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Southwest Technologies - HL-407 - Protector Boot

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Southwest Technologies:
FSA Eligible
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HL-407Large/ X-Large10 / Case
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A flexible, adjustable boot that offers protection for the heel, foot, and ankle bones. Technology has proven to be an effective pressure relieving gel and is combined with special fabrics and closed cell foam to provide effective heel protection. The gel insert is adjustable within the boot to allow total coverage where desired. It also provides thermal properties which allow the application of hot or cold therapy.
More Information
Manufacturer Southwest Technologies
Brand Soft Form
Categories Bed Aids, Heel Protector
Code HL-407
Require Prescription? No
Store Online Living Aids|Lay Off Pain
Score: 4 from 1 - 5
50 Review
mrhaney44 Review from
November 16, 2021
Its a carburetor
This was used to replace a bad carburetor on a 10hp Tecumseh horizontal shaft engine. It bolted right up and ran perfectly. I was skeptical of the Chinese quality, but they are getting better. No problems!
fluffyr1958 Review from
September 28, 2020
OEM Tecumseh fuel tank
After servicing my old Craftsman snowblower I filled it up with fuel and found the original tank was cracked. Even though it appeared to be different than the original tank I bought it and installed it and it fits perfectly. It looks to be a better design than the original. I would highly recommend this fuel tank to anyone needing a replacement.
mrlester1951 Review from
September 19, 2019
This kit is the Perfect update for rebuilding an old engin
Perfect combination kit for an old engine update when doing a rebuild. An updated Electronic ignition very good product that works and so simple to install. I like the Carburetor to be truthful I did have to adjust the float level but that is not unusual with a new carb. I did not like the plastic float it did not have a metal tab you suppose to bend to set level. So I just used the old float. For the price of this kit and fast delivery I have no complaint.
MinnnesotaSnow Review from
May 10, 2018
Excellent Replacement Carb
This carburetor is an exact replacement. It comes with the gasket and it was easy to replace. It bolted on with the two manifold bolts and the shroud bolts and knob fit perfectly. It was a little tricky getting the linkages in place but the carb had the exact same parts. Take a good look at which holes the linkages go into when you remove the old one. The best part is the snowblower runs perfectly with no adjustments. If you match the engine number with the carb number it is an exact replacement with no adjustments needed.
Nickolas F Review from
May 30, 2019
Poor product an...
Poor product and poor warranty. Installed this product and started my walk behind brush mower less than 10 times before it broke. Called and found out warranty was only 90 days. I paid extra for the name brand part instead of aftermarket only to have an unlabeled box arrive with a part that said made in China on it. If I had known the product quality was so poor I would have purchased a cheap part from another site. I would recommend shopping local instead of paying a premium plus shipping from Jacks.
Charles D Review from
February 26, 2016
I gave this 5 s...
I gave this 5 stars because the kit worked and was easy to install. But I did have trouble with finding the right kit for my application. This was the best I have done. All the parts of this kit fit my application except for the seal for the access to the jets. Not Jack's fault since the kit was probably fine for the right application but it the seal was too small so I did not access or clean the jets and left the old seal in place. But I did spray the heck out of the carburetor from all the openings I could and apparently that was enough to have the jets work satisfactory. The Tiller works fi
Harry C Review from
January 7, 2020
Kit came with a...
Kit came with a spring that was not on the old carburetor. No information on what the spring was for. Called Jack's Small Engines but no technical help. Jacks does not provide any. Company missing a big business opportunity here and that is a sad thing. They sell the products but do not know anything about them. The service in obtaining the parts were excellence.
8998jhs-0 Review from
December 20, 2021
Hard to beat
Exactly as described. Hard to beat the price. New OEM carb for the price of a rebuild kit. Note this is the newer China carb but is OEM Tecumseh
Mike B Review from
November 8, 2019
Installed the c...
Installed the carb. After starting the choke has to be mostly closed after warming up telling me that this part is running lean. A new spark plug was installed Very disappointed for what I had to pay. And yes new gaskets were used. The two attachment screws were replaced with 1/4-20 allen head bolts for a better clamp.Better off rebuilding the OEM carb.
Robert B Review from
June 13, 2019
Borrowed my gir...
Borrowed my girlfriends dads Troybilt VersaTiller and it immediately broke down. Not wanting to return my future father-in-laws tiller like that I decided to investigate. Throttle extension spring was snapped and I needed a new one quick. This was exactly the part I needed it came a lot faster than I expected and my money didnt go to Jeff Bezos. What more can you ask for?
bnb74s Review from
November 4, 2020
Nice way to modernize your equipment.
The tank that arrived was different than the pictured one in that it is shorter in length and the fuel comes out on the end instead of in the middle. The host needed to be modified to receive the new tank but then I had room for an in-line fuel stop that was A OK! Nice>
iraco(at)frazmtn.kom Review from
October 27, 2016
tecumseh gas tank.
It is original Tecumseh manufacture. It was an exact replacement. No installation problems. Only time will tell whether the black color, and this particular formulation of plastic will stand up as well to the elements as the original white plastic tank did. The price was the lowest I could find for IDENTICAL tanks, albeit not by much. It also came with a proper fitting, new vented cap. Ira.
Mark F Review from
December 16, 2019
This is a plast...
This is a plastic part. I have no idea about the longevity of this cam. Although it does not look the same as the OEM cam in my LH195SA-67437V it does work in that engine. I gave it three stars because one it is plastic and two it does not look the same.I am thinking at this point that the cog on each end is to splash oil up on the cam bearings which would be better...I hope this helps!
colestuff Review from
October 28, 2016
Matched the 20 year old original tank very well
This replacement gas tank appears to be better reinforced than the original. It fit the mounting brackets perfectly. The only noticeable difference between this tank and the original is that the fuel line outlet on the original was near the right end of the tank (as it is pictured), where as the outlet is near the left end on the new tank. I replaced the original fuel line due to its brittle nature, but I believe the original fuel line would have reached the left side outlet.
erngrover Review from
August 14, 2018
Adjustments and Inspection Required
The float was not set to the correct operating level (4.3 mm). It arrived at 7 mm. I've learned when purchasing anything online, that I'll usually end up "making it right" on my own. Since I had to remove the bowl to make the adjustment, I took the liberty of cleaning out any machining chaf. Only after these steps was the carburetor ready to go.
Russell V Review from
February 22, 2019
These studs had...
These studs had broken of at the engine block. I didn't think that I would be able to find new ones but I was tickled when I did. I drilled out the broken studs and installed the new. Your service was fast and relatively inexpensive. The shipping cost more than the parts. Overall I'm very pleased. Thank you.
dine-a-mo Review from
December 16, 2015
Seems to be the right part.
The instructions that came with the part stated that that gas cap, that was included, should not be used if the original gas cap is different. I used the gas cap that came with the part and the venting caused same gas to come out of the cap area. When I tried the original gas cap it worked fine and no gas was came out. The clamp that came with the part was not holding the gas line securely, so I ended up using the original clamp also. The tank fit on the motor and worked perfectly.
chevy385 Review from
August 11, 2019
Great muffler. Quiets exhaust but the machine itself is still loud
This muffler is great. Worth the money? Probably not. It does quiet the exhaust significantly but unfortunately the generator and engine themselves are still noisy.
james s Review from
November 11, 2019
Worked as it sh...
Worked as it should...mower started right up. However this part was listed as 'in-stock Inch but all parts delayed a couple days when it was back-ordered. At $1.23 for 1/4 Inch disk of foam it seems a little over priced!! I suspect it'd run just fine without it but while I had it all torn apart I figured I might as well replace all the stuff that ethanol and time had ruined.
peter t Review from
October 30, 2019
I was told by m...
I was told by my local repair / small power shop that this part wasn't available discontinued. Jacks had it. Overall it was a bad design. The intake pipe has a support hole for the muffler too much vibration broke the bolt flange on the intake pipe at the block. Makes it run a bit lean.
Chris A Review from
January 17, 2020
Having an old T...
Having an old Troybilt snowblower I was having a hard time looking for an exhaust manifold. Jack's Small Engines had what I needed. And I got it in 2 days! I like the website and the fast service. Will recommend them to everyone I know that needs parts. Thanks!
Alexzander S. Review from
May 10, 2019
New carb floods.
I bought this new because i was having carburetor problems. I swallowed the 100 dollars just for the sake of convenience and for the peace of mind that its new. The new carb floods with gas and is a headache in it of itself. So wish me luck, going to take the new carb apart just to see whats wrong with it...
steve-in-va Review from
December 15, 2020
Fit fine, not mice proof.
Perfect fit. Replaced the previous one because mice ate through it. They love the soft plastic. My 3rd tank due to mice.
Gordon B Review from
March 21, 2018
It is functiona...
It is functional however it's supposed to be the manufacturers direct replacement so you would think it to be identical to original - NOT so. I really appears to be a generic aftermarket part ? I wondered if Jack's sent me the generic in a OEM box ? Like I said it works but the fit is not what I expected from a supposed OEM part.
Justin R Review from
November 12, 2019
Engine revs as ...
Engine revs as it should and holds an RPM perfectly. The old governor lever became slightly bent/warped over time and would get caught up on the butterfly valve linkage preventing idle or WOT. This new lever also fixed the slight oil loss through the governor weep hole.
mesundberg1 Review from
January 2, 2018
Tecumseh Head Gasket
The gasket arrived in a slightly damaged bubble pack envelope. This allowed the upper end of the gasket to become bent over or damaged. It was however, usable and the fit was excellent. The bending in shipment did not cause any delamination of the layers of the gasket and we were able to utilize it as-is.
Mark C. Review from
May 20, 2020
Tune Up
I needed the two filters, the spark plug wasn't a match (and I knew it), and I could always use the SAE 30 oil. The kit came within a few days. The price was reasonable considering what it costs to have a lawnmower tuned up today. DIY done. Lawn mowed.
Payton C Review from
April 3, 2020
This carburetor...
This carburetor is a direct fit. I was skeptical as to whether it was an OEM product. When I read the bar code the information I got back confirmed it being original equipment not a 'replacement for OEM'. It functions as it should.
ferretsandmopars Review from
April 5, 2016
gas tank
Looks like new. Should be a good replacement to the one i blew apart with too much air pressure. My mower has a fuel feed problem i have been fighting for 4 years. It would run good for about 15 minutes then run out of gas. For the last year, pressurizing the tank would get me going again...over did it last time. Fast shipping good price, thanks, rob/ferts/phx
Pete B Review from
November 30, 2018
I really glad t...
I really glad that I could find this part as it was hard to find in the oem stores in town. Since Techusem went out of bussines it is getting harder to find parts. The engine has been on a log splitter for 8 years and the gas tiank that was orginally on it became rottin due to sun ligth hitting it. Thank you again for having the tank it fits perfectly.
Leslie S Review from
May 19, 2019
There was no re...
There was no rear housing gasket in this gasket set. An engine gasket set should include all gaskets. I was quite put out about that as then I had to make one to complete my job. All of the other parts I ordered and received were of good quality and worked great. I am not going to take the time to rate each and every part.
Roger H Review from
January 21, 2020
This substitute...
This substitute part for the original does NOT have the same flywheel clearance. After installation and initial starting this ignition was ripped off the cylinder head and took a piece with it. Further repair of this engine is now not feasible.
Jon A Review from
February 4, 2020
Exact replaceme...
Exact replacement! The only one available - I had previously contacted 6 other online sites including Tecumseh obsolete part not available anywhere else. Thanks! ALSO the best price and quick shipping!
Richard C Review from
June 16, 2016
Exact replaceme...
Exact replacement of worn carburetor. Engine started right up no adjustment necessary. Received order in less than three days very fast service. With the price of the carburetor it is not feasible to try to rebuild the old carburetor. Thanks Jack's Small Engines!
Matthew K Review from
November 1, 2018
Perfect fit. T...
Perfect fit. The screw is an Allen head type different from the original Phillips head screw. The original stripped too easily where the new Allen head type screw shouldnt. If you want them to match buy 2.
tomfarme_2750 Review from
April 7, 2017
Intake manifold pipe
You guys rock. Exact copy of the original part and works like a charm. Couldnt have found this part without you guys making quality parts for older model engines. With a little research i was anle to find the parts i needed for my 6 hp tecumseh ohh60 motor
John H Review from
March 15, 2019
Probably will n...
Probably will not order from you again. It took a month to receive my parts. I ended up buying another kit locally and had my auger up and running for fishing. Once you finally shipped express shipping instead of ground would have been a nice gesture. John
J.D. M. Review from
August 13, 2020
Terrible customer service
I ordered a lawn mower bag and it said it was in stock. I received a confirmation email stating that I would receive an email when it shipped. A week later and I still have not received an email that it has shipped. Two calls to the company and it is still not resolved and I have received contradictory information. I tried to use online chat to solve this problem but even after I was told I was #1 in line and to start chatting, I entered my info and nothing happened and the chat never started. I called in and waited a very long time to talk to a rep and after two calls, no one is able to tell
William W Review from
January 29, 2020
With the printa...
With the printable engine diagrams I was able to identify the correct part I needed. The diagrams also provided the torque and gap setting required. The engine fired up on the fifth pull. Thank You!!
George B Review from
November 29, 2019
I give this par...
I give this part . . . and your prompt service and sending it FIVE stars.In the future . . . I will definitely deal with Jack's Small Engines.You are a TOP-DRAWER operation!Thanks.George in Doylestown PA
royce100 Review from
April 25, 2017
Perfect for 1979 Troybilt HH60
My old steel tank had gotten all rusty inside. This fit right in, tightened right down with the existing straps. No modifications needed! The old rusty gas tank problem solved for the next 38 years of ownership!
Robert B Review from
September 14, 2016
I was not total...
I was not totally sure the '35135B Lamination Inch would be the proper replacement part for the solid state ignition for my Tecumseh model OHM120 engine but based on the extensive cross-listings on Jack's website I decided to give it a try. The part arrived in only 3 or 4 days and was a perfect fit. My wood chipper is back in operation now that the mouse-chewed ignition wiring is replaced.
Jeffery K Review from
March 17, 2019
Right on the mo...
Right on the money! My cheap overseas part did not fit; you nailed it! My 18 y/o MTD was having problem starting-cleaned up the magnets and w/this new part it started immediately. Thanx for hustling to get me the part quickly.
Steven T Review from
November 29, 2015
I purchased thi...
I purchased this carburetor to replace an old one on my son's Yerf Dog go kart. I also purchased a new fuel line and air line and gaskets. All parts are OEM and fit perfectly. The 10+ year old kart now runs like new again! I will definitely buy from Jack's again. Great parts and service.
Robert T. Review from
January 19, 2019
This cord is defective. Workmanship is substandard as it cannot be plugged directly into a wall outlet as something is defective in a prong or prongs. Fortunately, it does plug into an extension cord, so I can use it that way.
fishsailgolf Review from
January 26, 2021
Perfect fit
Perfect fit as a replacement for a 21 year old original tank. Shipping was faster than estimated. If I get 21 years out of this one I'll be happy.
g_togeo_tc5gpqalwk Review from
November 12, 2019
Service carberator
It made my old snow blower run like new. I used to have to spray starting fluid in the old carberator to start the engine not no more. One pull and it starts it's nice they still have parts for these old motors.
pbi7971 Review from
May 19, 2020
Would Buy Again
Item is exact fit for the Tecumseh LV195EA lawn mower engine for which it was needed. Reasonable quality for the Chinese aftermarket part that it is. More than adequate for my need.
Christopher K Review from
September 23, 2018
The part I rece...
The part I received although its specifications were spot on its appearance was anything new. It was pitted had some surface rust and had some imperfections. Im pleased with the performance of the part but felt as though Id purchased a used part rather than a new one.
lareb Review from
September 11, 2018
Good replacement gas tank for chipper.
Correct fitment for my old 20-year old chipper. Time will tell about it's longevity. The photo was intended for the new carburetor on the chipper but you can see the gas tank installation pretty good, too.
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