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Southwest Technologies - WR200 - Elasto-Gel Wrist Wrap Hot/Cold Therapy

Southwest Technologies:
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Elasto-Gel Wrist Wrap Hot/Cold Therapy, Re-Usable, Not Leak if Punctured
More Information
Manufacturer Southwest Technologies
Brand Elasto-Gel
Categories Abdominal Pain, Chronic Pain, Cold Therapy, Hot Cold Wrap, Hot Therapy, Joint Pain, Muscle Pain, Condition
Code WR200
Sold By Each
UPC 745713002223
Require Prescription? No
Store Lay Off Pain
Score: 4.7 from 1 - 5
50 Review
Jenny Review from
July 16, 2012
Comfortable and versatile
I bought a pair of these as recommended by a physical therapist for home ice therapy on my tendonitis (due to running). It's so easy to just keep the ice packs in the freezer, slip them into the mesh pockets and wrap them around my legs for 20 minutes after a run. Recently I have also been having problems with plantar fasciitis, and the product works just as well on my feet. The wraps are soft and comfortable, stretchy and easy to reposition. These have been a lifesaver for me and my race training.
Nani0915 Review from
July 21, 2015
Definitely multi-purpose
I have used this product myself in the past, but lately have used the wrap for my granddaughter. She plays softball and always has an injury of one sort or another. I take it to every game. It is great for the swelling and eases the pain immediately.
Susan Review from
April 24, 2022
Excellent choice for an ice pack. It stays in place and the ice pouch is convenient and efficient.
Gharless Review from
October 1, 2018
Great product
I bought this product a few weeks ago. I was having knee pain and needed soothing. This product worked quickly to relieve my pain! I was very impressed!
CrystalTiger Review from
March 16, 2016
The Ultimate Hot/Cold wrap!
My husband fell at work 2 weeks ago, falling 10 feet from scaffolding and landing on his left knee. My old ice pack couldn't be found, so I went to Walmart and picked this up. Ice the first day, warmed for healing heat after. It has been a blessing!
AshleyW Review from
March 25, 2016
Just what the doctor ordered
I stay on my feet all day with assistance from my 2 and 3 year old and my grandmother who has Alzheimer's. My legs and feet swell and my muscles ache on a daily basis. I tried this wrap alternating heat and cold and boom my muscles feel great and the swelling is gone.
Wrap Review from
March 21, 2016
Hot & Cold Wrap it was the size need to cover area
I purchase because of the size it cover and while using it relief the discomfort in the area we put it on. The others are usually larger than the area so we do not get the relief we need with other type but this wrap work for the area we needed. Thanks
IRDS Review from
November 6, 2015
Works Wonderfully
This is used by all family members. Fits great on arm or leg. Man's arm or woman's arm. Will not change this for another brand out there. Family agrees!
CLRl Review from
March 15, 2016
The hot and cold feature of this product makes this wrap very effective. It helps to soothe my arthritis aches and those I get from working in the yard. It's actually two products in one.
The Warden Review from
June 13, 2019
Difficult to put on arm/elbow
If you want to use the wrap on your elbow or forearm, it is impossible to put on by yourself, using one hand. This would not work for someone living alone or an elderly person.
sheshe Review from
January 20, 2017
Great for lots of things
We bought this for pains in legs and arms. And to see if could wrap around waist. Helped alot and with bad knee not only did wrapping help but soothed pains thank you for a great product
CarolynF Review from
February 13, 2013
The Most Fantastic!
This wrap conforms to all body parts. It can be used for heat or cold. Heat to stimulate circulation and heal. Cold for immediate injuries and to stop bleeding. I use them on myself, husband and grandchildren. A must for first aid and pain relief.
prittywitty Review from
March 15, 2016
I bought this after knee pain that was getting worse and I needed something to keep it in place while keeping the inflammation down... this worked wonders! I could get my work done and not have to worry about icing or putting heat on... AWESOME PRODUCT!
Robinbird Review from
March 15, 2016
very effective
I bought the hot and cold wrap mainly to apply heat to my shoulder.My son disovered it has helped his knees tremendously when in weight training. Much cheaper then the one use adhesive patches.
Linda Review from
June 9, 2022
Not that happy
Mine did NOT include the hot/cold element as stated on box.
sjh1 Review from
March 15, 2016
great product
bought this product for leg injury. its very versatile. stays in place and provides the hot/cold therapy i needed. price is right too.
mgorton28 Review from
July 9, 2012
hot cold multi wrap
Amazing! I over use it for everything!! I had brain surgery in 2008 and used it to keep the swelling down, hurt my back and used it hot to loosen the muscles and just recently had my tonsils out and used it cold to ease the pain!! Multi functional, amazing product!!
Cmo1986 Review from
January 7, 2017
Feels amazing!
I buy this product everytime my arthritis starts up.. the hot and cold makes it feel so much better!!! I would recommend this to everyone! !!!
aprilh14 Review from
February 7, 2013
Great Product!
I like this product a lot since it is multi-purpose which is great for both my spouse & I we both have aches and a lot of pain he has to use it on his shoulder/arm & I use the product on my back, I have actually referred this product to my Mother in Law who has Rhumatiod Arthritis, she also uses the product all the time. I would refer this product to anyone and I would also suggest anyone who has pain to use it!
nannyone Review from
February 7, 2013
No More Pain
I use the multi-purpose wrap for any pain I have. I suffer with serious back problems as well as knee problems. This wrap is a gift from the gods it eases or takes away the pain anywhere. Try it, you will be very happy with the results.
jkozloff Review from
November 21, 2012
many uses
My husband is a builder/carpenter who , depending on the job , gets many pains in his joints. On a whim I purchased this wrap to relieve some of the aches. We are both quite pleased with the relief he has found through this and some aspirin. Thanks!
norman926 Review from
March 15, 2016
hot cold wrap
great for my swelling knees , the cold wrap bring down the swelling pretty quickly and i keep it on for about 20 min then put it in the freezer for 30 min and use it on the other knee. Thanks ace you are ACES
K Dodson Review from
March 16, 2016
Wonderful muscle relief
I purchased this product not too long ago I have not used it as a hot pack, but putting it in the freezer and using it on my Sorna muscles and even headaches it works great
HeatherAkronOhio Review from
August 1, 2011
Hubby loves ACE Products
I went to the store with a few dollars in hand. I was on a mission for some sort of releif for my whining husband and his back ache from down under. He was in so much pain, nothing was working. Of all things he said to me before I left on my venture to the store he says. Only buy ACE.
Hollz Review from
March 16, 2016
Great feature: hot AND cold!
I bought this a while back and was so pleased that I had picked this out from the others. I use it cold mostly but also enjoy when it's warm.
msxdeleon Review from
March 15, 2016
great features
I brought this a month ago & I'm happy that I brought this items it help me get thru the day. I recommended it to whoever that buys it. Wonderful item!!
ncbound1963 Review from
March 21, 2016
Excellent treatment for my knee
I use this cold and hot for my knee, arm even feet. It is easy to take with you. Love all ACE products that i have used.
charlie Review from
March 16, 2016
awesome product
Absolutely loved this product hurt my ankle and instead of sitting around with an ice pack on it, I put one of these guys, swelling was kept to min, and was able to still do my errands.
adultstudent Review from
February 7, 2013
As always ACE has come through with another product that works. Whether its a sprain, strain, or just pain this will naturally help one feel better. Love it and so does the rest of my family of all ages.
Etta Review from
March 19, 2016
Best hot-n-cold wrap
I had been using ice in ziploc bags wrapped in a towel and the ice kept melting and making a mess, that's when i went to walgreens and i found the ace brand hot and cold mutipurpose wrap, and it worked perfectly, now i can use it for hot and cold compress on my knee and it helps with the swelling and makes me feel much better, i would recommend this to anyone who needs fast relief for any injury
dolo264 Review from
March 16, 2016
Multipurpose says it all
This wrap is great for different types of issues. No need to guess whether you need heat or cold for your injury.
tbeckys Review from
February 11, 2015
Works great!
I have bought this at Ace about 3 months ago and could'nt be more pleased. I use both the hot and cold as I have arthritis and Lupus and it really works well for me.
pancha Review from
April 4, 2016
Long Lasting Relief
I actually have both the wrap and the compress. Love them both, they fit multiple needs and are very flexiable
Larry Review from
March 16, 2016
cold pack. Can't remember the name
I bought this a number of years ago. It is very well constructed and lasts a long time.
Nrb79 Review from
February 6, 2013
Hot & Cold compress is excellent for achy muscles. I have chronic back pain & it gives me the relief I need. The Velcro strap is perfect for repositioning
gidgetmu Review from
January 18, 2012
Great product
Able to use in multiple places...offered right amount of cold/heat to reach maximum relief. Held on well and long lasting. Would definately use again.
Cheryl Review from
March 15, 2016
Great wrap
I purchased this so I could wrap around back or hips works great would have liked alittle larger pad with I recently found on Amazon.
shanti123 Review from
August 8, 2014
Effective Product
This product works really well on a painful wrist that needs a lot of support. I am so glad that I purchased this item for my wrist.
Toneloc Review from
March 16, 2016
hot & cold wrap
I really enjoy using the hot & cold wrap, because my joints suck and it helps with the pain. I will always use this product.
hvac4415 Review from
March 15, 2016
Hot and Cold pain away
This ACE Hot and Cold wrap is amazing, strap it on and it relieves pain and soreness in minutes, Great product
Latcheroonie Review from
July 16, 2015
Wrap With MultiPurpose Comfort
Great For Muscle Aches, Bee Stings, Joint Tweaks And Body Fatigue-- Cold Or Hot It Does The Trick
Joe R Review from
March 15, 2016
I bought this because I play sports and sometimes my arm hurts , when I used this my arm felt much better
altman5 Review from
July 6, 2012
I purchase these for my husband who is a machanic and always had a pain some where after a weeks work. They work wonders on any kind of pulled muscle or pain.
debdeb Review from
February 7, 2013
hot & cold wraps
i use these hot & cold wraps for about everything my shoulder is the worst and this wrap really does work & help with the pain....aceis the best product around......
cookie Review from
January 26, 2011
Back Pain
I had surgery on my neck from a car accident. Now I have real bad pain from it, I use the hot and cold therapy to ease the pain. It really makes life much easier for me.
Grayone1 Review from
March 15, 2016
Great for computer wrist
I"ve used this over the years and it helps.Especially when i have to get something typed quickly.
tamsue71 Review from
October 17, 2012
Love this wrap
I had a sprain ankle and used this wrap and loved it! I would highly recommend Ace products esp this one
Jackie 27 Review from
March 16, 2016
great features
My grandsons love it ,its so easy to use and very convenient we always use ace products
Just Joan Review from
March 24, 2016
Worked quickly and easily!
I bought one a few months ago and it works to reduce swelling and eases pain.
eewxx Review from
February 7, 2013
back pains
arthritis has settled in my lower back - I tried massager & meds, but nothing eased the pain except this Ace hot/cold wrap
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