you want wabam sexiness go with the large lol if you want more comfort then the XL. It does fit TTS. Let me also say Im not a fan girl of the kardashians. Ive never watched the show & hadnt really heard of them (yes I lived under a rock lol) until my niece told me to check out Kylie makeup. It went from there! I kno
Amanda D. Review from
June 3, 2021
They seem great quality but I had to return
At no fault of skims And no lack of quality but I have a hard time finding bras that fit me right because if I order a large, the cup my fits but the strap that goes around your back does not. Im 58nd athletic build with DD Implants. I usually wear a 36. Im looking for something that isnt thick with padding And allow us to show the natural breast shape But doesnt have any sagging or bouncing all over the place like I dont have a bra on. Typically the issue is once I get the strap around right ,the cup is too small. I sent them back and ordered a medium and I am looking forward to seeing if tho
Bella Review from
July 8, 2021
The bra I've dreamt of all my life!
After being stabbed and made to bleed by back clasps, grown welts on my shoulders from too tight shoulder straps, and having my clothes and skin ripped by underwires, I gave up on underwires years ago. My boobs are big enough. I dont need wires or pads to push my chest up, together, or into my neck. I just need gentle support. I've been wearing underwire bras for years, but ever that's become to feel like a scuba suit. The Skimpy Scoop Bralette is the best bra I've ever come across. No wires, back clips, padding, nothing. Just super buttery, soft, stretchy that holds my boobs in a gentle suppo
Sandy F. Review from
April 7, 2021
Softest, most comfy bra!
First off, Ive never cared about bras too much since I was an A cup and didnt really need great support. I most recently got a breast augmentation and now know the struggle of finding a good, comfy, sexy bra. Ive returned almost all of the new Victorias Secret bras Ive more recently bought. Their wire hurts, feels uncomfortable all around. I wasnt expecting the SKIMS bra to be a hit, but it is! First time buying her products and Im so glad she gave that extra TLC to her line compared to older styles (Sears line). This line is SO comfy and great for everyday! The bra is just perfect, Im plannin
Erica Review from
July 27, 2021
Comfortable but
First, the Fits Everybody material is so comfortable. My normal bra size is 38 ddd. I tried the Triangle bralette in XL but the spillage was a bit too much. I decided to try this bralette in a 2XL for more coverage/less spillage. The cup still doesn't cover as much as I would like as I am still pulling the cups to the center for more coverage. I was hoping for the coverage as shown on the models but it seems my breasts are just too full. I also don't like that the band does not sit flat under my breasts. The band is on the tightest hook but I feel like I need it tighter to give better support.
Laurel L. Review from
May 6, 2021
Slightly large but oh so comfy!
I ordered 3 different bras in the same size that should have all fit the same (since the size charts were exactly the same!) However that wasn't the was super tiny, one was slightly snug, and this one was slightly large. Even though this one was slightly large it does still fit on the smallest hooks so it's wearable...just can't loose any weight lol. Even with being slightly large this is ridiculously comnfortable so giving it 5 stars Even though the sizing is a little off. The material is so light and is going to be perfect for hot summer days. Because of the mate
Julia Review from
August 19, 2021
Too little coverage for me
I tried this bra and the crossover bralette. I prefer the crossover because it gives more coverage. Now my problem isn't coverage in general, it's that my nipples did not stay in this bra because it quite simply was too narrowly cut. Take into consideration where your nipples face when deciding if you want to choose this bra. Even if they are centered, there is still a high chance that they will not stay covered because of how the design is cut (don't even get me started on when I lay on my side. My entire boob hangs out). That is my only problem. If you do not have to worry about this problem
Saidah J. Review from
April 5, 2021
Amazing bra but be careful to choose the size!
I love this bralette and bought 3 of them (marble, mica and onyx). Bought all in Medium (I'm 32DD or 34D). I own quite a lot of Skims products. Sizing is definitely off with this brand. It runs small but also it depends on colour. All my 3 bras are in medium but they all are different. Onyx runs much smeller than Mica, Marble is somewhere in the middle. Skims!!!! this is not cool at all! Marble and Onyx are perfect for me in Medium, Mica is a little big in a band but still its ok. It's weird how bands are do different in lengh being the same size and same model. If you hit it right with the si
Alexa J. Review from
October 12, 2021
Ok first off Im obsessed
I have the cotton jersey triangle in black. I wanted a bra in Sierra and thought got this one. I have decently large breasts. Theyre fake so they sit a little higher. In the cotton jersey a little bit of my areola shows from time to time. In this bra however, my full on boob pops out. Keep in mind its only when Im doing stuff and bending over. And it doesnt come out of my shirt or anything. The cups arent tight enough to hold my breast in if I bend all the way over. If I had gotten a size smaller my flat would squeeze out of the waste band. So its beautiful and I still love it and recommend it
Brooke T. Review from
October 28, 2021
My obsession
I absolutely LOOOOOVE this high neck bra! It is the most comfy material, the softest material, and it is like nothing is there. It holds me right where I need it to. I got 3x because I have really big breast. Im 41 1/2 around chest and my bust is pretty much 46 1/2 .. it fits me perfect. Of course the bottom rolls up but if I had a washboard 6 pack or just flat in the stomach and not so heavy of breast Im sure it wouldnt roll up. I got the moonstone and the onyx and they are totally my everyday bra and they are my favorite! I want one in every color esp the purple because it is such a pretty c
Kaitlyn S. Review from
April 23, 2021
Best ever
I cant say enough amazing things about this bra. The first bra I tried was full cotton one and its a very nice triangle bralette but for my slightly larger breasts there was minimal stretch and my boobs would slip out since Im active. This one is mindblowingly perfect. Kim is killing it. Who knew a bra could not be a sports bra which I live it and you cant even tell your wearing it. It doesnt have any lines in the breast section that you can see through a shirt. The medium fits my 36C boobs perfectly. I dont feel any tugging from the back strap, with more weight in the front, perfect support.
alyssa B. Review from
September 30, 2021
Perfect everyday bra
I have always struggled to find a great fitting bra as I rage around a 34E cup. Finding something that gives me support without feeling too squished or pushed up, this bra is amazing. I read some reviews and people suggested to size up as this runs small. I definitely agree, I purchased a size 2X and it is a great fit. The cups are the perfect size with no spillage, and the band is tight enough to support without digging into my back! I love that it has three clasps as appose to 2. and the straps do not dig in my shoulders. Will purchase more once there is a restock, so happy to finally find s
Denise S. P. Review from
July 25, 2021
Saved my life!
I wish I could send this directly to Kim... I am a breast cancer survivor who has had one mastectomy with breast reconstruction and implants. I am lopsided and still have discomfort even after several years. I have tried every bra on the market and finally gave up and started wearing an ugly, stretchy thing that doesn't give me any shape or lift. I almost gave up looking, but thought I would try the fits everybody crossover bralette. It is perfection! It makes me look great and feel normal. I want one in every color! Thank you so much for this product, it makes me feel beautiful and helps me f
andrea A. Review from
March 11, 2021
MOST comfortable bralette
Hands down the most comfortable bralette I've ever purchased and worn. I ordered 2 sizes. Small size Onyx and Medium size for Sienna. Based on the size chart, I'm on the small size range. It was too tight. Medium fits much better and I don't feel like I'm wearing anything at all. Super light and comfy. The small size was too tight below my breasts. Also, I love the fact that it kept them where they are supposed it and did not popped out. I would definitely recommend this. Just size 1-2 up depending on your comfort and preferred look. If you want to see some cleavage and looks sexy then size 1
Kristen B. Review from
October 12, 2021
Skeptic turned SKIMS super fan
I am a 36B and love the feel of a bralette, but typically find them annoying in practice. Every time I go to bend over in one I spill out of the top. Super annoying, right? So, after checking the return policy I threw this baby in the cart in a size medium. Zero expectations. I instantly fell in love with the fabric and the rich color. The fit was beautiful, no bulging over the top or spilling out of the cup, just that perfect fit as promised. Best part, all day long my bra provided the coverage and light support with total comfort. After a few washes the fit is the same. Honestly, buy all the
Deborah Review from
May 11, 2021
Supportive & SO comfortable
I found Skims through an ad on Instagram. I read the comments and they were all very positive. I decided to give it a try and ordered 1 bra. As a breast cancer survivor, I am very particular when it comes to bras. I've had a double mastectomy and reconstruction with a diep flap so finding a bra that won't hurt me in any way is so important. I ordered the size XL and it's so comfortable and I find it supportive enough that I'm not in pain or discomfort from lack of support. Bras that are not as supportive can lead to pain and discomfort for me. When stock allows, I'd also like to try a 2XL to c
Brooke P. Review from
April 29, 2021
Do yourself a favour, and buy this bralette!
I found the sizing chart to be quite confusing to identify my accurate size so was a little unsure of what size I should actually purchase. For reference, I am 5'4, 32DD, and weigh 105 pounds. I decided to go with the S to avoid a bralette that was too small/tight. Luckily, everything worked out. I think I could've gone with XS if I was looking for a tighter/bustier fit but the S works perfectly for everyday. I could wear this all day, everyday - it's that comfortable! I've actually bought two additional bralettes since my original purchase. Like I said, do yourself a favour and buy the bralet
Tracey S. Review from
December 30, 2021
Fits Everybody Crossover Bralette
This bra is so soft and comfortable- I love it!! Love the color choices that I never got before besides white, taupe and black. The material stretches with you. I bought a couple to try to see if they fit and how comfortable they are- I ended up buying g several more plus the matching Fits Everbody Briefs that feel like Im not wearing anything- thin, stretchy material. Its funny, I saw Chloe Kardashian and her daughter modeling one of the outfits I bought then Kim Kardashian modeling a bra, naturally looking flawless and I showed my son (21) to see the brand and he said thats Kims brand SKIMMS
Emma H. Review from
November 27, 2021
Perfect for racer tanks
I was looking for something I could wear with my white racer tanks, especially for days I dont want my nipples to show. This is perfect. Soft, stretchy, good quality. Hides well under my racer tanks and is a WAY better option compared to any other type/fit of bra/bralette that Ive tried wearing with. FITS SMALL. Im usually as 34B or 32C, and the size chart recommends going with Small. Next time I would go with medium. The fabric is stretchy, but the band that hugs your ribs fits small and is less stretchy.
Carmelina C. Review from
February 20, 2022
I have already purchase the light blue one previously and knew how comfortable they were. I normally do not like purple on shades of it however this ultra violet really blew me away.....I LOVE IT. I now only wear SKIMS as I have finally found the most comfortable, wash well, beautiful breathable fabric and great size range. I had breast cancer a few years ago and had a mastectomy. I have tried and spent so much on different bras but now I've found my bra soul mate. I recommend SKIMS to everyone especially those who have experienced breast cancer. KIM K, I hope you get to see my message as you
Carmelina C. Review from
February 20, 2022
I have already purchase the light blue one previously and knew how comfortable they were. I normally do not like purple on shades of it however this ultra violet really blew me away.....I LOVE IT. I now only wear SKIMS as I have finally found the most comfortable, wash well, beautiful breathable fabric and great size range. I had breast cancer a few years ago and had a mastectomy. I have tried and spent so much on different bras but now I've found my bra soul mate. I recommend SKIMS to everyone especially those who have experienced breast cancer. KIM K, I hope you get to see my message as you
Valeria R. Review from
November 15, 2021
NORMAL SIZE FOR ME: 32B or C PURCHASED: M I was skeptical about this bra. I HATE it when the band digs into my back. And from the look of the skinny models, it happened to their backs a little bit too. I thought I would give it a try with a size up (M) from my usual. I put it on with the last clip from the band, and it still dug, but I LOVED how the bra held my breasts and molded them to my shape. I know that not every breast would react the same, though.. My tip would be for other women to understand that this bra IS NOT A REGULAR SUPPORTING BRA. This is a specially designed bra for a specifi
Kelly Review from
June 15, 2021
Feels Amazing! Wish there were small inserts.
These bralettes are SO soft and stretchy. Very comfortable. Definitely have that 'I don't know Im wearing it' feeling. The reason I gave 4 stars is because I wish there was a slim insert so you cannot see your nipples through them. All the photos on the site do not know any nipples, so I assumed there was a slim triangle insert or the material was thicker to help cover them up, but it is just the stretchy material. I am still keeping them because they are very comfy and I put nipple covers on under and it solves it, but wish it could be 5 stars with that addition! A little misleading in all th
Nina P. Review from
June 9, 2021
Favorite bra Ive ever owned
This bra is perfect for someone with a smaller chest. I often struggle to fill out bras correctly especially cause Im larger on one side. The cut of this bra is extremely flattering and forgiving and like all other skims garments its soooo soft and stretchy. Im normally in between S and M in other brands and love the way the small fits. I prefer this over the Fits Everybody Crossover bralet because on that one there is just a litttle too much material folding over in the middle for it to look flattering on me (with a larger chest size that one looks beautiful tho). This one is flattering and c
Lauren Review from
January 14, 2022
I absolutely love love love this piece. I purchased this in onyx and immediately bought one cocoa after trying it on. The material is quite thin but I do find that it is shaping. I did not feel like I needed anything underneath for support. The fabric is so soft it feels like you have nothing on. The two colors I have are dark and I'm not really seeing anything show through but I haven't tested in the sunlight yet. I thinkbits a great layering piece or can even be worn on its own as a crop top in the dark shades.
s Review from
April 26, 2021
great fit. weird material. size up.
Ill be honest, I was skeptical, but have been in search of a non-underwire triangle bra that has a back closure (not pull-over) and no darts on the cup. I received and my first impression is, not a fan of the material. It feels cheap and would catch on any rough skin you may have on your hands. That being said, it fits really well and is extremely comfortable. Checks pretty much all of my boxes. I am normally a 34B. I measured myself and according to the chart I should have ordered a small but I went with my gut as I am usually a medium, and ordered the medium and Im glad I did. I am on the lo
April Review from
February 21, 2022
I ordered two products in my first skims order.. this bra in a 3x in neon pink and the fits everybody triangle bra in 2X in neon orchid. I'm a size chart I was between a 2X and 3X I could wear either so I ordered two bras one in each to find my size. Now this bra.. the skimpy scoop OMG! what an amazing gift from God! It fit like a glove! 3x was Def my size. It was like 2nd skin! I forgot I was wearing it. I have a disease that makes my skin literally hurt and so it's hard for me to wear clothes or to find clothes that are comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time and that was this br
April Review from
February 21, 2022
I ordered two products in my first skims order.. this bra in a 3x in neon pink and the fits everybody triangle bra in 2X in neon orchid. I'm a size chart I was between a 2X and 3X I could wear either so I ordered two bras one in each to find my size. Now this bra.. the skimpy scoop OMG! what an amazing gift from God! It fit like a glove! 3x was Def my size. It was like 2nd skin! I forgot I was wearing it. I have a disease that makes my skin literally hurt and so it's hard for me to wear clothes or to find clothes that are comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time and that was this br
Deborah Review from
July 1, 2021
Almost Perfect
This is my third purchase from skims. The first two purchases, my bras had traditional "clasp back" closure. I love them. The third purchase, my bras (I ordered 1 size larger) did not have "clasp back" closure. They must be put on over the head, like a sports bra. This is the only part of the bra I do not like. As a breast cancer survivor, it can be difficult to put bras on and take them off over the head. Especially given how delicate and thin the fabric on these bras are, they are prone to get all caught up putting them on and taking them off. I wish all sizes came with "clasp back" closure.
Eva T Review from
October 1, 2021
Worth all the hype!
This is seriously the best bra I've ever owned. I couldn't try it on in-store because of the lockdown and I was shocked by how perfectly it fit me when it arrived (I'm a 34-36B, size AU8, bought the bra in size small). You can tell that the design has really been well-thought out - all the little details in the design make sense; it hugs and supports all the right places, making it so flattering but super comfortable at the same time. I don't know how they did that because the design is so minimal! You can see from the softness of the fabric, the stitching, and the way it stretches over your b
Ally P. Review from
April 1, 2021
I seldom leave reviews but I had to for this bra! I've been searching for a lightly padded, comfortable, wireless bra for a while now and I'm SO glad I found this one. It provides support, gives my boobs a nice shape, doesn't leave a gap between my skin. Makes me feel so confident and cute! It also matches my skin tone perfectly (thanks to all the different shades). Only downside it that it is a but tight around the band. I'm normally a 34B for reference and I ordered a small. Will probably get a medium next time. Overall though, very satisfied!
Trudy Review from
April 6, 2021
This is without a doubt, the most comfortable bra I have ever owned! Im a fairly large chested girl, however I normally go braless or prefer to because I have a medical condition and anxiety, and most bras (even some sports bras) will make my chest hurt horrifically, but I also dress in a lot of baggy clothes so forgoing a bra will give me a gross, separated, saggy booby look. This bra has been my saving grace. It is so sexy and elegant, but so simple, so I can wear it with literally everything, which is the second best part next to the comfort. I cannot wait until they restock it so I can buy
Tori1 Review from
April 12, 2021
Let me count the ways. For reference I go between a 32B and a 34A-B depending on the bra. I went with the under bra measurement from the skims website (I measured at 32) so I ordered the xs. The waistband is a good fit ( on the last clasp). I could arguably go to a small but the fit is great and this bra is so soft and comfortable I will be ordering more colors. I have a small cup so no issues with the fit of the cup on an xs. I have searched and searched for a wireless bra this comfortable. Theres also enough lining in the cup where the nipples are not on full display under a thin shirt. Glad
GD Review from
October 28, 2021
Everything I wanted it to be, but not close to enough coverage
Loved the material, band size accurate, size chart not so much. This did not supply enough coverage in the cup to cover my breasts. Maybe 2/3 coverage? I was hopeful with this one after a too-small triangle bra. The sizing chart is not accurate in my opinion. I have tried 2 bras, same size, but differing styles. If I go up a size, the band will be too loose. I am not convinced one size up would make that much difference in coverage either. I'd recommend for smaller than a D cup in a size M.
Lydia A. Review from
March 1, 2021
Worth Every Penny
I was so hesitant at first because EVERY bralette I've ever purchased has never fit me. I'm a 30E so I have been pretty limited with my small frame and larger bust size. I read the reviews (extensively over several days I might add) and was so nervous about the sizing. I bought a size Medium based on the reviews I had read from other busty ladies on the site and it was the BEST decision and purchase I have made for myself in a long time. I honestly don't mind spending a bit more $ for a product that not only fits but makes me want to wear it again. It's a bra made by women which I think is HUG
Savanna B. Review from
January 4, 2022
If youre looking for a comfortable barely feel bra!!
Ok i love this bralette. Do not get me wrong! The material is incredible so stretchy buttery soft and form fitting i love it and will get more. I sadly had to knock a star off because it does the fall out thing, bending over or moving a lot, expect to have to keep fixing yourself. BUT it really feels like you're wearing nothing!! i cant even believe how comfortable, I dont think ill go back to a regular bra ever. IM OBSESSED! Im 32DDD and bought a medium which was perfect fit for me
Danica M. B. Review from
February 14, 2022
Mrs Kimberley really outdid herself with these bralettes. I am not small chested and honestly did not have high hopes for these as they appear to have very minimal support and looked quite small. I was very surprised how much support they actually do have. I pulled them out of the box thinking there was not a hope in heck they were going to fit, but they fit like a glove! And so incredibly comfy. So incredibly soft. Im extremely happy with these and wear them daily!
Lydia D. Review from
June 23, 2021
Extremely comfortable; not much nip coverage
Absolutely the most comfortable bra I've ever worn. It's like a gentle hug from a cloud. Buttery smooth.. I have slept in it! However, it isn't as thick as I'd hoped - like most bralettes, my nips absolutely will noop through this fabric on a chilly day. No tight t-shirts. I really wish it had removable cups or something because otherwise it's a perfect alternative to a bra. I bought a S - I'm usually a 34A/32B, 5'6" 135lb, dress size 4/6
Natasha C. Review from
July 13, 2021
Fave bra
The skimpy scoop bralette is no doubt my fave bralette!!! I just wish they werent always sold out!! I have 3 pairs (2 black, one beige). Theyre the comfiest, softest, thing on the planet. I can sleep in them. Im a busty girl (36DD) and these fit perfectly (I got an XL so it wasnt tight. Perfect fit). They hold the girls in and Its a super cute design. Absolutely love this bralette. I never write reviews because nothing wows me ever but Ive been looking for a comfy bralette for so long and so happy I found this one! Please keep restocking them!!!!
Jasmine Review from
November 21, 2020
Perfect bra
I honestly was not expecting to like this bralette as much as I did. It is exactly what I was looking for, which is a comfortable bralette that is actually supportive and has a simple design that will look good under clothes. This is exactly that. The mesh lining really does add a lot of support. I am 34DD and got a size medium and its perfect, but I could probably have also gotten a large. Honestly I think Im exactly between medium and large but the medium is tighter which means more support. Its still super comfy though. If you are between sizes I think honestly either size could probably wo
LizR95 Review from
April 30, 2021
Super Comfortable, Slightly Small
So far, I am really likely this bralette. It's super soft and very cute. I love triangle style bralettes in particular. However, I ordered a size small based on the size guide, but I probably could've gotten with a medium for more bust coverage. For reference, I am a size 34C and I have to wear this on the very last clasp on size small. However, it definitely feels like I'm being held in. Overall, I recommend it, but maybe try multiple sizes or size up if you're in between sizes.
Cortney M. Review from
August 14, 2021
Hit or miss
So Im a 36G/H, but I wear a M in Skims dresses, L in leggings.8/9 ish. Normally I have to get 1-3x tops for coverage but this collection is stretchy!!! I also sized down in pointelle, mesh, waffle, & fits everybody tees or they fit me odd since Im top heavy. I got this in 2 colors in a M & L and guess what. I was right. Way too big to support anything. It was smooth and comfy but way too loose/stretchy to do anything. Kim WHAT WAS THE REASON!!! I returned it for the XS bc it was that loose on me. Seems great is you have a tiny chest , implants, or dont care for support. Size down. The one stra
Margaret L. Review from
May 8, 2021
SO comfortable
I absolutely love love the material of the 'fits everybody' line. It's smooth and just the right amount of elasticity. It is hands down the most comfortable bra I have ever owned, by far. At the same time, there are 2 cons--(1) it's not padded so cold nips beware (that can also limit how it's worn) and (2) I still can't figure out what color best suits my skin tone. Maybe offering free fabric samples for color matching would be a good idea, or charge a small amount for it that counts towards the next purchase? Despite the cons, I've still purchased several and wear them almost every day. I'm 5
Jody D. Review from
October 15, 2021
LOVE this High Neck Style so much!
I absolutely LOVE these high neck bralettes. They are so flattering despite the fact that I have broader shoulders. I was apprehensive but had some surgery that left scars on my chest so I wanted to try more high neck pieces. I am obsessed with this bralette. The only thing I can see, is it not being the best fit for someone who has trouble with their breasts showing from the sides under the shoulder. Im smaller chested and these are pretty narrow.
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