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IReliev is a leading manufacturer of TENS therapy products since 2009. Their goal is to give control and freedom back to the consumer’s hands.

TENS Therapy utilizes a low voltage of electrical current to deliver electrical pulses to the body, which stimulate nerve fibers that blocks any pain message to the brain increasing endorphins, a natural pain reliever.

IRelieve a drug free therapy has many benefits including:

-          It is comfortable, secure and easy to use

-          Causes no pain 

-          It is a non-invasive procedure 

-          Causes no addictions or side effects  


Dual Channel TENS Pain Relief System

This is a portable TENS system that allows you to select from 8 pre-set programs and 25 levels of adjustable intensity. By adjusting each electro pad channel individually, it provides an easy and comfortable level of relief.


This package includes:
- (3) AAA batteries
- (2) Lead wires
- Storage tote bag
- Easy carry clip holder
- 4 premium (2″ x 2″) reusable electrodes



Mini Wireless TENS Pain Relief Patch

This TENS unit is specially made to block any pain signal that you might feel. The Mini Wireless TENS device is portable and very efficient it gives you the option of 10 different intensity levels.




TENS Back Pain Relief System

The TENS Back Pain Relief System is designed to relieve acute and chronic pain of the lumbar (lower back) by using electrical stimulation and a soft compression.

It has 8 different therapy modes that will help you customize your therapy and provide you a comfortable and easy relief.

The tapered cut offers precise placement on your lower back for a perfect fit.



TENS + EMS Combo Muscle Stimulator

This TENS EMS Combo Muscle Stimulator device has 14 different programmed therapy levels, making it very easy and comfortable to use.

The TENS modes provide a safe and effective relief that helps block pain receptors and increase endorphins (a natural pain reliever). The pre-set EMS programs provide a rhythmic that help increase blood flow to promote muscle recovery, strength and performance.


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