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AMD Ritmed From: A6906 To: A8800 - AMD Ritmed Gauze Bandage

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AMD Ritmed:
A6906 - A8800
FSA Eligible
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A6924Gauze Bandage, Sterile4"x 131"8 Package / Case
A8120Gauze Sponge, 2-Ply, Sterile 2s8"x 4"20 Package / Case
A8121Gauze Sponge, 12-Ply, Sterile, 10s8"x 4"12 Package / Case
A8125Gauze Sponge, 12-Ply, Sterile, 10s8"x 4"20 Package / Case
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Multi-purpose, premium grade cotton gauze sponges non-sterile

Ritmed Premium Cotton Gauze Sponges

These highly absorbent, premium grade USP VII cotton sponges provide optimal protection and patient comfort. Ideal for cleansing wounds or skin, absorbing biological fluids, supporting organs and tissue during surgical procedures. Non-sterile.

AMD Ritmed - AMD Ritmed Gauze Bandage
AMD Ritmed - AMD Ritmed Gauze Bandage
More Information
Manufacturer AMD Ritmed
Brand AMD Ritmed
Categories First Aid Supplies, Gauze Pads, Gauze Roll, Bandage, Bandage Roll, Compression Bandage, Dressing Retention, Gauze, Gauze Bandage, Wound Dressing
Code A6906 - A8800
Require Prescription? No
Store Online Living Aids|Lay Off Pain|Wound Treatment
Score: 4.8 from 1 - 5
50 Review
ammie.p Review from
July 2, 2022
Recently I had some dental issues which resulted in the removal of one of my back teeth caused from an abscess. Thankfully my dentist recommended Band-aid brand cushion care gauze. This product was a great alternative to regular gauze. It's a quilt like, soft and absorbent material. Perfect for my situation. Low price point and great quality for the price. Beery be pleased to with the product.
sherri.f Review from
July 15, 2022
Recently after multiple arm surgeries, I found it difficult to keep my wounds wrapped. Band-Aid flexible rolled gauze came to my rescue. Easy to wrap, made with Kling technology to keep my bandaging in place, absorptive, flexible and most importantly comfortable to wear! I trust Band-Aid brand to be sterile, effective, and to meet all my wound dressing needs. Definitely recommend for wound care.
Karen S. Review from
May 2, 2022
The Band-Aid small gauze pads are just the right product when you need a bit of cushioning over a wound or blister. They cover and absorb well, are easily cut to customize the fit you need, and do not pull or further damage healing skin when removed. This brand is my #1 favorite and that's why I buy them from the On-Line Drugstore!
alexis.n Review from
September 14, 2021
These come individually wrapped in sterile packaging which is a huge bonus because most products like these in the first aid kits we have are not listed as sterile. They will be perfect for covering up an injury after getting the bleeding to stop and the area clean. Also the price was unbeatable for the fact that these are sterile and individually wrapped.
kymberly .h Review from
May 17, 2022
So I've been using this for over a week on my burn. I love how easy this is to use. The packaging is convenient to, since they are all in rolls and packaged separately. When you use this it's thin enough to give the wound air with also giving it protection again dirt and such.
natasha.s Review from
March 13, 2021
I feel like this is very simple product that is definitely essential in everyone's homes. you can use it for absolutely everything. Especially if you have a larger size cut all you have to do is clean the wound and then wrap it but not too tight with some gauze. Everyone should definitely have even a small sterile roll of this in their homes. I definitely find it very useful
saudia.b Review from
March 25, 2021
I scrapped up my shoulder really good when I went out for a run and fell face first - because I'm just that clumsy. My shoulder was really badly scrapped - a huge area. These were the only bandages big enough to cover my wound. I used it with skin/bandage tape. It was gentle and never stuck to my disgusting wound. Hoping I'll never need it again, but I do recommend these.
Tom2ears Review from
January 17, 2022
Great Product - the best
I have used these to dress my abdominal drain tube and cover with 3MTegaderm for the last 12 years. These work better than any other product. Sadly, I can no longer find them in any of the area stores, Walmart, Walgreens, etc. They have spots on the shelf but never any inventory.
demottar Review from
December 29, 2021
Great for Post-Surgery
I purchased these for post-surgery wound care, and they were great - very soft, absorbent, and didn't chafe my skin at all. Band-Aid offers a few different sizes, and I would order these again. Each gauze was packaged in it's own paper wrapping, so they were very sterile, as well.
Review from
June 17, 2019
Great Pads for a Fair Price!
I really like these gauze pads for wound care! They are well-made and soft, and the little pockets in the fabric do seem to help keep the wound drier than it would be, without it, I have thyroid trouble that we're still trying to get controlled properly, and because of this I have some wounds that heal slowly. It is great to be able to buy these Large Gauze Pads from Band-Aid at a local store (Wal Mart), rather than having to order pads from a medical supply store. I also like that Band-Aid's pads are easy to work with--you can even unfold them if you want and cut or tear them into whatever si
treasuredthreads15 Review from
November 7, 2019
Gauze pads
I have HS and these are my favorite and THE BEST for draining wounds/abscesses. They are super thick and absorbent and dont stick to your wound or mush up into cotton balls or fall apart like some Ive tried if you have in an area with a lot of movement. You can even open it up and make the size 4X8 if needed for more coverage with a little less padding. They also help with providing a little cushion to keep from hitting or irritating the area. Its worth the price. Pay a little extra and get these, trust me. Definitely recommend!
scarysmart Review from
April 7, 2019
Love these!
These are great. They are very good quality. I have used every brand of 4x4s available and these are the best. They permit the wound to breath yet still protect it from the environment. They can be opened up and used as a single layer for larger uninterrupted area coverage if desired. Absorption is really good, the wound is cleaner, and they don't disintegrate on removal. Truly the best I have found. The only 4x4s I will use from now on for wound care.
maria .r Review from
October 20, 2021
I was disappointed at first when I saw the size of these, but then discovered I could unfold them and not lose absorbency. They do work better than the regular 4 x 4 gauze pads. The slightly pebbled finish is helpful in healing of chronic wounds.
testuna Review from
August 11, 2020
Awesome productl
These pads are the only comfort that my friend receives from a blister that gives him trouble walking. He has tried many other brands but these are so thick and they help to cushion the area. He swears by them and always likes to have them on hand, in case. I like that you can purchase them in larger quantities and they are priced very reasonably.
ashley.w Review from
June 25, 2020
As Summer continues, go about your day knowing Bandaid Cushion care has your back. Summer injury has struck me by me breaking my pinky toe. Band Aid Cushion Care has been great in aiding me in buddy taping my toe. It is completely comfortable situated between my pinky toe and my fourth toe. They do run a little bigger than my pinky toe but I often wrap the extra around my pinky toe for extra comfort and to make sure the tape does not rub against my skin. Super recommend.
alexis.n Review from
September 14, 2021
These are great. I really love that it is a sterilized bandage and is great for stopping bleeding in an emergent situation. Its very well packaged and a fantastic price. We love it so much we are stocking up for just incase.
Courtney Review from
August 22, 2020
Worked great post surgery
Worked great for post surgery for my dog, only stuck to itself and not at all to my dogs fur and shes quite fuzzy as a spaniel mix. Careful when unrolling as it will easily stick to itself, which is the point of it and not a flaw just be aware the first couple times you use it. Found it best to unroll a section first before starting to bandage and that helped a lot.
amber.l Review from
February 23, 2020
Amazing amazing amazing. This gauze truly does what it says it will. The thing that I enjoyed most was that it did not stick to my wound. It was able to absorb the excess stuff but not stick to the wound. Many gauzes you run the risk of it taking the healed skin with it but this did not. Would purchase again and also keep in my medicine cabinet. Band-Aid First Aid Gauze Pads, Small (2 Inch x 2 Inch), 25 ea
minabird Review from
March 27, 2022
Perfect to use after newborn circumcision
These worked great for our baby and Vaseline after circumcision. I recommend getting these large sized ones and cutting them into smaller squares, if you have the time, youll save money that way!
dina.c Review from
August 25, 2021
Ideal for burns, absorb moisture and breathable. You can tape it or use a gauze to protect the minor injury. As a first time buyer, I will recommended it to family members.
jessica.f Review from
September 14, 2017
I recently had surgery on my abdomen and a few days after getting my staples removed, my incision came wide open. I had to use this gauze to "pack" my incision so it can heal properly. This gauze is kind of expensive but when you need it you have to buy it. The packaging (box) is nice and bulky, and the individual wrappers each set of 2 pads come in are pretty large. I think the packaging could be smaller as well as the wrappers. This way, we could save on packaging and the product probably wouldn't cost as much.
es Review from
February 9, 2022
Excellent cushioned gauze pads
These gauze pads are very thick but lightweight and stay on skin better than regular gauze. We are using them for after staples were removed from a surgery.
WoundedGirl Review from
March 21, 2022
Band-aid Large Thick Gauze 4x4 Pads
These are good for draining wounds very absorbent and non stick. I like the thickness. Gave it 4 Stars due to high price.
SP Review from
April 10, 2022
Just what I needed
I used these after surgery to protect and cushion my incisions. They didn't stick to my wounds and were the perfect size. I unfolded them so they would be 2x4.
Thunderbird2 Review from
January 21, 2022
Band-Aid Rules
I think the Cushion Care line are the best gauze pads for wound dressing available to the general public. The 3x3 size is perfect when a 2x2 is too small and a 4x4 is far too big.
yei Review from
April 22, 2022
Leaves Lint / Cotton In Wound
Leaves Lint / Cotton Behind. I Have An Open Wound And Because It Sheds Cotton That Sticks To My Skin It Doesn't Work For Me. Disappointed
testuna Review from
July 6, 2021
Very comfortable.
These were purchased for a person with a prosthetic and used to prevent blisters in the summer heat. They are the only brand that helps him. I would definitely recommend for those that needs extra padding for comfort.
danielleg Review from
March 15, 2022
So soft
These work great. I had a wound from a bad infection after a surgery and I would much rather use these than the regular gauze that gets all stuck. Bleh.
Sydney Review from
May 4, 2021
Thick and Strong
I had to use these after a recent surgery and they were better than the cheap pack the hospital gave me. Really thick and doesnt shred. I used 2-4 per day to cover my stitches so I wish they came in a bulk pack because Ive gone through about 5 boxes already.
Sylvia Review from
December 8, 2020
I really like this product, it helps my mother really well. But this item is no longer available and we will need more later. Can you get some more. It would be helpful. Thanks!
stephanie.a Review from
November 14, 2020
These are really good gauze. They dont stick to my wounds as bad as others. Theyre big and soft. They protect the wound that needs covering. Great price
EastCoast52 Review from
October 12, 2017
Good Quality, Fair Price!
Am SO GLAD to have found these on Other stores have stopped carrying J&J and switched to their store brand. Have tried some and they are TERRIBLE. The generic ones from our local grocery store practically fell apart when we tried to use them. These hold up well and do what they're supposed to. Thank you Target for still carrying them!!
ChronicWoundHealer Review from
May 27, 2015
ESSENTIAL ITEM: Chronic Wound Care
In the continual fight against Decubitus/Pressure Ulcers (Bed Sores), this is wound-care essential "anchoring" ointments and creams to the target location. This item acts as a breathable barrier between the skin and a piece of undergarment, significantly reducing the loss of applied medication that the undergarment might absorb. The resulting benefits are: (1) decreased waste of medication, (2) improved healing efficiency and (3) reduced healing times. This light-as-air item is a MUST-HAVE .
MaryRN Review from
August 15, 2015
Not your average "gauze"
I have had draining, surgical wounds for several years. Recently, I tried these new J&J Gauze pads. I was surprisingly pleased with this is new technology. The thick, quilted gauze wicks the drainage away, better than traditional gauze. Tape needed to secure in place. I secure my dressings with paper tape and it stays in place easily.
AShere Review from
March 5, 2020
Love the Sponge
These are awesome. We have to get treatment every week at Childrens hospital. These help minimize the alcohol smell which we are allergic to in between line changes. These are much better than the gauze or sponges supplied by the facility for this purpose.
Jamie Review from
February 1, 2022
The right gauze pads for me
These gauze pads were exactly what I needed after my surgery!! The size was great and they werent scratchy like some brands.
bestwater Review from
February 4, 2022
Best Gauze Pads
These are great - I have to use them for a medical condition and I love these! Couldn't get by without them.
Review from
June 13, 2019
Wound Protection
I had a minor surgery that i needed to use gauze pads. I used Johnson & Johnson medium gauze pads for the wound while it was healing. These pads are amazing and if i ever have to have any kind if surgery or an injury that needs to be covered, i am only buying these gauze pads.Great Product!
SP Review from
April 6, 2022
I used these to cover incisions post surgery. They are very thick and comfortable to wear under bandages.
Review from
August 12, 2019
This is really good gauze
Bandaid's Medium Gauze pads are soft and great for wound care. They are quite large and I actually cut them up to make smaller gauze pads. I also like how they are sterile and wrapped in individual wrappers.
tarah.w Review from
June 13, 2022
These are affordable very thick sterile. I had oral surgery wisdom tooth removed and used these pads for care.
rebecca.w Review from
March 29, 2021
Very good quality however the price point sucks. Its pretty expensive compared to store brands so I usually just grab the store brand unless I have a coupon for this or its on sale.
Michelle Review from
July 3, 2020
Great cushion if you leave it the way it comes outs of the package. If you need to unroll it that's where the problem starts. But all in all, I really like this product and I'm ordering it again. Can't beat the price either.
mah9757 Review from
March 30, 2021
Useful for wound care
Better at cushioning wound and absorbing drainage. I could get plain gauze sponges for free from the VA but these are worth paying for.
Quaranqueen Review from
August 27, 2020
Love how cushy it is but I just needed the cause for my chest to cover my stitches and I ended up having to unravel some of it and snip off what I needed. Its a big pad which I think would be great for bigger injuries.
Review from
December 4, 2019
Best Gauze Pad
I have compared all the different brands, but I have concluded that nothing beats the Band-Aid brand. I only have 2 regrets: I couldn't find the 2" x 2" in the stores. I've had to purchase them online. The second regret is that they don''t come in a 1" x 1" size.
Michelle Review from
November 24, 2016
Perfect for what I needed them for
I recently had surgery and 2 incisions became infected. I need something similar to what they used at the doctor's office to dress the wounds daily. They are the perfect size and very absorbent. They were a great price too
Kristina M Review from
August 10, 2020
There is nothing wrong with this product but FYI they are very thick. If you're looking for simple thin gauze pad, look for something else.
tsiggy Review from
August 30, 2021
First aid kit essential
These are all individually wrapped, which makes them great for your first aid kit and to take on the go!
hank Review from
February 17, 2021
I feel safer in case I have to use them
I haven't used any of the Gauze pads yet, but it looks like just what I wanted to purchase. They are in my medicine cabinet in my bathroom in case I need to us them.
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