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AcuZone - Moxa-Loose Moxa(Sajuari) - Sajuari Loose Moxa - 900 Grams(=2 Lbs) / Bag, Made In Korea

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Moxa-Loose Moxa(Sajuari)
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Sajuari Loose Moxa - 900 Grams(=2 Lbs) / Bag, Made In Korea
More Information
Manufacturer AcuZone
Categories Accessories, Acupuncture, Chronic Pain, Muscle Pain, Condition
Code Moxa-Loose Moxa(Sajuari)
Sold By Each
Require Prescription? No
Store Lay Off Pain|Whole Surgical
Score: 5 from 1 - 5
49 Review
Amy W. Review from
December 2, 2021
Use in feral cats
I made this purchase for my feral cat colony I care for. This season I had several end up with a cold known as Rhino Virus in felines, it is a nasty virus that several of my cats caught. Since they are feral and not able to be handled this was an easy fix to put the amoxicillin powder on their food. Thank you my feral colony is feeling much better.
Bob B. Review from
November 13, 2021
Im very happy!
I had an absolutely excellent experience ordering this. The mox worked great, as expected but what really put it over the top was the service. It was outstanding. The order even arrived a few days earlier than expected. Id buy from these folks again. They are highly recommended. Im very happy!
Flo Review from
June 8, 2020
I wanted to write a review earlier, but I had ended up hurting myself so I couldn't type. I would definitely purchase this item again and I will purchase it from ValleyVet Supply. They are fast,curteous,helpful. My shipping was quick even in these trying times. I have 3 huge tanks in my home and one medium size. This helped my fishes bounce back. I will definitely use ValleyVet and their products.This product works well.
Dawnnnnn Review from
January 24, 2022
Saved my remaining fish
one day one of my fish had passed, so i immediately checked my equipment and water quality. Inspected the deceased fish and noticed some unusual coloring on that fish. So I tried these antibiotics. So far my other fish are still doing well.
FJBbrandon Review from
January 25, 2022
Cured the bacterial infection
My fish was working at a prison and caught a bacterial infection and also do to it being impossible to get scene these days by medical I tried these. Absolutely cured my fish . I totally recommend these pills
kddealer Review from
October 6, 2016
Its Amoxicillian - it arrived fast - clear up both Cats...err-um - cat-fish. No
It arrived fast - mixed it in some gravy loaded wet cat food -(google search tells how many milligrams per pound - it was 1/6 of a capsule for my normal 8 lb cat (fish) - so divide the powder up like a drug addict doing lines - 10 days - worked great for me! Checked it against the Amox I get for humans - same exact pill, same smell, same thing. Will work great for FISH! I bought several more bottles -to have in the event the Gov'mnt decides to force it off market. keeping in fridge - pharmasist tells me even at end of expire date it will be 90% effective - 2 more years after 75 to 80% effectiv
Review from
Google Customer Reviews
March 22, 2020
Was dealing with a possible bacterial component of a recent decline in the immune system of my fish and holding tanks. Thank goodness I was able to get my hands on this product. The initial improvement happened within hours and they have continued to improve. Definately would recommend this company and this product.
Works Review from
December 30, 2021
These are 500mg
Theres a review saying they got 250mg but thats because you need to be careful when placing your order to ensure you indeed ordered the 500MG and not the 250MG. But both have the same pharmaceutical.
Michele Mathison Review from
Google Customer Reviews
April 20, 2021
This product is my go to for ear infections in my current pig and my last one, and is approved by my own vet. When pigs have ear infections they actually cry and this product saves a human's sanity.
Lya Review from
October 21, 2021
It Works.
It has worked great. I would recommend it to anyone who has fish. It does what it says it's going to do. Not many products are living up to that anymore.
Laurie Review from
December 10, 2021
I have 8 aquariums, large. The dissolving aqua mox keeps my fish infection free and full of healthy color. Thank you Wal-Mart
HRC1 Review from
November 29, 2021
Happy Fish
Good product Recommend. Good price. Fast delivery. Love this product
GIDGET H Review from
July 13, 2021
Absolutely No Complaints EVER!!!!
Valley Vet is awesome. Seriously, all of the products and services are top notch. I highly recommend them to everyone.
Genevieve Review from
December 15, 2021
Although the aqua/fish-mox seems to work when my fish have infections, I really need to figure out how they keep getting reintroduced to the bacterias that are causing the infections.
SueR Review from
January 24, 2022
Aqua-Mox Forte Fish Antibiotic, 100 count
since I love chewy and had an account, I purchased this for a friend that took most of my fish and aquarium supplies...they said they were very happy with the results of this product, andthey had a few fish with ick and the water got cleaned up and they used this and said fish is still with us. :)
Hoop Review from
Valley Vet Supply
August 6, 2015
Saved my DOG!!
I bought this about a month ago because my parents dog was bitten by a snake and had started to swell and pus and they couldn't afford a prescription from vet or the cost for the visit. After reading some reviews that people have given this to their dog I figured it was worth a shot. My parents dog was basically on his death bed but after two weeks of giving him these pills he is back to his normal self. These pills literally saved his life!!! I would recommend them!!!
fish Review from
November 5, 2021
helps my fish
fish look great love using this product not happy with who delivered it because they put in middle of my yard on picnic table and I didn't know were it was and it was outside for 2 days too
Wonderful Review from
January 1, 2022
Have purchased many time and will do so again!
Highly recommend! High quality, very effective, great price, and super fast shipping!
TERR S Review from
June 12, 2020
The BEST products Always!!
I have always had a pleasant experience with Valley Vet Supply. They have the BEST products available for all my critters, whether they are livestock, pets or fish.
terry Review from
December 22, 2021
Received quickly, immediately I put it to work and it is great! Highly recommend Valley Vet and will be shopping there again!
DOROTHY M Review from
April 2, 2016
Fast shipping, great product
Fast shipping and great product. I received shipping confirmation the same day that I ordered the product. I ordered this for a friend whose dog had an infected foot from a cut. This product worked great, the swelling went down in a matter of days and her foot looks great.
lawnmower*661 Review from
July 18, 2016
great quality
these antibiotic capsules are good quality and fresh. They worked great for me and the fish are happy again. The long expiration date means that I will have them ready when needed again or if any of my friends need them. A really good value for 20 bucks.
paintgeek2000 Review from
November 28, 2016
Works as expected.
Great product, is relatively fresh with exp 10/2018 so it should last awhile if you don't use all of it. It's recommended 1 pill or 250-500 mg per 10 gallons for 7-10 days 3 times per day. Drain the tank water down 1/4-1/3 so you don't get a buildup in your tank. I recommend the product.
tracyrad Review from
March 28, 2017
Amoxicillin 500mg
Worked great in my tank. It worked great in my tank and the FDA recognizes the tablet has a 500 mg amoxicillin tablet. Therefore it's quality must be 500 mg of amoxicillin. Just saying.
Theresa Review from
January 16, 2022
Medical difference
What is the difference between forte amoxicillin and straight amoxicillin?
Heidi G Review from
August 15, 2021
When I got tired of Chewy tellimg me my auto ship order was out of stock I went online to search for another supplier. Valley Vet had what I needed so I made a bulk purchase and recieved 10%off. My order was placed, packed, shipped and delivered to Los Angeles all within 5 days. Prompt, reliable, 10% off discount.... what's not to like?
Review from
Google Customer Reviews
December 12, 2021
This is the same stuff you'd get from a high-end pharmacist. Great product at a great price.
Fishmox Review from
November 13, 2021
fish mox for aquariums
Excellent product exactly as described carefully packaged with prompt shipping
WhiskeyBill Review from
December 23, 2021
Healthy Fish
great stuff to have when you have several aquariums and many fish.
wadekat2763 Review from
October 10, 2016
Great Product
I am satisfied with the good quality and great price on this fish antibiotic. This is probably the best fish antibiotic I have bought. I would recommend this to anyone.
Dreama Review from
November 14, 2021
Entirely Pets
Very happy with this company. I recommend it highly.
Karen O Review from
October 18, 2021
Thank you ValleyVet!
Great value & excellent service that is much appreciated. Thank you.
Karen O Review from
October 18, 2021
Thank you ValleyVet!
Great value & excellent service that is much appreciated. Thank you.
Review from
Google Customer Reviews
January 14, 2022
I like this product a lot. Hope you will still carry this brand.
Stanley M. Review from
January 7, 2022
good job
thanks for being there for us and our pets. wonderful to do business with you.
Paul F Review from
November 8, 2021
Very happy with valley vet company
I received my order quickly . Very pleased with the product.
BillyBob Review from
January 28, 2022
My fish love it
Cured my fishes strep throat really quick and he was back to work in no time.
K. Dobkin Review from
December 16, 2016
Absolutely should be in your fish's medicine cabinet
Works great! cured my oranda, ryukin and shubunkin goldfish of a weird bacterial infection that was making them swim funny-lost 3 before I got this but managed to save the rest.
Laura Review from
August 24, 2021
Very helpful product
An essential fish antibiotic at a reasonable price.
Doktor Review from
November 5, 2021
Fish supplement
I'M not sure if the like it , but they seem to look better and be a bit more active .
Review from
Google Customer Reviews
June 6, 2020
This is a wonderful product. We use it for our aquariums in the house as well as in our small pond.
Harley Review from
January 26, 2022
Best Company.
Chewy is the best company I deal with. Fast dependable service!
CARLA H Review from
September 14, 2017
This is an awesome web site my brother says that you guys are fast and efficient from placing an order to shipping quickly. Very pleased with the Aqua-Mox product. Thanks so much.
Roy B Review from
May 28, 2020
Been dealing with Valley Vet for many years and as always, this product is of good quality and a great value!
rod s Review from
August 13, 2018
product quality
fast shipping,good product,wish the expired date wouldn't have been close to indicate a fresher product.purchased some a year ago with the same expire date.thanks anyway.Rod Storey
rod s Review from
August 13, 2018
product quality
fast shipping,good product,wish the expired date wouldn't have been close to indicate a fresher product.purchased some a year ago with the same expire date.thanks anyway.Rod Storey
Paula L Review from
October 8, 2021
Just as expected, and fast shipping. Very happy with this purchase.
Review from
Google Customer Reviews
December 27, 2021
Great product and works well. I will always order from you guys.
Guillermo Review from
December 31, 2021
It was the best price I could find and I trust Walmart. They are safe and reliable.
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