Medtronic / Covidien - 4dcp - Medtronic / Covidien Shiley Decannulation Plug (Box Of 10)

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     Medtronic / Covidien Shiley Decannulation Plug, a vital medical product designed to provide optimal patient care during the decannulation process. Each box comes with 10 individually packaged plugs, ensuring convenience and efficiency for healthcare providers.

Key Features:
1. Secure Closure: The Shiley Decannulation Plug offers a secure closure to effectively seal the tracheostomy tube site, preventing air leakage and potential complications.
2. Easy Application: With its user-friendly design, healthcare professionals can easily apply the decannulation plug to the tracheostomy tube site, saving time and effort during patient care.
3. Reliable Material: Made with high-quality materials, this plug ensures durability and reliability for patients undergoing the decannulation process.
4. Sterile Packaging: Each plug is individually packaged in a sterile manner, promoting infection control and patient safety.

Use Case:
The Medtronic / Covidien Shiley Decannulation Plug is an essential tool for healthcare providers when facilitating the safe removal of a tracheostomy tube from a patient. After the removal of the tube, simply apply the decannulation plug to the site to securely close the opening, ensuring proper healing and recovery for the patient. The sterile packaging also allows for easy handling and disposal after use, making it a convenient choice for medical professionals.

In conclusion, the Medtronic / Covidien Shiley Decannulation Plug is a reliable and essential item for any medical facility, offering a secure and efficient solution for tracheostomy tube site closure during the decannulation process.

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Medtronic / Covidien - 4dcp - Medtronic / Covidien Shiley Decannulation Plug (Box Of 10)