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BSN Jobst - 73-130UNBLK - Safe-T-Belt Dynaback Working Back Support

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Safe-T-Belt Dynaback Working Back Support Black Un
More Information
Manufacturer BSN Jobst
Brand Safe-T-Belt
Categories Back Belt, Back Pain, Condition, Back Support, Support Belt
Code 73-130UNBLK
Sold By Each
HCPCS 719869538677
Product Color Black
Require Prescription? No
Store Lay Off Pain|Stomabags
Score: 4.7 from 1 - 5
49 Review
Will Review from
September 23, 2021
Worked perfectly for this past weekend!
I initially bought this to help with supporting my back for my church have moved, this past weekend. After doing much research on Amazon, Home Depot, Lowes & eBay, found that these were on sale for $7.99. So I drove to my nearest Harbor Freight, lo-and-behold, I got it out of it's packaging, self explanatory. The first hook-and-loop is the first stage of support, then it has a second set of hook-and-loop that's stretches and gives you much more comfort! I'm about 6"0' and 290lbs, I had to extend the suspender straps to it's max. But I can't say how happy I am to have both found this at HF, but
John Boy Review from
December 7, 2021
I own several of these black back supporters that I use for different jobs. You absolutely can't go wrong if you are looking for price and comfort and durability. They are not designed to hold tools and some people may not like the suspenders but if you just want want to give your muscles and spine some extra strength and stability these belts work miracles. Just be sure and get the correct size. Also note that the orange reflective model is not made of the same design. It does not fit the same. I had to return an orange model because it did fit the same way for me. It is designed a little bit
PatiN Review from
September 28, 2021
Support that works
This is a good quality item. It runs accurate to sizes. I bought a small. And it really is small. Maybe a little too much. Wound up relieving the straps and wearing the belt alone. Fits better feels better. So if your are close to your size limit, get next size up. Otherwise this is a great value.
J.C. Review from
January 6, 2022
Brace true review
Within 2 weeks I purchased this and a XXL both lost the far left rib due to stiching basically as soon as I put it on. Because HF isn't a trash company I walked in and exchanged for new one each time. I use these HEAVILY they give great support for the cost. If materials were heavier duty I would have to pay more(see how that works) all in all for a $10 support brace these are great and last a decent amount of time for the price point. I wouldn't recommend if you are a daily user but for a weekend of moving or lifting heavily occasionally they are great.
JD Review from
January 17, 2021
I'll compare it to the copper one for more than twice the pr
What I like least is the shoulder straps I cut them off. I can't one thing I like most about it I like everything from the quality of it to the price value the durability the fact it actually works and I compared it to the copper 1 at more than twice the price at Walmart and with this when you actually get the proper fit and a works is much more secure and hold your midsection your lower back firmly in place which is the problem figure they're purveying injury or you're already have 1 and it's stabilizing it. I definitely would recommend it to anyone and I would buy it again should something h
Joan Review from
January 22, 2022
Helpful for the right-sized person
I am a short woman with back issues. The price for this back support belt was great, and I bought a "large," based on my waist size. I found the straps were about twice as long as I needed, so I concluded that the large size was suitable for a very tall, somewhat slim person. I will have to cut the straps approximately in half to be able to use this belt comfortably. Meantime, the straps are pinned in half.
Merritt Review from
September 14, 2020
Great Belt for Fantastic Price
This is the first new support belt I've ever owned. The quality is superb. I put it on right away when I purchased it, and immediately began feeling relief. I've worn it almost daily and sometimes for 3 to 5 or 6 hours at one time. It has kept its shape extremely well. I'm even thinking about getting another just to have on hand. Also, the tightener elastic with velcro ends really gives a snug fit. This belt is a fantastic value and has really helped my back cope with the weights of life. this belt is a winner. 13 stars!
John Review from
November 7, 2021
Lower back support
I found this to be a good support brace for my lower back (belt level.) However, the shoulder straps are a little short (I'm 6'1") and I have to keep tugging it down from time to time. There are two velcro straps (right and left) that I could wrap around and secure without any problem. As this is the second belt I've owned, I do recommend that you keep the velcro as clean as possible to maintain its connectivity (for a lack of a better word.)
Dan Review from
December 28, 2021
Good Back Support Belt
I bought this to replace my old worn back belt that had served me for many years. This one seems well built. The Medium 32-34" size works fine even though 32 inch waist pants are typically loose on me. I removed the straps carefully with a razor. I was just looking for the broad support around the waist and lower back and do not want straps.
Chris Review from
December 21, 2021
Nice Support
For about $10 you really can't beat this back support belt. I feel like it gives great support and the suspenders help keep right where it needs to be. It does seem like they might might be size on the small side a little though. I measured myself and it called for an X-Large. It does fit but it's kind of a close fit and I feel like the size up probably would have been a better fit.
DNelson Review from
December 28, 2020
This brace has my back!
Love products that are easy to use. Fit to size and used right out of the box. I tweaked my lower back this past summer and had to move a light but bulky piece of furniture up a set of stairs. I also own a hobby farm and that could on occasion need to pick up a bag of something that weighs 50 pounds. This support gives you piece of mind. Professional movers would probably want something stronger, but for someone like me, it was perfect. The suspenders are adjustable and a nice feature.
Jacquelyn Review from
February 11, 2020
I bought this today on the way to eork. The sizing was questionable. I had to buy a size larger than my size to get proper fit. But after 10 hours of lifting and twisting it was like nite and day. No pain. Usually I hobble toward car from car to bed. I actually walked today with no uncomfortable backache. I was sure I would need metal supports to improve my condition but this belt did the trick. All day I stood straight and felt more comfort. Thanks for a affordable solution to back pain. I can stop with this,acetephetomine 3 times a day. It wasn't working. This worked!
Frank Review from
December 23, 2020
This is the 3rd Back support belt I bought from HF.
I have been using at work, 8 hour days 5 - 6 days a week, an on my feet all day, they last about a year to 1 1/2 years. They start to fall apart after awhile. When I get home I generally take the belt off. I normally try to buy them when I can combine a sale price and coupon for them. The most recent one cost me $7.99 + tax. While I will still have some back pain, with the product on it takes away some of the strain I get when working, lifting. The last belt I had the velcro closure started to fail. I have not tried to find a different style belt so I can't offer a comparison.
Bob from MA Review from
July 9, 2020
good product
I have been experiencing some lower back pain for a few months. I had one many years ago but my son needed it and it was too small for me. I have a 35 pound 3 year old grandson that frequently wants to be picked up. Boy is he getting heavy quickly. I also ride a motorcycle. I am not trying to make a fashion statement only to be comfortable. This helps me keep my back from hurting when I am picking up my grandson, working around the house or riding my motorcycle. I looked online and in hardware stores for this belt and they were double the price.
Carl Review from
March 13, 2021
Good Value
I bought this as a backup to a back support belt I have had for a number of years. I haven't used this yet, but it feels like it will offer good support. These may be sized a little small. I wear 34 pants so I purchased a medium (32-38 waist) and it was just large enough for the hook and loop fastener to grab about an inch or so. I exchanged it (no issues with that) for a large (38-47) and that is a good fit.
Mr Mover Review from
October 17, 2021
Great Product
This was my first time using it for moving furniture. I was pleasantly surprised. It kept my back straight and kept me from straining my back. I was able to work hours longer than before. Even when I was bending to low it allowed me to rise up from my improper position. I will always use this when I move furniture.
Scott Review from
August 31, 2021
Comfy and effective.
The over the shoulder straps make this far more comfortable to wear than the typical Velcro corset type. It wont slip and you dont need to cinch it to tight to keep it in place. Therefor wearing its effortless. And you can release the brace when your not using it and let it hang. So your far more likely to use it.
Happy Customer Review from
May 9, 2021
Best Purchase
I was having back trouble for about two weeks, I bought the back support belt and it worked great. I felt so much better. My job requires me to do a lot of bending and reaching. I think I could have probably gotten a large, but it was brand new, and I probably will, because the price is extremely affordable. I have no complaints, and I have already recommended it to a friend.
Jeni2Guns Review from
March 19, 2017
I have bought two, love them!!! Will buy again!
My use of this back support belt is not for picking up weight, but it is still great. I am disabled, very poor back & sciatica nerve issues which keep me from being mobile and then my back just gets weaker. I have found this back support to be much more supportive than other devices that have been prescribed to me or have found in the Sporting Goods sections of stores. For my personal use I did cut off the straps and eventually two of the plastic stays came out, one on each side, which would be about the only default with it that they do end up working their way out through the mesh. Otherwise
Tom Review from
June 17, 2021
Works great, never had any back pain or problems
I like how it holds everything tight so you dont pull one way or the other. I was working a roof job for 4 days with no issues. I would buy it again if I needed too but hope to have this for years to come. It was very easy to adjust the tension till it was perfect, and at a great price. Well worth the money.
Randy Review from
April 10, 2021
Better !
Ive been wearing backbraces for more years... This is as good as the best Ive bought over the past years for three and four times as much as this one from Harbor Freight ! Bought it for a back up in case I forgot to keep one with me while traveling. Now the three others are the reserves. Runs a little small so consider that when you buy.
triz Review from
February 3, 2021
Feels like support.
I like Harbor freight back belts! Has that 2nd adjustment so they are nice and tight. I have a few of them. I have one that's 7 years old and still works well. Not used all the time, I would say 5 hours a week. If I'd stop misplacing them, I'd probably still be on first one. Always find them right after I get another one.
Walter M Review from
August 16, 2019
Fits us Big Guys!!
I went in feel a bit skeptical about whether or not this would fit me, but it does and I am really happy. This is my second pair, first I bought the reflective orange pair, jut for fun and used it while tiling a floor, it really helped my back. So, I went back and bought another one. I have bought some off eBay that were supposedly 5X, but they did not fit, I have a 44" waist, but I expand a bit the further north you Even though this is rated at 2XL, it really does fit!! Someone said that the shoulder straps were a bit short and they are, they could be longer, especially for us talle
Review from
August 11, 2021
Back Support Brace
I purchased this to help with my lower back with me doing a lot of bending over and pulling and lifting things during work. It doesn't completely take away the pain by any means. It does though help with the support and it doesn't feel nearly as painful as without it. Definitely worth the price in my eyes.
Steve Review from
February 21, 2020
Reduced my low back pain
I used this back support for four days strait except when in bed and it dramatically reduced my back pain. I can now walk around pain free without using the support belt. Priced at under $10 makes this Support Belt a fantastic value. Although Large was right for my waist size, when tightened around my waist I could have bought the next size smaller. I did not find the shoulder straps useful and I am considering cutting them off.
DNelson Review from
August 20, 2020
support where it was needed
I am not a professional but had to move some things up some stairs for a friend. I tweaked my back a few weeks ago and thought the support would be helpful. I was not disappointed. I really gave me the support to carry the items up the stairs. I like the adjustability of the belt and the should straps were a nice addition. I was between a medium and a large belt and went with the large as it had plenty of space.
firewood squirrel Review from
September 23, 2014
protects my lower back injury
I had never used one of these, but have a herniated disk in my lower back that flares up if I don't treat it nicely. I can do most things without bugging it, if I don't do too much and balance the load. But, bucking/splitting/stacking firewood in large quantities often isn't done in moderation, and the bending over really bugs it.After having two big trees dropped, and getting a couple loads of rounds, I was ready to try one of these out. Really I expected it to not help, or only help by having some resistance that would remind me to bend or lift properly, but for a single digit price after di
Ben Review from
August 13, 2020
works for a bad back
Iv'e been bothered with a bad back lately and in reading the reviews saying how small the sizing was, I bought the extra large. I wear a 36-38 fit in jeans and there was no way it would fit. Buy the large-it is a good fit. I was able to exchange it for a large. The brace itself is very good for the price. The shoulder straps really don't serve a purpose that I could see, so I cut them off. I am happy with this brace.
Cleatus Review from
May 26, 2021
Good value.
Replacing an old Champion lumbar support. Good price point.. Have only had it a short while. Quality seems good. Sizing is on the small side. A medium will be very snug for a 32" waist. Works for me.
bill Review from
May 23, 2021
it help my back a lot.
it light weight and it easily to use it help my back when i lift heavy thing. i use it a lot while i work it a great deal . i got 5 of them i carry one in my truck ,one in the pole barn , one in the house ,one for my wife who has back problem , one in my car too. there are great to use . they are while wroth it .great buy too.
John Review from
June 18, 2021
Works and price is very reasonable- sizing off a bit
My waste is 37 1/2. Bought a Medium (32 - 38), Very difficult getting it to latch - very tight. Wish I would have bought the large. I hurt my back, and this thing actually helped a lot while it healed back up. Impressed....
Ed Review from
September 17, 2019
Does the job well.
I have about 20 of these braces all around my shop Im my truck and in the house. I roll one up and tuck it in the back of my pants just to have it on hand when I am working on things. I do cut off all the straps and extra pulls to thin it down on some of them so they have a smaller profile and are easier to carry. I have one with me right now at the airport for lifting luggage. They beat the ones at Home Depot by price and the quality is the same. I have a dis issue and this really gives me my life back believe it or not. That last a long time and when they finally break down I chuck it and gr
Larry Review from
December 19, 2020
Helps with back pain
I wear this when shoveling snow or mowing the lawn. It really helps give extra support and reduces my back pain. I would definitely recommend this. It is just as good if not better than the one my husband got from the doctor. He doesn't wear that one, but he does wear this one because it works better.
Chris Review from
September 22, 2018
Wish it was smaller
I am a 112lb woman. I knew when I purchased this item that, as you do with all Harbor Freight items, I would have to make some modifications. Actually I was hoping that the Velcro covered the entire area to give more adjustments. However this belt does give ample support to my lower back. Would I recommend yes, but, if you are a small person you will have to either where outside your clothes or break out the needle and heavy thread to shorten up. It seems that if the manufacturer would extend the Velcro that it would be an even better product.
Robert Review from
March 10, 2016
Western Safety Back Support Belt
Western Safety Back Support Belt are not made very well. I buy these back support belts because there cheap. But after 3 days they fall apart. The threads come out that hold in these pieces of plastic that are there for some support. Not stiched very well at all. The QUALITY of these back support belts are well below par. Harbor Freight should make Western Safety put extra stiching around these plastic support pieces. Or discontinue buying such poorly stiched back support belts. The quality just isn't there. But if Western Safety cares about there reputation, quality of there products and ther
John Review from
April 21, 2021
Great fit for a large man
I have had back issues for several years and as a larger man, it can be hard to find a back belt large enough to fit, this one fits and so far it has been a life changing product, I am able to work for hours on my feet when I was lucky to go a half hour before looking for a place to sit down for a break. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a larger sized back belt.
Bikerbuck Review from
September 13, 2021
Good support for those heavy jobs
I wear it for extra support when cutting fire wood or moving furniture. When I go for long motorcycle rides I will wear it to reduce fatigue too. Size runs a little small but not bad.
Back support belt instant reli Review from
May 13, 2020
Instant back relief
Yes I would recommend this wonderful product. I gave it to a friend Sam who has back problems in his job in a beer and wine store,.I purchased it for him medium size back support even now he is wearing this belt as I speak. Sam put the belt on instant relief it's a miracle,.please buy this product's better than going to a hospital now with this epidemic,.he was soo happy,.everyone who do lifting for a living should get one..price is a giveaway,.
Lu Review from
July 10, 2020
Great Value!
Product is plain and simple. To the point. It works and for the price its great. Quality is great. The straps are strong and tight. Used it while getting wet did not have a problem with the straps loosening.
8000rpm Review from
March 7, 2020
Costs 1/2 the price of the nearest competitor.
Good quality & features. The side pulls really work. In time I expect the velcro to wear out,....all velcro product seem to eventually wear out. (Ask me how I know this.) If only these products were made in America. I suspect it comes from a location where Covid-19 originated.
Irma Review from
February 18, 2020
Back support belt for my son's work. It really helps.
Best for support on your back. Bought it for him and he uses it daily. Bought it some time ago. Experience, no I have never used one but, according to my son. He needed one for work. Yes, I would recommend the belt for support on your back - safety.
TomZ Review from
November 23, 2021
Back in hiatal hernia support
I bought this support for back and hiatal hernia support. I was impressed by how easy it was to put on, and how well it worked. I also liked the price, it is 1/3 the price of Medical Supply locations (and this has suspenders).
LeGen Review from
October 6, 2021
About 1/100 the price of a medical back support
It is smaller than the medical braces which on 100 deg days means a whole lot! Even on 80 deg days! And of course the cost is minimal and I don't need to worry about trashing my post op brace working in the garage or yard.
Eric Review from
November 12, 2021
Supports my lower back better than almost every other one
The suspenders looked uncomfortable but actually are the exact opposite. They allow freedom of movement yet keep the brace down low where it can do the most help.
Ian Review from
March 16, 2021
After years of abusing my back..
I bought this for like 9$. Its a game changer and I feel pretty stupid for not investing in myself sooner. I didnt need the reflective option but its nice to know someone in thinking of the roadside workers AND their backs.
Rich Review from
January 17, 2021
Great product
Excellent product. Amazing price. Works great. Back feels better. Got one for my mum who was having some back pain and bought another for myself at work. Shoulder straps and side straps help keep it in place and keep it tight.
Marshal Review from
April 11, 2019
It works.
I finally bought a new lumbar support. I had worn out the first one the elastic shoulder straps just stretched too much. Much cheaper than a medically approved device. Its great for the work around home projects. Sometimes Ill wear it while driving long distances to help support the low back, but notched up too tight. I actually have two new ones. One is for working and the other for goin to town.
Jerry Review from
July 20, 2021
Worked well
Worked well but the pockets where the plastic supports fit, wore out at the bottom allowing them to slip out. Other than that, not problems. Used it for 3 months before I replaced it with a different one.
Nice Old Guy Review from
June 16, 2016
A Real Back Saver
I live in a senior citizen park in Florida. I wear this back support a lot, even when I am not planning on lifting anything. When my neighbors complain that they pulled a back muscle, I tell them to get one of these and wear it. It helps their back heal faster and prevents re-injury. When they do get one, they like it. Several of them wear it every time they play shuffleboard or pitch horseshoes.Don't bother with the reflective support. It is not as good as this one. If you walk at night, Harbor Freight has a nice reflective vest that is even more visible and I strongly recommend it as well.
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